My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Catching the Jet Stream

“There’s no way! How is it possible that you can go this fast?” Rainbow Dash asked, the ribbon of color flowing behind her still. “I told you before {Snort}, I’m the fastest on the Genesis Ark.” Tusks said, “They said to go easy on you, and to push you to your limits, but I can’t do both. Mach 10 is a feat no one else can accomplish except the two of us.”

“But how, what gets you moving this fast?” she asked. “Take a look at my rear thrusters.” he said, and she simply quirked an eye brow. “{Snort} Look behind me.” he said simplifying it for her. Rainbow Dash waited until a long straight stretch to do exactly what he wanted her to do, what she saw was the light of those engines, streaming behind him, forming a streak of light as long as her rainbow. “Those things are called Hyper Sonic Velocity Jets. {Snort} They’re able to reach Mach 10 speeds, and sustain them. But I’d need boosters {Snort} to go any faster than that.” he explained and Rainbow Dash turned to the front, just in time to prepare for a turn. Tusks started to laugh, “Now it all comes down to who can hold their speed the longest.” he said, and focused on the path ahead. Rainbow Dash gritted her teeth, trying hard to keep her speed up, but it seemed to do her no good she knew she would slow down eventually.

Blade sat there, calmly looking at the ceiling, trying to piece together answeres to the questions running through his mind while the others either watched him or talked amongst themselves, “”I wonder what he’s thinking about.” Fluttershy said. “Probably a way to get us out of here!” Rarity said. “Hey, Twilight?” Pinkie asked as she suddenly turned to the purple unicorn. “Yes?” Twilight responded as she turned to the cotton candy pony. “You never answered Rainbow Dash, where did you put the crystal you found?” Pinkie asked. “If they knew we had it, they would have looked in my NanoPack pockets. So I put it in one of Rainbow Dash’s pockets. Pretty clever if I do say so myself!” she answered. “And what happens if Rainbow Dash bonds with her NanoPack with the crystal still inside?” Pinkie asked. Twilight dropped her pride as the question finished, “Uh, I’m not sure!” Twilight answered, “Perhaps the energy morphing process would accelerate, maybe even become complete. I hadn’t thought of that, why didn’t I think of that?”

“If I may Twilight, would the result of such a transformation cause…oh say; an explosion of said new energy?” Rarity asked. “Why do you ask that?” Twilight wondered. “To be honest, when I bonded with the Sapphire, there was a loud popping noise, and then, it seemed like a shockwave of some kind jump started Applejack’s NanoPack into working.” Rarity admitted. Not just Applejack’s, all of our NanoPacks were reset after that shockwave!” Breeze corrected. “I do believe that it was because of my bonding with the Sapphire that the shockwave occurred in the first place.” Rarity continued. After that, Breeze stood up, and drew his NanoPack, pointing it to Rarity. “Well, there’s one wat to find out!” Breeze said, and drew his NanoPack, pointing it at the white pony, “Pinkie…duck please!” The green light shot out just as Pinkie hit the floor. “Rarity…” he said as he completed his scan, “Your NanoPack has been running off of whatever that crystal is ever since you bonded with it.”

“Then maybe Rainbow Dash can get us out of here when she bonds with her NanoPack!” Rarity said. “Or you can.” Blade told her, and stood up, “Don’t just concentrate Rarity, ask it, ask the Sapphire to help you.”

Tusks was relentless in his speed, his NanoPack pushing him forward while Rainbow Dash could feel the energy leaving her wings. “No! Don’t give up on me now!” she told herself. “You gave it your all my friend, {Snort} it just wasn’t meant to be!” Tusks told her. “You’re wrong!” she told him, “I can still win this!” Rainbow Dash could feel herself slowing down, slipping behind Tusks as he pulled ahead, “You’re about to collapse,” he told her, “Don’t’ push yourself to that point, it’s not worth it!”

