My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Truth Behind the Legend

Two days of nothing, Twilight had shown off her dance moves to her other friends, using her MP9 to sound the music, but other than that, she just listened to it to read. It was Applejack that brought her out of her new daily routine when she knocked on the door. Since Twilight didn’t hear it, Spike took the liberty of opening it up. “Howdy Spike!” the orange earth pony said happily. “Hi Applejack!” he greeted, “Twilight’s in the kitchen this time.”

“Thank yah kindly!” she said as she walked past the baby purple dragon. Inside the kitchen, she saw Twilight, swaying her tail as she bent over, sticking her front half into the fridge. When she came out, Twilight had a bright red apple in her mouth and what looked to be a daisy sandwich on a plate in front of her. Levitating next to her was a glass of orange juice. Twilight turned to her friend, her headphones still in her ears and froze, blinked, and turned to place the plate and the glass on the table before removing the headphones from her ears. Grabbing the apple from her mouth with one of her now free hands, she turned back to Applejack, “Hi Applejack, what brings you here today?” she asked. “News on Riida, the nurse says she’s awake.” Twilight nearly choked on the bite she just took, “Really?” she coughed out. “Ee-yup!” Applejack said, mimicking her brother. “Let’s go!” Twilight said, and scooped up her sandwich and juice, downing the liquid and setting the glass on the table before grabbing her apple and running to catch up with the pony.

Outside the hospital Blade, Breeze, and Pinkie Pie waited while Rainbow Dash flew in, Fluttershy close behind. “I hope she’s ok. This had better not be one of those days when the Dr. comes out and tells us some bad news.” Rainbow Dash said, her eyes angled down into a frown. “Didn’t Fluttershy tell you? Riida actually called for us all to be here.” Blade asked. Rainbow Dash turned her unhappy gaze to the landing Fluttershy, “I tried to tell you.” the yellow pegasus shyly said as she looked Rainbow in the eyes. Rainbow then turned from her and sighed. “Really Rainbow Dash,” they heard Rarity say, “patience is a virtue.” Rainbow snorted as she seemed to blow steam from her nose.

Applejack quickly came up to them, Twilight following close behind while Spike continued to waddle towards them. “We made it!” she said as she looked to Twilight. The humanoid pony was panting like crazy, and the moment she came to a stop she placed her hands against her knees to catch what breath she could. “With only two legs {pant} you need to {wheeze} work twice as {pant} hard.” she said and lifted her head. The others seemed to take a small amount of humorous pleasure as she just stood there panting. Spike soon came up next to her, panting all the same, “Now you know {huff} how I feel.” he said.

They all stood straight as the doors to the hospital opened up, revealing…a sparkling blue alicorn with a moonlight mane and tail. The golden crown around her head was woven from the same golden vines that they remembered Riida having. The alicorn in front of her was easily as tall as Celestia herself. “I see you all got my message.” the alicorn said, and was answered by someone else. “Of course Riida, we were all happy to come and see you well.” Princess Celestia said. Twilight turned her head, finding both Princess Celestia and Luna standing there behind her. “Princess Celestia!” she gasped, and ducked behind Breeze.

Celestia simply chuckled, “Do not be ashamed my student,” she said, “I have seen you in this form before and have accepted the changes.” Twilight slowly moved out from behind Breeze. “That’s all well and good why do you think this pony is Riida?” Blade asked, his usual deadpan expression back on his face. “This is your Riida, the same Head Councilor that you looked up to.” Celestia said. Blade stood perfectly still, as Breeze dropped his jaw. “What was the only thing I constantly broke while in my second year of training?” Blade quickly asked. “The practice swords,” Riida responded, “You were far too strong for them by that time. And in your third year you broke two water fountains, one in the hall and the other in the gym.” Though he never showed it, Blade was shocked, impressed even. “What’s my actual age?” Breeze asked, a smile stretching from ear to ear. Riida smiled and closed her eyes, “Whatever you say it is, though the real answer is that you are 23, one year younger than your brother.” she answered. Breeze glanced to Pinkie Pie, “Ooh, she’s good!” he said, mimicking her almost perfectly.

