My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

A Party on Two Legs

Two weeks had passed by now, Pinkie Pie bounced up and down now that she had the day off from work at the Sugar Cube Corner and babysitting the two Cake children, Pumpkin and Pound. Two uneventful weeks of watching Twilight practice her humanoid form and Rainbow Dash race against Breeze. Pinkie’s bounce wasn’t as high as usual, though, she knew something was wrong but she couldn’t pin point what it was. “Hi!” she called out happily as she passed by Breeze on her way. He smiled as he passed her by, but somehow it just seemed forced to her, “Hey there Pinkie, nice day today.” he told her. He sounded genuine but she could tell that something was bothering him. “You wanna talk about it?” she asked him as she stopped bouncing. “Huh?” he asked. “About what’s bothering you, you don’t seem to be as happy today. In fact I’d say that your happy level has been going down all week.” she told him. “Oh, nothing.” he told her, “Just a stupid nightmare.” and turned away from her. “What kind?” she asked. “It’s stupid! Never mind.” he told her and continued to walk, “I’ll see you at noon ok, don’t be late.” he told her. “Huh,” she said to herself, “I know he seems alright, but I can’t help feeling that things aren’t alright.”

“What’s not alright?” she heard Twilight ask. When Pinkie turned around, Spike and Twilight were walking towards her, Spike with a quill and scroll in his hand, Twilight with almost twelve large bags of supplies floating next to her and one in her arms. “Oh, hi Twilight!” Pinkie greeted, “Breeze just seemed a little out of it today is all.”

“I didn’t see anything wrong.” Twilight said. “Trust me,” Pinkie told her, “Something is majorly wrong. He hasn’t scared you all week, he turned down a race against Rainbow Dash yesterday, and today he told me he’s been having bad dreams.” she said, and zipped up to place Twilight in a hug, “What if he’s being secretly tortured in his sleep by aliens who eat the dreams of other ponies? Or…or what if they eat happiness, and leave nothing but an empty shell, void of emotions in their wake?” she asked as she pressed her nose to the humanoid pony’s muzzle. Twilight simply gazed into the eyes of the pony glomping her, “That would be the Changelings and they eat love, not happiness.” Twilight reminded her. Pinkie let realization hit her, “Oh yah!” she said and smiled again, dropping to the ground, “Oh well, I’m going to figure this out one way or another.” she said, “I’ll start tomorrow. I’ve got a play date with Breeze and Rainbow Dash today.” Twilight simply shook her head as she watched her friend walk off, “Come on Spike, we still need to put all of these things away once we get to the library.” Spike gingerly walked close by, “But what if…” he tried to say, but Twilight interrupted him, “Blade and Breeze told us already, there are no aliens that eat happiness, I remember Pinkie Pie asking that question specifically.” Spike calmed down a bit, but not much, with his imagination running amok in his mind.

Morning came early the next day for Pinkie. Tired at first, she stretched the kinks out from last night, and smacked her lips. Her hair instantly exploded in a giant poof and her bed head was gone. Without a word, she slid her legs out of bed and looked down. The first thing she noticed was that she was sitting up, and that her legs, though still pink, were shaped similar to the way Twilight’s were. Instantly she brought what she thought were her front hooves into her line of sight. What she saw were fingers. Pinkie instantly ran into the bathroom, and glanced into the mirror. What she saw was the face of a humanoid girl. From outside of Sugar Cube Corner, every person and pony could hear her shout, “YAAAAHOOOOO!” Pinkie literally jumped from the floor to the ceiling and back again, maneuvering herself in the most amazing ways, “Yes, yes, yes!” she shouted, “I’m a humanoid pony. A Huma-Pony! Now Breeze and I can finally go out playing humanoid pranks doing humanoid things and just have all sorts of fun.” she said and threw her new hands into the air.

