My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

What's In a Name

Some time had passed as W-3673 waited for the shy little pony to emerge from the closet, sitting there patiently. He didn’t know how the time in this world worked, but to him, it was almost ten minutes. He turned to the closet, seeing the door open just a crack and a single eye looking at him. “I’m sorry I scared you.” he whispered trying to be as soft spoken as possible. All he heard was a squeak from inside and the door shut tight.

At first he was put off, but he never let any emotions surface, “What’s your name?” he asked. “Um…Fluttershy.” she answered in an almost inaudible whisper. The whisper he heard was quiet, so quiet he had to strain to hear it. “I’m sorry what was that?” he asked, and listened even harder. “My name is Fluttershy!” she said even quieter. “Fluttershy? Is that your name?” he asked and glanced around the cottage. Small animals peeked out from places set up, bird houses, hamster cages and all other types of houses, and the small white bunny continuing to kick his boot. “You like animals? So do I.” he said, “I’m just not allowed to have pets, a rule of where I came from.” Slowly, Fluttershy opened the door to the closet, watching him closely. “You’re lucky, animals everywhere, pets to keep you smiling…a name.” the last part his whispered to himself, catching Fluttershy’s curiosity. “Um…” she said softly, “I’m sorry to bother you, but…can you explain what that means? You know…if that’s alright.” she asked. W-3673 turned to her slowly, not wanting to scare her. Her shy frightened eyes gazed at him, pleading him for answers now instead of asking him to leave. “No it’s fine.” he said, and looked to the ceiling, finding a few birds looking down at him, “It means that I’m not allowed to take care of animals because of my job.” He tried avoiding the fact that he didn’t have a name.

Before she could ask, a loud explosion was heard from outside, causing W-3673 to jerk his head to the door. “I know that blast!” he whispered, and turned to the closet while standing up, “You can’t stay here, go into the forest.” With that he ran out the door, stopping just as he stepped out of the gate. His eyes widened in disbelief when he saw a familiar robot walking towards him. The machine was roughly shaped like a human doll, with one large optic lens in the middle of their faces. The robot was only a foot smaller than he was, but he growled anyway, “A search droid, looks like it’s a type 1. Why use such an old model?” he asked and reached to his back, in between his belt and coat.

The droid, stopped at five feet in front of him, a small red light blinking above its optic lens. “No, it’s going to self destruct.” he whispered and pulled his arm from behind his back, throwing what he held in his hands at the robot’s torso, slicing it clean in half. With a mighty kick from his inside leg, he booted the machine in between the legs, kicking the thing high into the sky before it exploded. “What are they thinking?” he asked and turned to see Fluttershy watch him from the safety of the forest.

Wonder and surprise filled her face, seeing the weapon in his hands. A sword as long as he was tall, gripped in his right hand. The blade looked to be as wide as his forearm and hand and made from multiple different pieces. The handle was almost little more than a foot long with black fabric weaved around it, and the hilt was tacked, pointing into a wide ‘V’ shape. The blade was made of two parts, like it should extend or collapse, the tips of each piece curved out into a spade shape. The actual sword looked almost as heavy as her house, yet this man seemed to carry it in one hand easily, like it was an extension of his arm. Feeling a tap on her back leg, Fluttershy turned to see her pet white rabbit, Angel, look at her with worry. She knew what the little animal was trying to say, and she quietly nodded before following the bunny further into the forest. W-3673 closed his eyes, feeling the pressure of protecting the pony fall from his shoulders as she found her way to the safety of the forest behind her. “Why would the research team be involved in the first place?” he asked himself, and ran towards the village.

“This isn’t good!” Breeze said as he lifted another one of the ponies off of the ground. With a silent yet mighty push of his legs, he back flipped over one of the droids, and like lightning, he disappeared. Seconds later, the droid fell apart each piece cleanly cut and Breeze touched down about twenty feet away. “Crap! Those models always blow up when they see pretty much anything!” he said as he set the purple and pink pony with a grape and strawberry Cutie Mark back on the ground. “Hey!” he heard a familiar raspy voice call out from above him. “What’s with these guys?” Rainbow Dash asked as she floated down to his side, “And how’d you do that?” she asked as she pointed one of her front hooves at the pile of dismantled robot. Breeze held up his free hand, holding onto a strange weapon. “My NanoPack of course!” he said and showed it off to her.

The weapon itself was shaped in a strange fashion, the handles in the middle were of a dark blue fabric, and the four blades, though single edged, curved near the base of the blade, and flowed like a wave to the tip. The blades were only about ten inches in length with the handles touching at the middle of a full foot with a kind of diagonal hilt connecting them together. With a skillful flip of his fingers, the blades seemed to fold into the seemingly seamless handles, and the cross folded together side by side.

“How’d you do that?” Rainbow asked, instead of getting an answer, Breeze dashed right by her, and from behind, she could hear some kind of blade slicing through metal. She turned around just in time to see one of the robots fall clean in half at the waist, “Right now might not be the best time to explain.” the human said as he held up a new weapon. It had the same handle, but the hilt was now in the shape of a downward pointing chevron. The blade had changed as well, it was now a fully extended double edged broad sword with the same shape as the other blades, but now she guessed it was as long as her tail and mane together. ‘That makes no sense.’ she thought, and turned to buck another on coming robot.

“Fluttershy!” Twilight called out, and blasted another of the robots with her horn. The glow of the magic she used lifted the droid high into the air and tossed it towards the sky before it exploded. “Fluttershy!” she called again, looking for the yellow pony. Everypony was running around, trying to escape the robots as they walked forwards and exploded, it was thanks to Breeze that no pony had been badly hurt so far. “Fluttershy!” she called again, the thought of her friend being hurt running through her mind. She was so distracted, she didn’t even notice when another droid with its light blinking, walked up behind her, and reached out for her. It stopped when it noticed a shadow begin to envelope it, and looked up to find a massive sword that ran itself through the robot’s midsection, impaling the machine and the ground. W-3673 landed to one side of her and grabbed the handle, before pulling the blade through the dirt, and flinging the robot high into the air letting it detonate harmlessly. “Fluttershy’s in the forest, where you should be.” he said and turned back to the battle field. “Wait, the Everfree Forest?” she asked in alarm. “You got a better place to be?” he asked and turned to her, focused and determined. At first Twilight wanted to ask him if he had brought those machines to Equestria, but the moment he turned his eyes to her, he frightened her. The power behind his gaze was incredible, like watching a storm take place from a safe distance, only to find it right at your doorstep.

What happened next went quickly, ten or more robots piled themselves on top of him, trying to hold him down, and three more advanced on her, effectively surrounding her. “Help!” she squeaked out and tried backing up, only to find a fourth droid behind her that grabbed her by the mane. The lights on all fourteen of their heads started blinking at the same time. Numbers went through her head, trying to figure out his code or whatever it was, only to realize that, she had no idea what he was called, “MR. BLADE, HELP!” she shouted, thinking of the first name she could. The man’s eyes opened wide, shock erupting from his very soul and with a mighty heave, lifted the robots off of the ground, and tossed them into the air. He quickly grabbed his sword handle with both hands, and separated it in two, the handle sliding across the hilt half way and the blade then splitting apart. Using the flat of the blades, he swatted the three unoccupied bots away and used every muscle he had in his arms, to slice the robot holding Twilight into tiny pieces before it self-destructed at all. The purple unicorn found herself lying on her side, amongst a pile of rubble, pieces of the robot scattered across the area she lay, and enveloped in the shadow of the man she called Blade. “What did you just call me?” he asked, his eyes focused to the point of anger and shock all at once.

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