My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Blade's First Letter

After that incident, Applejack continued on with her outdoor chores, this time with the tips and tricks Blade had taught her. She would lift one of her legs and tuck it in as much as she could before throwing her hoof forward to strike the tree trunk. The force she put into her one leg was just enough to do the trick, even though she needed to kick each tree twice, once with each leg. She sat down to take a short break when Breeze seemed to appear out of nowhere, right in front of her. “Did you come to hit me again?” she asked. “Hit you?” he asked in confusion, “When did I…oh, you mean hit on you don’t you?”

“Yah that!” she responded. “You heard about that?” he asked in slight embarrassment. “Heh, yah Ah did.” she admitted with a smile, “BIG apples, huh?” Breeze smiled and scratched the back of his neck, “Eyup, BIG apples.” he repeated nervously as he shied away and looked to the ground. “Well, thanks anyway. It’s nice to be complimented, even if I won’t understand it at first.” she said genuinely smiling to him. She turned to look past him, at the sun as it tried to dip behind the mountains, “No matter what form y’all have, that is still a purdy sight.” she said, Breeze turned around, spying the sight that she was referring to, “Yah, it is.” he agreed and walked over to sit next to her. “Yer brother’s a real special pony.” she said as she lowered her head to look at the ground. Breeze let his smile fall just a little, “Yah, he is actually.” he agreed as he sat there. “He let me hit him the moment Tremor went stand by, why?” she asked as she looked to him. “I’m not sure,” Breeze told her, “I think he would have let you hit him that whole time if you hadn’t activated Tremor at all.” Applejack just turned back to the sunset, watching it sink beneath the horizon, “If Ah, tell you a secret, promise not to tell anypony else?” she asked as she blushed. “Promise.” he said, and zipped his lips like last time. Applejack smiled, at the gesture and looked to him, “After what happened today, Ah kind of saw Blade in a whole new light. But Ah don’t want Fluttershy to know, cause it might be a filly’s crush.” she admitted, causing Breeze to glance at her with surprise, “You’ve got a crush on my brother?” he whispered. “Heh, yah Ah guess Ah do.” she admitted. “I think you’d get frustrated with his brooding, actually.” Breeze said, and turned to her, “Why not hang out with me tomorrow, maybe I can get your mind off of him.” Applejack began thinking about it a little, and turned to him, “Yah, maybe Ah’ll do that!” she said and stood up, “Nothin wrong with a couple of friends hangin out for the day.” she said and made her way to the house. “Yah…friends.” Breeze said, a smile still on his face.

Blade walked around the cottage, passing out handfuls of food to all of the animals there were. His smile only slightly larger than it used to be as he finally came to Fluttershy’s rabbit friend, Angel. “I suppose you want something special.” he surmised, and Angel nodded his head before reaching back to grab a salad cook book. Before he could open to the page he wanted, Blade reached down and snatched it from him, quickly flipping to the marked page. “Not a chance.” he said after he went over the list of things to get, “All of the shops are closed right now and we don’t have half of the ingredients, besides, you had ice cream once already today, I saw you scarf it down.” Angel’s eyes went wide, and then shrank as she heard a hoof lightly tapping on the ground behind her. Fluttershy stood there tapping her hoof as she looked down at the white rabbit, none too pleased. The bunny let his ears flop down to his back before grinning sheepishly and grabbing one of the cucumbers in his bowl and stuffing it in his mouth. Fluttershy sighed and moved past the little rabbit with a gentle smile to stand next to Blade as he handed out another handful of food to one of the squirrels. “Thanks for helping me today.” she said shyly. “No problem Fluttershy.” he told her, “Any time.” Fluttershy blushed a bit, and stuttered as she tried to address another situation, “Um, about Applejack today…” she began. He looked to her and smiled brightly, a genuine smile, “That was actually the first time I’ve done that. I was just trying to keep from getting killed by one of her punches at first.” he admitted, “I guess I learned something from this.”

“So did I, would you like to help me write a letter to the princess?” she asked. “What did you learn?” he asked. “You’ll just have to see.” she said with a smile.

Dear Princess Celestia,

This is my first letter to you so please just hear me out. I tried something new today, I helped a friend with a stressful situation. She blamed me and my brother for it.

Blade walked out of the house with Fluttershy at his side, and up to Applejack as she kicked a tree, he stood at the next tree and punched it, while Fluttershy dove into another one and shook the apples loose.

Usually when that happens I move on and don’t get involved or I fight it out, but this time I did neither. I stayed and tried to help.

Blade punched a tree again, causing leaves to fall onto Applejack’s hat, when she looked to the two of them, Fluttershy was chuckling while he had that shadow of a smile on his face.

Friends to me used to mean sparing buddies, but my time here has taught me that it means a lot more, and it’s worth protecting, even when that friend is the one putting that friendship in danger.

Applejack finally removed her hat and saw the leaves on top, she smiled mischievously and lifted her hat up to dump the leaves onto Blade’s head. What he didn’t see coming, was Fluttershy having grabbed a small pile of leaves and drooped them on his head at the same time.

Everypony has a point where they can’t take any more, and being a true friend means that you take some of that stress so that they don’t have to deal with it all on their own, even if they think it’s your fault.

The two stopped laughing when they saw the look on his face, the smile had vanished and his usual scowl had replaced it, but only for a few seconds as he grinned wickedly and grabbed a twig from off of the ground and held it like a rapier sword. Applejack and Fluttershy both did the same and pretended to fend him off with swords as they played around.

Fluttershy told me that just because a situation scares you, if it’s important enough, the bravest thing you can do is just stay in case your needed, and trust me, friends are always needed.

Strength be with you,

Your solder,


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