Unfortunately for her, the Cakes had a much different idea, she was stuck with the shop for the day, on one of the slowest days of the year. “I’m so bored!” she sighed, her chin resting against the counter while her new shoulders and body hidden behind the colored wood. Breeze popped in with a large smile on his face and Rainbow Dash trailing behind him with a smile of her own, “Six cherry/Chocolate swirl cupcakes please?” he asked as he thought of a flavor of treat that the Cakes did carry. This was something he did every time she got the boring job of being stuck in the shop alone. He would think of something completely odd ball, and ask her to make him some, that way she could at least bake and have some kind of fun.

Pinkie shifted her eyes to look at his now closed ones, and just as the door closed behind Rainbow Dash, “Sure,” she said, and slid her new arms up to the top of the counter. Unfortunately she didn’t notice that she also lifted her breasts so that they poked out from the top, thanks to her folded arms nothing was shown, “If you can teach me to bake with these!” Breeze and Rainbow Dash finally opened their eyes, seeing not the pony, but rather the humanoid Pinkie Pie.

Breeze leaned back and stiffened out his arm, pointing right at her, “DAH! Cleavage!” he pronounced, and found himself face first on the ground due to a buck to the back of the head by Rainbow Dash. “Your brother explained those comments to me you know!” she said and turned to the pink humanoid pony, "And for Celestia's sake Pinkie, put something on!" after that, she promptly grabbed Breeze by the hood of his sweater, and dragged him out of the shop.

Pinkie could hear a scuffle as Rainbow apparently tried to remove the sweater that he wore. "Give it here!" she heard the pegasus say. "Hey, let go!" he retorted. "Just hand it over!" Rainbow told him. "No, it's my favorite sweater.” suddenly she heard him shout, "OW! You bit me you little…" but before he finished, Pinkie could hear a loud thud, and Rainbow Dash reached her head inside, his black sweater in her mouth. "Put this on and go find Rarity." she demanded and rolled the sweater into a ball before throwing it to the pink Huma-Pony. “But what about the shop?” Pinkie asked as she slipped into the black sweater. Rainbow Dash shuddered before answering, “I’ll watch it until you get back.” she offered. When Pinkie stood up, the black sweater that covered her reached almost all the way down to her mid thigh, effectively covering her from view, “OH! Thank you Dashie!” she said and gave the pegasus a big hug before running out the door.

Breeze lay still on the other side of the door, “I’ll bring it back I promise!” she told him as she passed by. The only thing he could do was lift one of his hands and give her a thumbs up.

Almost twenty minutes later, Pinkie Pie emerged from Rarity’s boutique, dressed in a dark pink half sleeve sweater shirt and a light pink knee length skirt. “I better surprise Twilight with this!” she thought to herself, and walked perfectly towards the library. When she finally got close, she heard her friend, Twilight Sparkle, talking to someone, “I can’t understand it Spike,” she heard her say, “There’s nothing about a wondering spell in any of my books, and now it’s gone before I get the chance to really do any studies!”

“Maybe it heard you yesterday about taking samples, I know I’d be afraid after that.” Spike said. “Spike, it’s a spell, not a consciousness.” she told him, and Pinkie finally opened the door. “Hi TwiliiiiiiEEEEEE!” she was surprised to see Twilight as a regular pony again instead of the humanoid she remembered her being just yesterday. “But…you were…yesterday…” she rambled. Twilight didn’t even lift her head from her book, and Spike was concentrating on climbing down the ladder. “I know Pinkie, I can’t figure it out either. Perhaps I need to send a letter to Princess Riida on the matter.” she said just as Spike finally touched down and turned to say hello, he never really did. Instead he dropped all of the books he had as he gazed upon her. “Twilight…” he warned, and the purple unicorn looked to him curiously before following his sight.

For a split second she saw Pinkie as she was now, but turned back to scold Spike and let realization hit her hard. Twilight turned back to Pinkie with a surprised expression, “PINKIE PIE?” she asked in shock. “That’s me!” she said in laughter and snorted as she giggled. “But, how…when?” Twilight tried to ask. “I’m not sure and this morning!” she answered. Twilight’s eyes began so spin in her head as she stuttered, trying to make sense out of such a phenomenon, only to find that she forgot to breath and fainted in the middle of the library floor.

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