My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

The Legtend Returns

“I see.” Riida said as she sat there talking to the two princesses. “So Zeral was the one to start such a devastating war.”

“I wouldn’t call it a war, but according to my student’s report on the matter, Zeral harvested the magic of the unicorns and now has some access to it.” Celestia told her. “Perhaps the Theyron crystal.” Riida guessed, “I must apologize, but apparently I am needed upon the Genesis Ark.”

“We shall accompany you.” Luna said and stood from her position. “I’m afraid I cannot allow this.” Riida said, only to have Celestia explain it to her. “If you were to arrive with the monarchs of our land, perhaps the people will be more willing to listen.” Riida placed her hand against her chin, and said, “Perhaps you are correct, if any problems arise, you will lead your subjects back to Equestria and not come back, your safety is much more critical than my own.”

“Agreed.” the two sister said together. “Then let us depart.” Riida said and turned to leave. The moment she was out of earshot, Celestia turned to Luna, “You just want to see Breeze again don’t you?” she asked. Luna dropped her jaw as her big sister walked away from her, “I…we…wish to protect our people!” she said, coming up with an excuse as quickly as she could. “Right!” Celestia said as she exited the room. Luna huffed, and let her ears flatten themselves against her head, “Cocky know-it-all.” she mumbled under hear breath, and followed her sister.

It seemed like Twilight couldn’t go fast enough, every time she ran down a hall, she would hear his voice echo, “Come on now, little creature.” he’d say, “There’s no one left to who will believe you.” Twilight ran down another hall, only finding a dead end. “Running is useless.” Zeral’s voice said. Panicking, Twilight placed her hoof against one of the doors, causing it to open so that she could dive in and make it to the other side, hiding herself in one of the floor cupboards. “Your friends aren’t here to help.” he pointed out as he entered the room. “And those who knew the truth are all dead.” With that he pointed himself directly at her, almost as if he knew where she was and walked to her. He placed his hand on the handle, and ripped it open just as Twilight teleported behind him, hitting the ground running. Zeral turned around, his sickening smile plastered to his face, and stood back up to follow her. “Even your friends aren’t safe from me,” his voice echoed, causing Twilight to stop in her tracks and enter another room. “I’ll just hook up the large Theyron Crystal I have to the Ark Cannon and blow up your planet,” she heard him say. She turned around, backing up until she bumped into something, when she looked behind herself, she found a large solid wall, “wiping all traces of your unnatural race from the universe.” Zeral shouted as he seemingly appeared in front of her. Twilight was in total shock, she didn’t know why he kept finding her. With a quick swipe of his hand, Twilight found herself on the floor, sprawled out and her cheek in pain. From inside her Pack, the prototype fell to the floor sliding across the floor until it bounced off of the wall.

“At last!” Zeral said, his words sliding out of his mouth like the hiss of a snake. Twilight locked her eyes on the small silver cube, and focused, vanishing with a flash of purple and white only to reappear on top of it, hugging the cube tightly. She felt the sharp pain of Zeral’s boot as it smashed into her side. “Give it here you wrenched creature.” he ordered angrily, and reeled back again, slamming his foot into her side a second time. Twilight simply grunted at the impact, trying to shrug it off completely. “It was this kind of behavior that got you friend killed.” he said and kicked her again. This time she actually yelped out loud in pain. “Fine,” he said and took a step back, “I’ll just kill you and use your body to transport it.” he said and changed his NanoPack from a handle into a large scythe. “This is the true form of the Reaper.” he said and lifted it high above his head. “TWILIGHT!” they heard a raspy voice call out. “Rainbow Dash?” she whispered. Suddenly she heard the rest of her friends call out to her, “TWILIGHT WHERE ARE YOU!” Applejack asked, while the others just called out her name, including Blade and Breeze. Zeral turned his head to look behind him, “It can’t be, why would they come back?” he asked. Twilight suddenly felt a familiar feeling, that calm confident spark that she felt when her friends came to help her fight Nightmare Moon, the spark of friendship. Both NanoPacks melted at the same time, instantly spreading across her body and melding with each other, and the result erupted in a large explosion. The force of the blast knocked Zeral off of his feet and across the room, slamming him into a wall outside of the room.

“Over here everypony, I heard something explode.” Rainbow Dash called out and raced down the hall way. She came to an abrupt stop when she saw smoke pouring out of one of the rooms and Zeral sitting against one of the walls, rubbing his back. “What the hay happened here?” Applejack asked when she arrived on the scene. From inside the smoke, breathing could be heard, a sort of labored mechanical breathing. The steps that followed were also mechanical in nature, and the neon green eyes that shined through the smoke, spoke of untamed power. What emerged from the smoke was a pony, covered from head to hoof in a smooth light purple metal armor. Triangle plates lined her chest and thin blade like wings sprouted off of her back. The mask she wore encompassed her face completely, and shielded her eyes with a type of glass that no one could see through. On her forehead sat a horn and a mane of violet hair with a light purple stripe down the middle swayed down her back, matching the tail completely. Painted on the flank, was a large purple six pointed star backed by a white version and surrounded by five smaller sparkle marks. “That’s Twilight’s mane!” Rarity called out. “And her Cutie Mark!” Pinkie added. “Blade, what kind of NanoPack is that?” Fluttershy asked. “I…I’m not sure.” he admitted, shock actually showing on his face, “I’ve never seen this style before.” Twilight turned to the voices, her head pointed down to them and the ground.

“Twilight?” Applejack asked, and tried to take a step forward, only to have a blast of energy shot from the horn slam right into her chest and knock her back. “She shot Applejack!” Rainbow Dash stated as the earth pony hit the ground, the Tremor quickly retracting back into her mane, “You’re gonna pay for that!” With that Rainbow dashed towards Twilight only to get shot with the same blast and land at everyone’s feet. “What’s going on?” Fluttershy asked, and then looked to Zeral as he sat there, “What did you do to my friend?” she yelled. “I did nothing!” he told her, “You fools, history is repeating itself. Your friend is in control of the legendary DoublePack, she’s going destroy everything.” he told them, and shot up from his position. The blast Twilight threw his way hit the wall, only inches behind him, and as soon as he disappeared behind one of the corners, Twilight took chase. “We need to find them, perhaps if we just talk to her, she might snap out of it.” Blade suggested, and turned to Breeze and the two downed ponies. “Give me Applejack, you carry Rainbow Dash.” he said, and let Breeze lift the orange pony to his back. “Thank heavens the NanoPacks retreat to their standby forms when the host is unconscious.” he said and ran with her on his back, hoping to keep up with Twilight and the Councilor.

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