My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Secrets Revealed (Part 2)

Pinkie walked through town, a bag of groceries in her arms and a slight thoughtful frown on her face. Breeze’s mood had been steadily decreasing into a depression that she was sure of, but when she asked others if they noticed, only Rainbow Dash seemed to agree. She had wanted to ask him the moment she returned the sweater to him, but instead she found him with a large smile on his face and a whip cream pie in his hand, right before he dropped it filling first on her head. The two had laughed the whole day as they made a mess of the Sugar Cube Corner kitchen, and even as they cleaned it up. But now that a week had passed, she had noticed that he was now smiling without real happiness, almost like it was fake. In fact, she was sure that it was fake now, his happiness drained from him by some unknown force. “Hey Pinkie!” she heard him say from behind him. Instantly she launched into the air, releasing her groceries and moving quickly off the ground and onto the rafter of a nearby home. Without batting an eye, he reached out and took hold of the airborne groceries, keeping them from falling. He glanced up and grinned at her, his happiness returning to him for a split second. Pinkie noticed this and smiled with him, hoping to extend his true happiness as much as possible. Pinkie promptly laughed, and snorted as she did, “You got me again!” she said in her laughter. As usual she let go of the rafter, and floated there until she realized that gravity really existed, and fell. Breeze set the bag of groceries down and reached out both of his arms, catching the pony turned human in his grasp. “You really shouldn’t just let go, or just forget about gravity entirely.” he joked to her. Pinkie simply chuckled again, and glanced at him, “That wouldn’t be any fun, cause then you wouldn’t be able to catch me.” the Pinkie humanoid laughed. Breeze smile genuinely, but let his eyes fall again seconds later. “Thanks Pinkie, I know who to come to, pony or humanoid, if I need cheering up.” he solemnly said as he set her down and continued walking, sticking his hands into his pockets as he continued. “Wait!” she called out and he turned to look at her, his fake smile masking his sadness. “What’s making you sad?” she asked, and his eyes widened as his fake smile fell, “I can tell, something’s taking away your happiness, you can barely smile anymore.” Breeze frowned sadly and turned from her, “I’m your friend Breeze, you can tell me.” she told him. “No,” he said, “No I can’t. I would lose one of the best friends I’ve ever had.” he said, and continued to walk away, his head hung even lower than before. Pinkie lowered her own head, sadness encompassing her as she stood there, her bag of groceries sitting next to her.

“…and that’s why I came to you, you understand him even better than I do.” Pinkie said as she watched Blade swing his massive sword around. She had caught him in the middle of his training out almost a football field away from Fluttershy’s gate. She began talking outside of his sword’s reach, sat down on the grass and hadn’t stopped talking, even though it seemed as if he didn’t listen. “All I’ve got is that it probably has something to do with a dream he had.” she said, and Blade instantly let go of his sword to turn to her in mid swing. The blade had enough momentum to be flung all the way to Fluttershy’s front door, shrinking back into its handle before lightly tapping Fluttershy’s door. She slowly opened the door and looked around before looking down at the NanoPack. “Sorry Fluttershy.” he apologized and turned his attention back to Pinkie, “A dream?”

“Yah,” she confirmed, “a bad one by the looks of it.” Blade walked passed Pinkie and met Fluttershy in the middle as she delivered his NanoPack to him. Blade then turned to her and said, “It’s more like memories actually.” Pinkie and Fluttershy both lifted one of their eye brows, curious as to what that meant. “His job title on the Genesis Ark was Assassin. You see, he killed others secretly, and sometimes they were found to be innocent.” he explained. Pinkie let her eyes open wide with shock, while Fluttershy placed her hooves over her mouth. “He never enjoyed any of it, guilty, innocent, it didn’t matter to him. And now, when the action dies down, when there’s no one to excite him, to help keep the memories away, he has nightmares of every one of his assassinations, only in his dreams, he’s the target, and sometimes the assassin as well. He always imagines himself being killed either by his target, or himself.” Blade told them. Fluttershy let her hooves fall to the ground, “That has to be terrible.” Fluttershy said. Pinkie let her own eyes fall to the ground, the sadness now stronger than ever. “He blames himself for all of it, and regrets those actions every day, but tries to hide it under a pile of happiness. He makes others happy because he can never be.” Blade said, and was startled when Pinkie stood up on her two hooves. “You’re wrong about that!” she said, “He can be truly happy, I just need to find out how to help him.”

