My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds


“No, no.” Rarity said as she had Pinkie Pie flip through the pictures in the magazines. “Too bright. Too frilly. Way too showy! Hmmm, let’s put that in the maybe pile with the other six.” Pinkie’s holographic projector displayed the picture of a beautiful blue dress with spaghetti straps and a shimmer to the blouse. The picture itself was moved into a folder icon in the corner of the holographic area. “It says that this dress is used only for special occasions, like dates or proms.” Pinkie told her. “Then that is definitely going to be in the ‘maybe but might never get used’ pile.” Rarity said under her breath. “Very funny Rarity!” she heard Twilight say from the door. “Twilight!” Rarity nearly shouted as she turned around, “I didn’t hear you come in, and so early!”

“Well, I decided to get it over with, I just didn’t expect everypony to stare at me on the way here.” she admitted. “Just as well, I could use you as a model, I’ve never done this shape before.” Rarity told her and began to usher her to the back rooms. “OOH!” Pinkie Pie shouted, “This looks like something that Twilight would wear!” The 3D picture on the holo-screen displayed a white tank top under a dark purple coat, with a violet skirt as the bottom. What they didn’t pay attention to were the black pumps where the feet should be. “I’ll take it!” Twilight told her. “Trust me,” Rarity said, “That’s not all I need to make.” and continued to push her into the back.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash sat in front of the boutique, each waiting for Twilight to emerge. “Yah know, I can’t help wonderin.” Applejack said. “Wondering what?” Rainbow asked as she turned to her friend. “How much of this would have happened if they never showed up?” the orange pony asked. “We might be dead if they hadn’t shown up.” Rainbow reminded her. “Oh yah, I get yer point.” Applejack agreed. The time ticked by, slowly as they waited, “Where’s Fluttershy again?” Rainbow Dash asked. “She’s finally showing Blade around town!” Breeze said as he seemed to reappear behind her. Rainbow Dash stiffened up and quickly launched into the air with a startled yell, causing an involuntary Sonic Rainboom at about one hundred and fifty yards in the air. Applejack simply watched as she flew off, her rainbow trailing behind her. “That…was funny!” Applejack said as she slowly smiled. Breeze sat down, crossing his legs as the air cushion once again diminished all noise he would have made. “Don’t tell Rainbow I said that.” she said to him. “It’s our secret!” he promised and used his hand to mimic the zipping of a zipper across his mouth. “Is that a good promise?” she asked. Breeze chuckled a little and turned to her, “It means my lips are sealed.” he told her, and the two of them turned back up, to see if Rainbow Dash was going to come down from the cloud she was hiding behind.

“And this is Derpy’s home.” Fluttershy said, and the two looked up to see the pegasus wave her hoof down to them. “Her and Time Turner are special someponies. She sometime says that she has a large blue box in her attic that takes her to faraway places, but nopony actually believes that.” the yellow pegasus told him as they waved back and turned away, “She also told me that Time Turner isn’t his real name, she said his real name is the Doctor, so I asked, ‘Doctor Who?’ and she said ‘Exactly!’, I still don’t know if she was trying to tease me or not, she sounded so sincere!” Blade simply listened, his smile slightly bigger than usual, no longer just the shadow of one, but the corners of his lips clearly pointing up, though one could argue that it wasn’t a full smile. “Are you hungry?” he finally asked, curiosity sprinkled with a dash of worry in his voice. “Oh, yes. I just didn’t want to…you know…intrude or interrupt your tour of Ponyville.” she shyly told him. Blade reached into one of the pockets in his coat, and pulled out a handful of golden coins. “My treat!” he told her. “Oh no…I couldn’t…” she tried to say, Blade however flashed her an even larger smile, “Alright!” she said, the fur on her cheeks turning from a blush pink to a deep red. ‘He’s smiling!’ she thought to herself, ‘He’s smiling because of me!’ Her blush deepened as she thought about it, and she found herself far too caught up in her thoughts to notice when they arrived.

“Twilight?” she heard Blade ask. She quickly stopped blushing and looked up to see Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Twilight, all sitting around a table in front of the restaurant. Twilight simply looked up and waved one of her knew hands to the two of them. “Hello Twilight, it’s nice to see you.” Fluttershy said as they neared them. “I still feel like I’m being watched,” she said, “but that’s probably because everypony is still gawking at me.”

“Probably.” Blade agreed as he sat down. “That’s not something we see every day.” Rainbow Dash suddenly said and pointed her hoof to him, “He’s actually smiling.”

“Stuff it Skittles!” Blade retorted, his smile vanishing in an instant. “WHAT IS A SKITTLE!?!” the cyan pegasus yelled out. “Bite sized fruit candy!” called out Breeze, as he walked up behind Twilight. Twilight in response gritted her teeth, and refused to jump out of her seat. “I hate it when you sneak up behind me!” she growled through her teeth. “Does this mean you won’t hang out with me?” he asked his eyes half closed, almost like he knew something she didn’t. “Hang out?” Twilight asked, “You mean after lunch?”

“Yah, just you and me.” he said, “I’ll teach you all about being a human…oid.”

“Well, it would be nice to practice walking with these new legs.” she said, and used her magic to levitate the daisy sandwich that the waiter just brought out for her. “What about your hands?” Breeze asked before she took a bite. “Huh?” she asked, and looked to him as if he was crazy. “Grip your sandwich with your hands, like this!” he told her, and actually picked up Rainbow Dash’s sandwich. “Put that down!” the cyan pegasus growled. Twilight gingerly reached up and uncurled her fingers, gently grabbing hold of the bread and holding it between her hands. “See, not so bad!” he said and almost took a bite out of the sandwich he had. “EHEM!” Rainbow Dash said, making sure he heard her. At first he just glanced at her, then looked in his hands, “Oops, sorry!” he said as he set the sandwich down. “Give me one good reason why I should hang out with you without my friends.” Twilight argued. “Blade and Fluttershy are touring the town, Applejack still has chores, Rainbow Dash has a rainy night to prepare for, Rarity just got a large order of dresses in…” he listed off. “HOW DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT?” Rarity asked. “And the Cakes told me that Pinkie is shop sitting this afternoon, something about taking the babies to get their checkups.” he told her, “I’m all you’ve got!” Twilight let her jaw drop to the table, he had effectively named off the entire day for all of her friends, “Well…I’ve…um…” she tried, but Breeze stopped her right there. “I’m good at what I do Twilight, especially if my target tells herself her daily schedule out loud. Besides, I can teach you all sorts of stuff.”

“Like what?” Twilight asked. “Like how to kick with only one leg, or how you can flip a stick in your fingers. Or even how to shadow box.” he said. “I’ve been meaning ta ask how you two can stay on one leg so long, especially you!” Applejack asked as she pointed her hoof at Breeze. “Talent!” he told her, “And really good balance.”

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