“Yes it is!” she said, and tried to flap her wings harder, only to find them not responding to what she wanted. “Just face it, technology out performs physicality, {Snort} I had an unfair advantage!” Tusks said, hoping she’d feel better about her loss. “NO!” she nearly screamed, “No excuses, I either have it or I don’t. And I’ve got…what it takes…to…WIN!” Suddenly an alarm inside Tusk’s ship started going off, ‘It’s happening!’ he thought to himself, and looked behind himself. The NanoPack strapped to Rainbow Dash’s waist had turned itself into liquid, yet none of it ever left her body, instead it crawled up her wings, engulfing them and up around her eyes and mouth and down to her hooves. The metal stretched and hardened, shaping itself into armor that engulfed almost all of her except her mane and tail. The wings grew in length and thickened at the middle. Below them a kind of jet formed itself, small enough that they didn’t interfere with her flying, but large enough that she could tell they were there. The metal around her eyes cleared up, turning completely transparent and the part around her mouth seemed to solidify. Her armor changed color from a dark grey to a bright Cyan color, and on her flank, her Cutie Mark appeared.

“She bonded with it!” he said, and suddenly heard a pop and felt turbulence come from the rear, causing him to try to stabilize his ship. Suddenly the jets on her sides began to hum at the same time the wing tips lit up, and Rainbow Dash rocketed past him even at his already unbelievable speed. “WHOOOAAAAA!” she cried out as she crashed right through the side wall and begin drifting at that same speed. “Now what?” she asked herself. “Now we work together.” she heard a voice say. “Who said that?” Rainbow asked. “I did, I’m your NanoPack. You haven’t given me a name yet.” the voice told her. Slowly Rainbow Dash recognized the voice, it was almost exactly like her own. “My NanoPack?” she asked. “We don’t have time for this,” the NanoPack said, “I’ll guide you back, but it’s up to you to get us there.” When Rainbow Dash started up her jets, it seemed as if she came to a standstill before she began moving at all. “Remember, you can’t turn on a dime in space,” her NanoPack told her, “you have to use thrusters to turn, stop and move.”

“Gotcha!” Rainbow said, “Jetwing!”

“Jetwing?” the NanoPack asked. “Yah, it’s defiantly a really cool name for a really cool NanoPack!” Rainbow said, then a thought came to her as she was the hole she made in the Genesis Ark come into view, “Hey, how come you can talk?” she asked. “I am not afraid to be heard Rainbow Dash, we hold very similar traits in personality because you created me.” Jetwing answered as they entered into the track. Rainbow Dash looked down the stretch and caught a glimpse of the Iron Bird hovering there cross the finish line. “NOOOO!!” she cried as she placed her now armored hooves to her head, “I lost!”

“But you proved me wrong!” she heard Tusks say. From inside his ship, he announced, “You really are the fastest on the Genesis Ark.”

“I can’t believe it worked.” Rarity said happily, her NanoPack active and her collar laying on the ground. The locks on everyone’s cells were destroyed and they were all free, the cuffs and collars lying on the ground around them. “Our only safe place is Equestria.” Breeze said, “We have to get to a transport pod before they see us gone.” Almost immediately after that, the loud speaker came on, and everyone heard Zeral’s voice, “I am sorry to inform you that the Councilors have been found passed away in their sleep today, I happen to be all that is left of the great leaders this ship has offered us.”

“Oh this is really not good!” Blade said, and kicked down the door, his massive strength displayed for a single second. “Let’s go.” he said and rushed out the door, with the others following close behind.

“Wait, all of the councilors are gone?” Rainbow Dash asked. “It appears to have been deliberate as we have discovered that the air supply was cut off from all of the Councilor’s rooms including my own, had I not been out among you, I surely would have perished with them.” Zeral announced. “Who does this guy think he’s fooling?” Rainbow Dash asked, “He’s the one who started this whole thing, I bet he’s going to blame it on one of us.”

“A suspect is yet to be discovered, but if you have any information, please tell me in the Councilor’s Sphere, I will be there until this matter is resolved.” Zeral announced. “Even worse!” Tusks said, “He’s going to let the people blame you.”

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