“The help he needs is to forgive himself, otherwise every time there’s peace, those nightmares will haunt him. Only a war can keep him from reliving the past.” Blade challenged. The moment his words stopped, Pinkie fell silent, seconds later, he turned around, and walked to Fluttershy’s gate, “Don’t get me wrong Pinkie Pie, I want him to find his own piece much more than you. However, I know that I cannot help. I’ve tried everything.” The door to Fluttershy’s home quietly closed, a sad push being what sealed it shut. Pinkie lowered her hands to her sides, her thoughts running wild with questions and answers she hopped would be the solution, but the longer she ran that scenario, the more she realized that it wouldn’t work for long. “I can’t help him.” she finally admitted to herself, and solemnly walked away. Fluttershy looked to her friend, sad about what she just heard, until Pinkie turned to her, “Don’t worry Fluttershy, I won’t give up that easily.” the pink Huma-Pony said and turned to sprint towards Sweet Apple Acres.

Fluttershy steeled her nerves, upset but not angry, she marched into her home ready to tell Blade just what she thought about his words. She never said a word, instead she found him sitting with his knees up to his face, his head resting on them. She forgot her anger, and inched closer to him, only to find tears running down his cheeks. “You really tried everything?” she finally asked quietly. “I was ready to start a war of my own to keep him from remembering.” he sniffed, “But Head Councilor Riida stopped me, meeting me in the halls of my dorm section and told me that the only creature that can truly stop his nightmares is the one he will fall in love with, the one he will open up completely to.” Fluttershy then rested her head on his shoulder, wrapping him in a tight pony hug. Even Angel Bunny touched his boot, asking for forgiveness and offering comfort.

Pinkie skipped all the way to Sweet Apple Acres, spotting Applejack as she bucked another tree and pulled one of the basket’s to her back. Big Macintosh bucked a tree nearby, cleaning it of apples as he glanced to his sister. “Hey Big Mac?” she asked, “You think one of them humans could harvest apples like us?”

“Eyup!” was all he said, and turned when he heard Pinkie giggle. “Well not exactly like you, I mean you’re a pony and they’re human which means you have hooves and they have feet. What do you thing feet feel like? I’ve never had feet, just these hooves.” she said and lifted one of the hooves she was standing on. Pinkie wobbled as she held the appendage in the air, but she didn’t fall or topple over. “Hey there Pinkie!” Applejack said as she lowered her head. “Awww, what’s wrong, why the frowny face?” Pinkie asked as she lowered her hoof to the ground and used her fingers to pull her mouth into a frown. Applejack sighed once and her ears flattened against her head, “Ah don’t know Pinkie, guess Ah’m just a little upset about you and Twi changing into those things.” Applejack said, knowing full well that lying would do her no good. “She’s been riling herself up for almost an hour now, sayin that it might be better if those two and Zeral had just stayed away.” Big Mac added in. Applejack looked to her brother in anger, though not much of it. “But they didn’t, they’re here now and they’re our friends right?” Pinkie asked. “Eyup!” Big Mac answered. Applejack looked to the ground, and then back to Pinkie Pie, “Yah, Ah, guess you’re right Pinkie, they are our friends, and I’ve got to start treating them like friends.” the orange pony admitted, and stood tall, “Thanks pardner, I needed a good talkin to.”

“Eyup!” Big Mac agreed. Pinkie instantly wrapped her arms around d Applejack, enveloping the pony in a tight hug, “Any time, now if only I could talk to Breeze like that, he needs some heavy duty cheering up.” she said, and turned to leave, without letting go of Applejack. “Eh, Pinkie, could you put me down?” Applejack asked, only to get a large smile from Pinkie Pie, “Gently?” the orange pony quickly added. “Ok!” Pinkie agreed and set Applejack down next to one of the trees, “Sometime the best pranks are where you do nothing at all.” she said, then winked and walked away. Big Mac lifted one of his hooves to his mouth and chuckled trying to straighten his face as Applejack looked to him, “What’s so funny?” she asked, completely unaware of the sign on the back of her hat that said ‘LAUGH AT ME’ on it.

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