My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Punishment for a Crime

Zeral continued to run, wildly dodging the blasts that seemed to be getting more and more accurate each time. Twilight’s erratic behavior showed as she would run into walls during turns, and slide past corridors he ducked into, however she never once stopped chasing him. Zeral jumped to the ceiling right in front of a familiar large round door, the door to the Councilor’s sphere. He tucked himself in, curling up into a tight ball as Twilight looked up at him and skid a good football field before she toppled over. Zeral dropped back down to the ground and quickly placed his hand to the door, allowing it to open before he dove into it, right before one of the blades on Twilight’s wings sped right past him, cutting a hole in the back of his robe. ‘Those wing blades, they can detach?’ he thought to himself as the door closed, ‘And she can manipulate them.’ he thought, gritting his teeth he looked up.

In the center of the room, behind the Head Councilor’s chair, hung a purple crystal of Theyron almost as large as one of the houses in Ponyville. “Good evening Zeral!” he heard from below the crystal. Glancing to the chair in front of the crystal, he spotted the blue skinned Riida, sitting cross legged and her fingertips touching, on each side of her stood the two princesses of Equestria. “COUNCILOR RIIDA!” he shouted, “But you were supposed to be…” He was interrupted by Riida herself, “In my room? I couldn’t sleep so I asked the monarchs of Equestria to tuck me in and read me a story.” she mocked, “A story of your betrayal, and the experiments on their unicorns.” Her eyes narrowed in anger, her gaze hard with distrust and vengeance. “I…I can explain…” he tried to say, but Riida interrupted him as she stood up and reached her hand forward, palm out. “Spare me your lies Zeral, the truth is out. This Theyron is actually the magic you collected from the unicorns on this planet and crystallized artificially. That makes it ‘Harvesting Intelligent Life’.” she said and curled in three of her fingers and her thumb, leaving her first finger up. “And here you have killed the Councilors you served, that makes ‘Murder in the extreme’!” she said and lifted her middle finger, adding it to her first. “And let’s not forget my favorite, ‘Conspiring to Destroy a Planet’!” she said, and pulled up her ring finger, making a total of three fingers held up. “Three strikes Zeral.” she said and curled the three fingers in, before extending her thumb and turning her entire hand upside down, pointing her thumb to the floor, “You struck out.”

However before she could move, the roof caved in at a single spot, and Twilight, covered in the DoublePack hit the floor in between the two facing Zeral with a fierce vengeance. The Blades on her wings dislodged themselves from her back, and with a magical aura, spun rapidly in place, before they were thrown at him one at a time. Each time a blade got close, Zeral used his scythe to deflect it to one side. “It can’t be!” Riida whispered to herself. “Riida, what is that?” Celestia asked. “It must be the student you told me about.” Riida told her, then narrowed her eyes, “Not here, not this time!” and lunged forward, catching Twilight’s attention. Two spinning blades rocketed towards her, but Riida somehow, smoothly fit between the two, and made it to Twilight’s side, “You will not take any more lives!” she announced and jabbed her first two finger of her right hand to the back of Twilight’s neck. Twilight and the blades all froze in their tracks. Zeral sat there, kneeling on one leg with a look of amazement and shock on his face, one of the paused blades barely touching his throat. The door to the chamber slid open, revealing Blade, Breeze and the five ponies. Everyone entered before anything actually registered.

Blade stood as still as a statue when he saw it, even as the door slid to a close behind him, he just couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Head Councilor Riida, was standing next to a frozen in place Twilight Sparkle, still with her DoublePack active, yet nothing moved. Suddenly as if she had pushed a button, the blades making up Twilight’s wings, reattached themselves to her back, and the DoublePack folded into itself starting from the hooves, and working its way up to her mane. The wings themselves seemed to shrink into the armor on the back and the mask slid open, revealing an unconscious Twilight Sparkle. Before she hit the floor, Twilight was surrounded in what seemed to be a yellow glow, the power of Celestia holding her up and off of the ground. “Oh Twilight.” Celestia said, nearly in tears over her friend’s condition. Riida looked to her fingers, the tips burnt and in a pain she refused to acknowledge. Her distraction allowed Zeral to slam his shoulder into her, knocking her backwards a few steps, however when he tried following up with his scythe, she jumped, landing effortlessly on the top of the chair, and leaping straight up when he split the chair in half with an upward slice. Celestia and Luna moved to the sides, not wanting to be in the way and when Riida landed. Her landing was graceful; it was like seeing someone touch down from flying of their own free will.