The eight ponies and three humanoid beings waked together, making their way to the park until they finally found a spot to lie down and chat properly. Blade sat down and leaned up against a tree with Fluttershy curled up next to him. Breeze, Pinkie and Rainbow Dash decided to plant their flanks on the grass not too far; keeping to the shade of the tree Blade and Fluttershy leaned against. Twilight dropped to the grass with the princess’ and Riida, straitening her skirt so the she looked presentable. Rarity and Applejack found a spot in between Twilight and Fluttershy, Spike spreading out a blanket for them, mostly Rarity. “Ok!” Blade said as soon as everyone was comfortable, “I think the jig is up Riida, how did you change into that?” he asked. “Yah,” Breeze agreed, “What exactly are you?” Riida closed her eyes, and looked to Breeze, “I am the species known as a Shimmer!” she told them. Breeze scoffed and waved his hand, “That’s crazy, the Shimmers were completely whipped out during the DoublePack Incident.” he said in disbelief. “Does that mean you’re the only survivor of that race?” Blade asked. Riida simply nodded, “How did you survive? There were no shuttles that left that planet intact before the explosion.” he continued. Riida looked up, “The reason I don’t ever use my NanoPack is because I don’t have one.” she started, “It was destroyed a long time ago. Detonating itself to protect me from the horrors of war. It also took my entire planet with it while I floated inside a stasis capsule in a part of a bunker.”

“Wait,” Fluttershy said, “Blade told me that it was the DoublePack that destroyed the planet.” When she looked to the grass instead of answering or correcting her, everyone figured it out, “You owned the first DoublePack?” Twilight asked. “I did.” she admitted. “But that was over 6000 years ago.” Breeze said, “How long were you in that stasis capsule?”

“Four years.” was Riida’s answer. Celestia and Luna were both flabbergasted, their mouths hanging open in a very unladylike way. “When you said you were older than me, I never imagined it was by so much.” Celestia said in disbelief. “The power it had overtook me, quite similar as to how it overtook you Mrs. Sparkle.” Riida said. “Twilight’s fine.” she said, her shock still not faded. “That is why I couldn’t let it continue, I was aware of everything it did. Yes, it stopped the war, but at the cost of so many innocent lives. I never want to see such devastation again. That is why I started the Galactic Academy, to make sure such devastation never happened again.”

“So the Shimmers created the NanoPacks.” Blade said, his shock the first to vanish. “Shimmers were a race of shape shifters. That is why I changed into this form; to survive. The NanoPacks were originally designed to change shapes with us.” she told them, “However because of the energy flowing through me now, I can never leave this world. The power of this world is now a part of me, and apparently wondering inside of you!” when she said that last part, she looked straight at Twilight. “Me?” the purple humanoid unicorn asked. “The energy inside of you has mixed with your own magic, creating a kind of spell that will not fade and has no purpose other than changing others into a different form. As of now, it wonders within you, keeping you like this.”

“Wait, how do you know this?” Twilight asked, her shock coming back quickly. “I’m over 6030 years old, I’ve experienced something like this before.” Riida told her. “Since I cannot leave, I was wondering if I may stay with one of you, until I acquire my own living funds.” Riida asked. Celestia smiled once again, “Perhaps keeping you close will be best, you may lead us if any other unwelcome guests arrive.” she said, nodding to Riida. “That would be nice.” she agreed. “I have one more question,” Twilight said, and innocently placed her hands under her breasts to lift them up, “What are these for anyway?” Breeze’s body when almost completely slack and his mouth hung open, “Gnga Hamina hamina!” he said, the hearts in his eyes beating rapidly. Rainbow Dash quickly flapped her wings to level herself with him, and karate kicked him in the back of the head. “I may not know much about humanoids but I’m pretty sure that was inappropriate!” she yelled as he hit the ground, face first. Twilight let her eyes show just how confused she was as all of the others laughed at his expense.

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