My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Music for the Soul

Twilight sauntered off as she moved to the library door, “Where are you going?” Spike asked as he continued to dust. “I’m meeting Breeze for lessons on being humanoid.” she told him and opened the door with her magic. As she turned around, she tapped the tip of her horn against the top of the door frame, before she bent down a little to exit completely. Spike stifled a chuckle as she shut the door behind her, “Looks like you could use the practice.” he whispered to himself, his smile still stretching from ear to ear.

Twilight kept her pace slow, debating in her head whether or not to go through with this human lesson that Breeze had come up with. One of the thought she had was that it was a secret date that he had set up. In her thoughts she began to hear something, only to find that it was real. In front of her was Breeze, a strange wire stretching from the NanoPack on his hip to his chest before splitting into two and continuing on to his ears. He had his eyes closed and he swayed back and forth smoothly moving his legs like they were waves. He almost never brought his foot up; instead he slid them across the dirt, and brought his arms up only to throw them down again with a snap of his fingers. One point in his dance he turned around and slid on his toes backwards, before turning around again and strutting his way toward her. The upbeat music she heard from the wires in his ears nearly hypnotized her into taping one of her hooves. She was so mesmerized by his moves that she began to imagine herself dancing to some kind of music that only she could hear.

“Oh, hey Twilight!” Breeze greeted when he finally opened his eyes. She blinked once, and snapped back to reality as she saw him pull the two wires out of his ears. At the ends seemed to be two small spheres, one on each wire. Only the bottom half of the spheres were solid, and it seemed that the top halves were made of what seemed to be mesh.

“What?” he asked as he saw her staring, and glanced to the wires, “Oh, these are head phones. I’m listening to my MP9 player.” he told her. “MP9?” Twilight asked, almost testing the word. “Yah, it plays and downloads music, movies, and pictures. Has video recorder and editor programs, lets me surf the internet from just about anywhere that has a satellite within its atmosphere and automatically makes crank calls for me.” he explained. Twilight simply lifted one of her eye brows, “I’m pretty sure you made that last one up.” she said. Breeze simply smiled and reached forward, placing the spheres into her ears without letting them touch her fur. The music she heard was the chorus of the song.

You show the lights that stop me, Turn to Stone.

You shine it when I’m alone.

And so I tell myself that I’ll be Strong

I’m dreaming when their gone.

Cause their calling, calling, calling me home.

Calling, calling, calling, Home.

You show the lights that stop me, Turn to Stone.

You shine it when I’m alone.

Twilight just couldn’t help it; she just had to do something to show herself if she enjoyed the song or not, so seconds after her placed the head phoned close to her ears she tapped her hoof on the ground to the beat. She was a little upset when he took the music away from her, and for a split second she showed it in her features. “Like that song huh?” he asked. Twilight stiffened a little, and slowly nodded her head, “We could get Pinkie to give you that upgrade as a reward for completing my lessons.” he said, and smiled. “Do all humanoids dance like that?” she asked. “No,” he said plainly, “everyone, pony or humanoid, dances differently. You just have to learn your own style.”

“Teach me.” she demanded, “That looks like a lot of fun!” Breeze let his shock dominate his features, then he smiled, “Alright, just one hour of dancing and then we get to the rest.” he told her. “Two!” she argued, trying to get as much out of it as possible. “One and a half, and you have to take a dance quiz at the end!” he countered. Twilight leaned forward, squinting her eyes at him, “How is that a good deal for me?” she asked. “We’ll count the quiz as an exam from my point of view, if you pass you get the MP9 upgrade.” he told her. Twilight placed her hand to her chin in thought, and pointed to him, mimicking an action she had seen him do, “Deal!” she said.

Twilight quickly found that dancing was far harder than she had first thought, even if her experience as a pony had made it easier, she found her moves clumsy and unsteady for almost an entire forty five minutes. Yet she found herself having more fun than she ever thought possible. Without realizing it she had quickly gotten better, drawing a crowd of ponies from all over the area. Most had strange looks on their faces, not understanding what was happening. “You ready for your exam?” Breeze asked. Twilight opened her eyes and glanced at him, “Has it really been an hour and a half?” she asked and then turned to catch a glimpse of the crowd that had gathered. She quickly blushed as he said, “Yup, and now is the best time, just remember, pretend they’re not here, close your eyes and keep your mind on the music.” he told her, and pulled out his NanoPack. The holo-screen appeared and his used his finger to find the very song she had heard the chorus to. Twilight closed her eyes and took a breath, trying desperately to clear her mind of the fact that others were watching.

When the music began, she focused on the sound, the beat, the rhythm. At first she started slow, using mostly her arms to tell what she thought the story behind the song was, and then she heard the chorus, the part she remembered, and she began to make her movements centered around her hips, using her legs to make sharp movements and her arms more as accents. She soon lost herself in the music completely, her movements no longer forced but rather smooth and the memory of the other ponies watching just fading away. The end came near and she readied herself as it came up, finishing her dancing on the after the last of the lyrics and letting her arms flow down as the music faded. She opened her eyes when she heard hooves stamping on the ground as well as some being clopped together, Breeze let out a loud whoop, as he pumped his arms in the air. Twilight smiled, mostly to herself as she stood up completely and bowed to them all. “Well, that is a pass. You’ve earned your upgrade.” he told her.

The rest of the time seemed to pass by rather quickly, when he taught her how to activate her MP9, the way he taught her to use her hands to grip apples and other things. She learned so much from him, and found that despite his ‘Pinkie Pie like’ behavior, he was actually becoming one of her best friends. “See ya tomorrow Twilight!” he said as he left her at the Library door, “Maybe we’ll do lunch.”

“Not a chance!” she told him with a smile on her face, “Just because you’re one of my friends, doesn’t mean you’re going to take all of my precious time. I’ve got studies to catch up on.” With that she reached into her hair and pulled out a pair of headphones, plugging them into her ears before strutting her way into her home. Breeze shrugged his shoulders, a large smile plastered to his face, “Can’t blame a guy for trying.” he said and turned to walk away.

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