My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Sweet Dreams of Reality

Applejack kicked another tree, the apples inside falling into the baskets placed at the sides. Thanks to the little prank Pinkie had pulled she had a good laugh trading the sign back and forth with her brother until it stopped sticking, the smile on her face couldn’t have been bigger. She had bucked two or three more trees that usual today, and the sun was still high in the sky. “So why do Ah fell like a nap?” she asked herself as her eyes and ears suddenly dropped. Her energy has suddenly vanished, leaving her with a strange urge to curl up next to one of the trees and sleep the rest of the day away. Instead she forced herself to stay awake, slowly moving towards one of the trees and weakly bucking it. Only a single apple fell from the tree, landing in one of the baskets. “What the hey?” she asked as she wobbled back and forth, and moved a few steps into the shade of the tree, before finally flopping down and instantly falling asleep.

At the same time Pinkie skipped through town, making her way back to the shop she worked. The moment she entered the door, she smiled and stretched out her arms, “Hello!” she called out, and found her strength simply vanish. “Whoa!” she then added in. “Hello Pinkie…are you alright?” Mrs. Cake, a light blue pony with a dark pink wavy mane and tail, asked as she walked in from the kitchen. “Just a little tired Mrs. Cake. I think I’m going to my room and take a short nap. Maybe then I’ll be ready for work.” Pinkie responded, her hair even feeling heavy with fatigue. “Alright Pinkie,” Mrs. Cake said with a worried tone, “I’ll be up later to check on you.” Pinkie’s hoof steps were heavy and slow as she traveled the stairs to the loft she rented from them, “Thanks.” Pinkie tiredly said, and continued her trek. She slowly opened her door and wanted to sprint to her bed when she saw it. Slowly she walked, dragging her hooves on the ground as she went, until she was within a foot of her covers, and just fell face first to her pillow. She was asleep within seconds, silently snoring away.

“Breeze dips to the left…” the boy said quietly announcing his own movements, almost as if her were in a race or kind of sport. He quickly vanished and reappeared on the roof of one of the nearby buildings, “OH! Let’s see that in slow motion.” he heard Rainbow Dash shout as she fluttered down to him. Breeze looked to the sky just in time to see her touchdown on a roof higher than the one he was on. She quickly struck a pose and placed one of her front hooves to her chest, “Rainbow Dash is IN!” she said proudly. “Tch, I didn’t see anything spectacular.” Breeze said to her, as he stood up and crossed his arms. Her grin told him that he had just initiated a challenge, and the cyan pegasus crouched down quickly before rocketing towards the sky.

She quickly circled one cloud after another, causing them to spin as if on an axis, then weaved in and out of a few of the trees throughout out the orchard before rocketing to the sky and plummeting to the ground. Midway down, she broke the spectral barrier, creating a sonic boom with a rainbow shockwave, the ribbon of colors streaming behind her as she nearly touched the ground before pulling up and aching across the sky over the orchard, only looking down for a second. When she did, she swore she saw something strange. Rainbow Dash quickly finished her rainbow, and turned to fly back to her friend, the human named Breeze. “I gotta admit that was pretty cool.” he said as she arrived. Her pride easily distracted her, “Heh, told you so!” she said before shaking her head to remember what she saw, “Listen, there’s something in the orchard, and I think it’s hurt.” she said with alarm. Breeze instantly focused his mind, “Lead the way.” he told her and followed close behind.

When they arrived, Big Mac was standing over a large clump of orange fur. “It’s just Applejack.” Breeze said, and moved closer, “With some really BIG apples!” he added in surprise. What he saw was defiantly Applejack, but humanoid. Her arms covered anything that would be indecent as she curled up into what could only be described as a ball. Her legs tucked into her belly as her hooves nearly touched her thighs. To him, she seemed to be the most well endowed of the group. Big Mac instantly turned to him with a glare, and Rainbow Dash, still flying, bucked him in the forehead, knocking him to the ground, “You really need to stop that!” she shouted. “Eyup!” Big Mac agreed angrily.

When Pinkie finally woke up, she felt better than ever, the second she felt herself wake up, she literally hopped out of her bed, and landed on the floor on her back hooves, “That’s exactly what the Pinkie Pie needed.” she shouted as she and without thinking, put down her…front hooves? Almost instantly she opened her eyes in surprise and looked down. It was true, she no longer had hands, she had hooves again. Pinkie quickly moved to her adjoining bathroom, and looked into the mirror. With a long exaggerated gasp, she finally spoke, “If I’m a pony again then that means that somepony isn’t a pony and if that pony is Applejack then she’ might just go ballistic!” she ranted and as quickly as she could, ran out the door passing Mrs. Cake at the bottom of the stairs. “Oh! Dear!” the blue pony gasped, “Where are you going?”

“No time to explain Mrs. Cake, I’ve got to ake sure Applejack’s still a pony!” she said as she kept moving and ran out the door. It finally clicked into Mrs. Cake’s mind that Pinkie was back to normal, and she looked worried, “Oh dear!”

Pinkie kept running, faster and faster, passing by every one of her friends as she did, all except Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Rarity was first as the white unicorn was on her way to by some sweets, “Pinkie?!?” she called out as she saw the pink earth pony charging right by her. In a split second decision, Rarity turned and followed her friend. Twilight and Spike were shopping when the same thing happened, “Rarity what’s going on?” Twilight asked as the white unicorn neared her. Rarity didn’t even stop for a breath, “I’m not sure!” she called out and let Spike climb onto Twilight’s back before the two unicorns raced after their pink friend, “She just ran right by me as well, and the look on her face, like something bad happened.” Fluttershy and Blade walked silently in the sun, and suddenly the two were sent spinning like a tornado as Pinkie zoomed by them. When they stopped, Fluttershy was resting safely in Blade’s arms with her front hooves wrapped around his neck and her eyes spinning in her head. Blade stood still a moment looked to where Pinkie had run off to, then without waiting for Fluttershy to regain her composure, began running to follow her. “Oh my!” Fluttershy said as she finally regained her equilibrium and looked up to Blade, “Is Pinkie alright?” Blade remained silent as he sprinted after the pink pony, chasing her all the way to Sweet Apple Acres.

Inside Applejack’s room, the new humanoid pony stirred in her sleep, her eye brows scrunching together, causing her eyes to flutter open. At first she just laid there, her head close to pounding as it cleared. Then she closed her eyes, and reached to her forehead and touched it with her hand. Moments after her fingers came in contact with the fur, her head ach cleared for a flood of confusion, and she brought her hand into her view. She found herself speechless, and quickly used her hand to grab the covers and throw them off of her.

Outside, Pinkie came to a screeching halt at the door of the house, all her friends close behind her. With a forceful knock on the door, Pinkie finally tried to catch her breath as Big Mac opened the door. “Eyup?” he asked as Pinkie continued to catch her breath, “IS APPLEJACK STILL A PONY?” she quickly asked between gasps, only to be answered my Applejack’s shrill scream from her room, “I’ll take that as a ‘No’.” she said as she lowered her ears to her head.

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