My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

A Man's True Colors

“So, aren’t you going to turn me in?” Rainbow Dash asked Tusks. “Listen {Snort} you may have been fast enough to do it when you crashed through the track, {Snort} but you weren’t anywhere near coordinated enough to do it, nor are you {Snort} tech savvy.” he said. “Hey!” she complained. “That tells me that you {Snort} couldn’t have done it.” Rainbow placed her armor covered hoof to her chin, mulling what he just said. “Ok, so you believe I didn’t do it, what about everypony else, all they’ve heard is what Zeral has told them.” she said. “{Snort} That’s true.” he agreed, “That means the only way to {Snort} keep you safe is to send you back to your {Snort} planet.”

“What, I can’t leave my friends.” she called out. “Then go to them!” he said and turned his craft to the middle, “The door I open won’t stay that way for long, it will sense that air is escaping and put itself on critical lock down.” he told her. “What about you?” she asked. “{Snort} with my mentor, the Councilor Geros dead {Snort}, I’m going to take my Iron Wing and go home to Bacromus {Snort} my home planet.” he said, “I wish you well my new friend, may your dreams reach the stars.” Tusks then pressed a series of buttons on his console. The door slid open, slowly, and air came rushing through, creating a strong wind. About half way it stopped, “Air leak detected in speed track C, initiating lock down.” the computer said and the door began closing again. “GO RAINBOW DASH!” he called out, “Now is your only chance to help your friends. There will never be a finer opportunity, GO!” Pointing herself to the quickly shrinking opening, Rainbow Dash pointed herself to it, and launched her boosters, the six hidden under her wing shells. The sudden speed literally pulled her hooves away from the floor, and pushed her through the narrow opening of the door to crash into the opposite wall. The people on the other side gasped when they saw her, each one of them panicking as she stood back up and ran down the hall towards the cells. “Hang on guys, I’m coming!” she called out.

“This way!” Blade whispered to the girls, and waved them over. Breeze seemed to silently disappear and take out the guards. ‘As long as the girls don’t see what he really does, maybe they will continue to see him as he really is.’ he thought to himself. The seconds he took to close his eyes, seemed to be just enough for someone to sneak up behind him and the ponies. “You’re losing it Blade!” the familiar voice said. “Jacob!” Blade said as he turned around. He never really got to finish turning because a massive metal fist backhanded him sending him flying into a large crowd of people. “BLADE!” Fluttershy called out, and with no alarm to herself, ran to him, causing the people to gasp in shock. “Just who do you think you are?” Rarity asked, and allowed her NanoPack to surround her. Applejack and Pinkie both followed suit, standing at the feet of the oversized metal suit. Jacob lifted his head high, and laughed, “You think just because you have NanoPacks that you stand a remote chance?” he shouted, a crazed smile locked to his face. The shadow that enveloped him, caused the smile to vanish. Looking up, he caught a glimpse of the warrior he just knocked down high above him, with the sword extended. Jacob lifted his right arm, blocking Blade’s strike, “GET OUT OF HERE!” Blade shouted, and re-balanced himself to flip over the massive arm and land on his feet. “I’ll hold this guy off, go and get back home!” he called out, before lifting his sword to block a punch from the mech. ”But…” Fluttershy tried to say, but he interrupted her, “I’ll be fine, get moving!” he shouted, and pushed the fist away just in time to jump away from the other. Hesitantly, she turned around and ran from the scene, all five of the ponies running for all it was worth. Blade stood there, glaring at the man in the mech with a venom that could have killed any normal man, “How touching,” Jacob said, “You want to keep your pets from harm.”

“They aren’t my pets Jacob, they’re my friends. You’ve seen how intelligent they are. How powerful they can be.” Blade told him. “So I guess that makes YOU THE ANIMAL HERE!” Jacob said, and launched himself at him. Blade lifted his sword, and waited for the Mech to make its move.

“Keep running!” Twilight shouted as she turned around to keep her eyes on the guards chasing them. All five of them pushed their legs as hard as they could, making their way through the intricate maze of the inside of the Genesis Ark. “This way!” Pinkie suddenly said and turned down a corridor to the right, leaving the rear facing Twilight to take the wrong path. The moment Twilight turned her head to find her friends, she found herself alone, causing her to come skidding to a stop. “GIRLS?” she called out, and heard the echoes of the guards chasing her, “This way!” the masked man called out. “Pst!” she heard and looked to where the sound had come from. “This way, hurry!” the man that stood there had a small scruffy beard growing on his chin alone, his face sharp and his eyes blue with worry. “Before they see you, hurry!” he said again, and Twilight looked to the rushing of feet, before darting into the room and waiting for him to close the door behind him, instead he turned to her and pointed to one of his cupboards that sat on the floor, “In there, hurry.” he said. Twilight obliged, crawling onto the small space and letting him close the door behind her.

She quieted her breath as the door was rushed, and the man stood there’ leaning over a table glancing into a microscope. “Why hello gentle men!” he said. “Cut the chit chat S-3701-Maverick, where is that purple pony thing!”

“Purple Pony thing?” he asked in confusion, “Is that what just went tromping by my door, I usually keep it open so that I’m not startled from my research.” he said as the rest of them spread out to search. “If you’re hiding it…” the guard said, only to be interrupted and intimidated by the scientist, “How dare you suggest such a thing, it’s because of those traitors and their friends that Trilli is dead, and I assure you if I ever see one of those blasted creatures, I’ll kill it myself!” he growled, the guard backed up from the fear, and swallowed hard. “Right…” he said, “Uh we’re done here, how’s the project coming along?”

“That is not for you to understand, I will deliver my findings to Head Councilor Zeral himself.” Maverick told him and turned back to his microscope. “Uh, yah. Sorry to bother you.” the guard said and exited the room with all of the others. Maverick smiled as he waited for the foot steps to diminish completely. “You can come out now Mrs. I think they bought it.” he said and turned from his sample. Twilight gently used her magic to open the cabinet door sticking her head out cautiously. “So, you’re not really mad at us?” she asked. Maverick chuckled a little bit, “No, I know what really happened out there.” he told her, “I also, have a present for you!” Maverick turned to one of the drawers. What he pulled out was a silver box as well as what looked to be a pair of cuffs made to look like flying saucers. “When you meet up with Councilor Zeral again, slap these on his wrists and they will send him to the Prison Dimension. This is a fully converted NanoPack, the Theyron energy that fills it should be of some use.” he told her and placed both objects into one of her pockets. “But, I already have a NanoPack.” she said, “Yet it isn’t bonded to you yet, I hope and pray that you bond with the fully converted prototype, however…” he said in response and reached up to his microscope, plucking a purple crystal from it and placing it inside her other pouch, “Should you bond with this one instead, I hope that this will give you some advantage.” he told her, and wrapped his arms around her neck, “I pray, please bring him to justice, for Trilli’s sake.”

“You loved her, didn’t you.” she concluded. He simply nodded sadly, and ushered her to the door. “I see we are helping the enemy now.” they heard as they entered the hallway. Zeral stood there, folding his arms in disgust, “I came to see if the new prototype was ready for mass production, and what do I find, but a traitor with a broken heart.” he said. “Run!” Maverick said and pushed her down the hallway, “I’ll try to stall him, do not let him get a hold of that prototype.” With that, he pulled out his own NanoPack, a large cannon like machine that surrounded his forearm. Twilight ran as fast as she could, and could hear the blasts of the Pack from a great distance, but his pained screams carried even further. Tears came to her eyes as she continued running, fear pushing her forward as she tried to reunite with her friends.

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