My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Surprise, You're a Human

Twilight let her eyes flutter open with the rise of the sun, yet she felt like her body weighed a ton. “Ohhh!” she groaned, and pulled her covers up to engulf her completely, “I had a really weird dream.” she said. “Really, what kind of weird?” she heard Spike ask. “Bizarre weird.” she told him, and groaned again, “Sleep, need more sleep!”

“You should probably get up and stretch your legs.” Spike suggested, “Maybe read a book or two.” Twilight grabbed the outside of her blanket and pulled it down over her eyes, letting her see Spike in his fullest, “You seem overly eager to help today.” she said to him, “What’s the catch?”

“Catch?” Spike asked and smiled nervously, “No catch, just trying to be of assistance now that you have magic and hands!” he told her. Twilight almost didn’t catch it, she was expecting him to ask for something to give to Rarity, but the moment it clicked, she sat up, and ripped the covers off of herself.

What she saw underneath was a pair of overly large hooves at the end of legs with forward facing knees, the upper half was what looked completely different; she slimmed out at the hips, creating an hourglass figure to her shoulders that attached two thin arms to her body, with hands, five fingered hands. In front of her, the chest area bulged out, and only thanks to the pale purple shirt and pants she wore, did she look anything descent. The hands seemed to be that same color as her fur used to be, but it appeared she had no fur now. Twilight instinctively reached up to her head, grabbing her hair in her new fingers. She quickly brought the purple hair towards her face, bringing it into eye view. She found it identical to what it used to be, albeit longer and probably smoother, thought she really couldn’t tell. Releasing her hair, Twilight gingerly reached up to her forehead, feeling her horn and finding it only a tad longer than normal if she remembered right. A thought hit her, and she reached down to her butt, finding her tail and pulling it out from under her, seeing that, although longer, it too had not changed.

“Mirror!” she said as she looked to Spike, “Where’s my mirror?” Spike reached behind one of the books on a shelf near her bed, and revealed it. An ornate hand mirror with a handle designed like a unicorn’s horn and small jewels embedded into the velvet purple frame. Handing it to her as she carefully took it from him, Spike whipped out a pair of ear muffs and placed them over his fin like ears, his eyes half laden. Twilight took in a deep breath, and finally tilted the hand mirror so that it showed her face. Her cheeks tilted in, creating a smooth sharp chin and her ears looked quite similar to Blade and Breeze’s. Her eyes seemed smaller than normal and her muzzle wasn’t the same, it kind of poked out in a small sharp point. Twilight let it all sink in, then she panicked, “YAHHHHHHH!” she screamed as loud as she could.

From Sweet Apple Acers all the way to Fluttershy’s cottage, everypony heard the scream, but only five ponies and two humans knew who it actually was. “Sounds like Twilight’s awake.” Blade said as he turned his head back to Fluttershy.

Breeze landed on the roof of the Sugar Cube Corner, Rainbow Dash following in a hurry, and Pinkie Pie stuck her head out of the chimney, “Well, race is over!” Breeze said, and turned to the cyan pegasus, “We’ll settle this later!” With that, Pinkie dropped back into the chimney, throwing the door open as Rainbow Dash took off and Breeze literally jumped from the roof, landing silently on his feet with the air pushing dirt away from them.

Applejack quickly ran past the gate of her farm, leaving both Big Macintosh and Apple Bloom watching her retreating self.

They all met up with Rarity at the library, as she lived the closest. The door opened but instead of Twilight, Spike was thrown out. “Well? What did she say?” asked Rainbow Dash as she jut hovered there. “She looked down her shirt, then stretched out her pants, then said, ‘I need a bigger mirror’ and then just threw me out. I think she wants me to go get one.” Spike said as he mimicked every action. “Boys!” Rarity sighed as she walked past the baby dragon, “Let me handle this.” she said and knocked her hoof against the door. “Who is it?” she heard Twilight ask. “It’s Rarity dahling, now if you could just…” before she had the chance to finish, the door opened and Twilight’s new arm reached out and grabbed a hold of her, pulling her in quickly and slamming the door before anyone could see anything more. “Do humanoids usually act like that?” Rainbow Dash asked. “You try suddenly transforming into that with no explanation and keep calm.” Blade said as he turned to her, his voice back to showing no emotion.

Twilight passed back and forth, practicing her steps as she went, “I just don’t understand Rarity,” she said before wobbling on her hooves. She quickly found her balance and continued her passing, “I was pony a minute ago.” she said. “Actually Twilight it’s been almost a full day since we found you like this.” Rarity corrected. “One day?” Twilight asked as she stopped in mid step, and fell to her butt. “As in, twenty four hours one day? How could it have been a full day?” she asked, and stood up again. “You were unconscious dear.” Rarity explained. “Unconscious from what?” Twilight asked, as she walked to and leaned against a book shelf, finding herself almost as tall as the door she had just pulled Rarity through. “From your DoublePack.” Rarity said simply. Twilight turned to her friend; surprise dominated her features, “DoublePack? What’s a DoublePack?” she asked.

Rarity shifted her eyes back and forth, hoping someone else would just break the door down and demand the Twilight show herself to the world, “You remember when Fluttershy told us that those who have a bonded NanoPack can’t touch another one as a failsafe?” she asked. Twilight tightened her grip on the shelf, and nodded. “Well,” Rarity said, “apparently it doesn’t work the same way when bonding, on rare occasions a pony can…bond with two NanoPacks at the same time. However the power it holds is enough to decimate entire worlds.” Twilight virtually froze in her spot, her mind beginning to process all of the information she just received. “It controlled you, like a wild beast.” she said, “However you were stopped by Riida, poor thing.” Twilight glanced to her friend, worried about the answer to her question, “What do you mean by that?” she asked nervously. “She hasn’t woken up since Zeral pushed her into the large Theyron Crystal.” Rarity said. “So it wasn’t me who hurt anypony?” Twilight asked. “No, you just chased after Zeral the whole time.” Rarity lied, keeping the fact that she attacked both Applejack and Rainbow Dash from her.

Twilight let out a happy exhale, one she hadn’t realized she was holding at all. “That’s a relief.” she said, and then pushed herself from the bookshelf, “I need your personal opinion Rarity, mare to mare…or…whatever I am now!” she asked, and Rarity held her head up high, “Of course dear, anything for my friends.” she said. ”Do I really have to wear these?” the purple humanoid pony asked taking hold of the collar of her shirt in one of her hands. Rarity scrunched her lips a bit, “Blade told me that humanoids need cloths.” she said. Twilight looked down. “Just keep those cloths on for now dear, and meet me at the Carousel Boutique in an hour, I’ll make you…something!” she said and turned to let Twilight do just that.

As Rarity exited the library, she hung her head, “I have no idea what I’m going to do.” she told herself. “What does that mean?” Blade asked. “I promised her I’d make her some new cloths but I have to be honest, I’ve never seen any humanoid styles up close except yours,” she said and pointed one of her hooves at Blade, “his,” and moved her hoof to Breeze, “Zeral’s and those horrid guards.”

“I have some style magazines downloaded to the Bubble’s memory.” Pinkie said suddenly, her smile brightening. Rarity looked to her, eyes narrowed slightly, “Pinkie, when her you going to tell me about that?” she asked. “I didn’t think we needed it, aren’t you glad I didn’t just delete them?” she asked, and soon found herself being pushed from behind. “You’re coming with me!” Rarity said as Spike pushed Pinkie from behind.

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