Zeral in his rage brought the scythe down, trying once again to take her down, but was surprised when instead of dodging; she caught the blade in between both hands, guiding the tip of the blade to one side of her head. A few seconds later, the blade snapped in her hands, breaking at only inches from the handle. Riida tossed the blade aside and glanced at her hands, finding them burnt, just like her fingertips, only this time the pain was too much to ignore, but thanks to her training, she didn’t show it at all, just shock and aw.

The seconds she took to be distracted by her hands, Zeral gritted his teeth and again slammed his shoulder into her chest, this time pushing her into the large crystal behind her. Riida slammed her back into it, and the power of it made her scream. It was like an electrical surge moved through her at that point, she found it impossible to move, and the pain just kept increasing, filling her body with unbearable amounts. Zeral smiled wickedly, until he heard a loud cracking sound, and glanced behind her. The crystal itself began splitting apart, cracking wildly until it completely exploded, capturing everyone in its light and tearing the floor out from the ship. It seemed to protect them as they fell, hurling towards Equestria with the immense light.

It was the sky, when the sky changed from a beautiful blue to a strange and ominous purple, ponies from all over, Ponyville, Canterlot, Manehatten, the Crystal Empire and even Apple-oosa looked up to see what was happening. The large beam of light moved quickly, carrying everyone that was unfortunate to be caught in its light. “Sister!” Luna shouted, catching Celestia’s attention. “We must get everypony out of here, and safely to the ground!” she said, to which Celestia steeled her resolve and nodded. The two sisters closed their eyes and focused, creating a light between their two horns that expanded, capturing everyone, and flashing, disappearing, taking them with it. Seconds later a similar flash appeared, the strange white light hovering above the ground before gently melting into it. Half way, it flickered out, leaving Celestia and Luna standing, but everyone else lying either on their backs or their stomachs. In Pinkie Pie’s case, she found herself on her head before finding herself on her back. Blade slid to his elbows, and lifted his head, “What was that?” he asked, and was answered by a loud boom.

He turned his head just as the rest who were awake looked to the noise. The energy struck down spreading itself across the surface of the planet, causing everything to seem like it was glowing. “The energy has been returned to Equestria, thanks to you all.” Celestia said. Zeral quickly stood up, and changed his NanoPack into a small one handed gun, and pointed it at Celestia. He gripped the gun in both hands because of his unsteady nerves, but was quickly surprised when Pinkie Pie clapped on to his wrists a pair of cuffs that seemed to light up around the sides, both green and red. “Wait these are…” he said and turned to the pink pony, “NO!” was all he said before he vanished completely, leaving the cuffs behind to fall to the grass below. “Pinkie, do you have any clue what those things do?” Breeze asked her. “No, but I figures since they looked like hoof cuffs, they probably worked the same way, only with blinkie lights.” she said as she picked them up again. “Those things are dimension cuffs,” Blade told her, “They send prisoners to the Prison Dimension.” Blade explained. “Guys!” they heard Fluttershy call (whisper), “We have a problem.” Blade, Breeze, Pinkie Pie and the two princesses walked up to them, seeing only the unconscious body of the Head Councilor lying there, until they got closer. “Twilight?” Blade asked. “She’s…”Celestia tried to say. “Well read!” Breeze commented, nearly drooling on himself. Blade quickly placed his hand on the boy’s head, forcing his brother to look at his feet instead of Twilight, “That is not where you should be looking!” he told his brother. “But she’s…changed!” Fluttershy finally said. Blade simply nodded, “Yah, into a humanoid!”

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