My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Secrets Revealed (Part 1)

Twilight found her eyes fluttering slowly as she came back to reality. The humanoid Pinkie Pie standing over her with a worried expression on her face, and Spike pressing a wet cloth against Twilight’s forehead. “Uh…” Twilight groaned, and then her eyes shot open, “Pinkie!” she called out. “You ok Twilight?” Pinkie asked. “What, how, when…” Twilight panicked. “Whao, breathe Twilight, remember?” Pinkie warned her, “Breathe in!” and Pinkie took a deep breath. Twilight, followed suit, taking in a gulp of air through her nose. “And breathe out!” Pinkie followed up, and exhaled the same moment Twilight did. Twilight instantly felt calmer each time she took those calming breaths, until she could finally talk without risk of feinting again, “What happened?” she asked bluntly, her nose nearly touching Pinkie Pie’s new small pointed noise. “I’m not really sure!” Pinkie said, an honest smile stretching from ear to ear, “I just woke up this morning and looked like this.”

“But what cause the spell to migrate like that, and why did it change me back to normal?” Twilight asked. “Maybe you were humanoid because the spell was wandering inside of you, like the Head Councilor said. So once it left, you changed back.” Spike suggested. Twilight lifted one of her eye brows and thought about what Spike said, “That theory would support what Princess Riida told us.” she said. Spike instantly folded his arms and narrowed his eyes, “Oh, so now she’s a Princess?” he huffed. “Spike!” Twilight warned the baby dragon. Spike simply huffed, shooting out a small burst of green fire from his nose. “Sounds like Spike is a little jealous.” Pinkie said, her smile never leaving her face. “We’re getting off topic here!” Twilight told everyone as she shook her head, “Princess Riida told us that the spell was wandering inside me, keeping me humanoid. Now that it’s moved to Pinkie Pie, I changed back and Pinkie became humanoid.” Twilight explained as she rolled off of the couch and stood up on the floor, “I need to make a note of this.” Twilight took off to go to her pedestal, pulling out a scroll and an ink pot before lifting the quill with her magic. “Well, I’ve got to get back to the shop, see you two later Twilight!” Pinkie said as she walked right by the focusing unicorn and out the door. “Fine Pinkie Pie!” Twilight said, and lifted her head seconds later, “WHAT!?”

“Pinkie said she had to go back to the shop, she’s probably got to watch it all day.” Spike told her. “Ugh!” Twilight groaned, “Why can’t this ever be easy?”

Pinkie skipped through the town, heading back to the Sugar Cube Corner. On the way she decided that waving with her new hands was a good way to greet the ponies she passed by. As she skipped, she hummed a familiar song to her, “…cause I love to see you smile, smile, smile.” she softly sang, and then continued to hum. She waved to a pair of ponies sitting on a bench. One of the ponies was sea blue in color and had a light blue mane with a white stripe down the side and a type of horse shoe harp as her cutie mark. Unlike the white pony with a pink and navy blue mane sitting with her, she sat more like a human, on her hind side instead of curled up on her side like normal. The pony saw the fingers and dropped her jaw, “Not fair!” she whined, and looked to her hoof. She was immediately comforted by the white pony when her friend tapped her on her foreleg. When Pinkie finally made it back to the shop, she reached for the door handle and felt that poufy tail of hers twitch, “Twilight,” she called as she turned around to face a bush with a small tree behind it, “My tail twitched.” Once she had finished, a decent sized tree branch fell into the bush, and she heard Twilight’s pained yelp. The poor unicorn then lifted her head from the bush, the branch and a nice sized lump showing from her mane, “Oh, why me?” she asked.

Inside the Sugar Cube Corner, Rainbow Dash was wrapping Twilight’s head in bandages, “So this spell apparently changes hosts after a certain amount of time?” Breeze asked, trying to wrap his mind around the subject. “Seems impossible, I know, but somehow here it is. None of my books mentioned anything like this.” Twilight explained. “Has the planet’s energy ever been stolen before?” Breeze asked. Twilight, squinted, embarrassed that she hadn’t caught it, “Well…no.” she said and smiled with a small squee. “Perhaps a letter to Princess Riida would be the best.” Rainbow Dash suggested, “This is just getting weird.” As she looked to Pinkie, the humanoid smiled, much larger than she thought possible. “Wait she’s a princess now?” Breeze asked.

Pinkie was once again forced to stay behind the counter, and this time she had her arm propping her head up higher. “She seems so bored.” Breeze said as he watched her just sit there. “Well it is the slowest day of the year by statistics.” Twilight said. “So, why am I out here with you again?” he asked. “You know how to talk to Princess Riida,” she said. “You just don’t want to wait alone.” Rainbow Dash said and flew off to do her daily job. Twilight opened her eyes in shock, and glared at the retreating pegasus. “Riida is so easy to talk to…when you get a hold of her” Breeze told Twilight. “And I am easy to reach now that I am confined to this world.” they heard the new princess say from behind them. Twilight instantly jumped high into the air because of her fear, and was caught by Breeze, “Does everypony on the base except Blade sneak up on me?” she screamed. “My apologies.” Riida said as she chuckled a little. Breeze quickly set Twilight back on her hooves and pointed to the humanoid Pinkie inside of the shop, “Notice anything?” he asked, and watched as Pinkie waved to him. Twilight spoke up, worry evident in her voice, “The spell has moved, but I’m not sure how.” she admitted, “Is it sentient? Is there some kind of pattern?” she asked, but was quickly interrupted by Riida, “The spell migrates randomly, mostly to people or ponies you have an extended period of contact with or are thought about constantly. And no, there are no patterns at all. The timing is constantly random and the host will never be the same host it just left.” she told the unicorn. “Oh.” Twilight responded, her ears flopping down to her head. “I would like to stay and see how this plays out, however I must be getting back to my duties.” Riida said as she turned around to leave. “It was kind of you to come and answer my questions Princess.” she said. Riida smile brightly and turned from her. Breeze seemed to take that as a hint, because he left nothing but a ring of dust where he stood and appeared in front of Pinkie, chatting away with her like the two were best friends. “Oh, one more thing.” Riida said, catching Twilight’s attention, “There was an old prophecy on my planet from one of the old Storytellers.” Twilight lifted an eyebrow in confusion, “What do I need to hear a story for?” she asked and Riida laughed. “No Twilight Sparkle, a Storyteller on my planet would also have been called a shaman on another, or prophet or even psychic. They tell prophecies.” she corrected the unicorn. “Oh!” Twilight responded with her eyes now in the form of intrigue. “When the greatest of powers is born again, the Devil will become an Angel to face the man who holds Death in his hand.” Riida recited, and turned from Twilight again, “I find it interesting that my DoublePack called itself Diablo, and that Zeral holds the Reaper, don’t you?” she spread her wings wide, before flying off, back to Canterlot Castle. Twilight stood there, baffled, watching the glimmering blue alicorn fly through the air, “When the greatest of powers is born again…what does it mean?” she asked herself, “What could it all mean? And what does it have to do with the DoublePacks?”

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