My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Explain This Please

Morning came quickly for every pony, except one. Breeze gripped his sheets in his hands, tossing and turning as he dreamt. The sweat rolled off his brow like a waterfall, and he repeated one word to himself, “No!” he said as he turned to one side of the bed, and instantly shot up in a cold sweat, awake and panting hard. “NO!” he shouted again, and glanced around the room, nearly hyperventilating. “It’s just a dream, it’s just a dream.” he told himself as he calmed down, and wiped his forehead with his hand. From the crack in the door way of his room, Blade stood there a worried look on his face as he watched silently, waiting for the dreams to stop haunting his brother.

Applejack stretched her new arms as she woke up, and her eyes opened wide, “Still don’t feel right.” she commented as she brought them down to her covers. The first things she saw were her fingers. Finally interested in what she looked like at the moment, Applejack touched her own fingers, feeling how smooth the fur on them was, and how hard the fingernails were. “They aint hooves, but they aint bad either.” she said and pinned her chin against her neck, “He was right, these are BIG.” she said as she looked to her chest, covered by the same pajama shirt the both Pinkie and Twilight wore before her. She quickly used her hands to push the fabric around the waist in as far as it would go, “Ah wonder if this is ‘fit’ for a humanoid, it’s definitely a different curve than a pony.” she said and began thinking, “Wonder if Ah can still beat Rainbow Dash like this?” and without a word, patted her butt. Staying silent she pulled the covers off of her legs and glanced at them. The orange covered hooves at the end of the pale purple pants were definitely something she remembered, yet she still wanted to feel them. “They feel different in hands, kinda hard, like a tree branch.” she commented, and was interrupted by Granny Smith calling from downstairs, “APPLEJACK, UP N’ AT UM!” the old mare called out and Applejack quickly got to her hooves, to get dressed.

On her way down the stairs in yesterday’s outfit, she met up with her brother and Breeze, “What in the hay?” she asked surprised to see him. However the look in his eyes was more intriguing, “You alright partner?” Breeze turned to her and shut his eyes, faking happiness until he could find the real thing, “You bet, ready to do some chores?” he asked, mimicking her accent, and was nudged by Big Mac. Breeze glanced at the large stallion as he shook his head, indicating for the human to not do that again. “Actually, Ah think Ah’m gonna take the day off today, you know have some fun before the real season starts.” she said with a smile. Big Mac and Breeze both looked to her with surprise, Breeze quickly shaking his head to clear it out, “Well…alright then!” he said as he gave her the thumbs up approval. Applejack looked to her hand, and slowly lifted her thumb, trying it out for herself. “What shall we do first?” he asked. “Hey Big Mac, you don’t mind if me and my friend here go check out the circus comin to the next town over do ya?” she asked while the red stallion was still dazed. “Nope.” he responded with wide eyes, and snapped out of his stupor when Applejack raced past him to grab Breeze’s arm and drag him out the door, “Thank Big Mac!” she shouted as she and her friend raced off, Applejack pinning her hat firmly against her head with her free hand. Apple Bloom and Big Mac both looked out the door towards the two retreating figures, “You just got bamboozled didn’t you?” the filly asked. “Eyup.” Big Mac agreed.

“So why are we not asking the others again?” Breeze asked as they rode the train to their next destination. “Oh, they know, they planned to meet us there.” Applejack said as she leaned back in the seat. She pulled up her arms to place her hands behind her head, “All of them?” Breeze asked, and the humanoid developed a nervous look to her. “Well, maybe not all of them…” she admitted. “You didn’t tell Fluttershy did you?” Breeze guessed. “Ah was gonna, but Ah chickened out at the last minute.” Applejack admitted and removed her arms from behind her head. She slowly lowered them to her lap and Breeze was sure that he heard the sound of a chicken clucking. That was confirmed when an actual chicken flew down from the baggage racks and walked away. ‘This world never stops amazing me.’ Breeze thought to himself as he watched the chicken walk away. “Ah hope someone else tells her, otherwise Ah just know I’ll need to apologize to her, and it’s hard to talk to her as is now.” Applejack told him. “Hey, we’re going to the circus to take your mind off of Blade, remember, and that’s just what we’ll do.” he said and leaned back in his seat, comfortably placing his hands behind his head and closing his eyes. Applejack smiled a little, nervousness seeping through just a little, “Do yah think Blade’ll fall for me eventually?” she asked. “Nope!” he answered, not moving a single muscle except his mouth. “And why not?” she asked in a huff. “He’s only ever fallen in love one other time and she was killed right in front of him. I think Blade’s going to try to hold onto this love for as long as he can protect her. Trust me, don’t try to get between them.” Breeze explained. Applejack softened her eyes, letting understanding enter her mind. She knew how she would feel if Fluttershy was the one jealous, so she wanted to be even more respectful of what the two of them had. “Besides, I doubt they’ll be there anyway.” Breeze said. Applejack lifted her head to him in confusion, “I heard that she was going to take him on a tour of Cloudsdale today, he wanted to see where she grew up.”

“Oh.” Applejack said, both relieved and saddened by the news. “I kinda heard you talkin.” she suddenly said. Her words caught Breeze’s attention, and he opened an eye to look at her, “When?” he asked. “When me and Blade were a fight’n’. Ya’ll said NanoPacks get their power from the wielder, but ya’ll also said that they have a power core, how does that work?” she asked in return. “Oh, that.” he said in realization, “Well the Xacrimon core is designed to draw energy from the wielder him or herself and amplify it enough to power all the nanobots in your NanoPack. It also does this without actually taking energy from you so you don’t get exhausted from it quickly, I can’t remember the details on how that works.” he told her, “So when you get exhausted your NanoPack gets exhausted, a kind of side effect of the bonding process I believe. Also, if you die, then so does your NanoPack.”

The ride to the circus was mostly spent in silence from then on, Breeze would every once in a while start a conversation, but since Applejack didn’t know too much about the topic the boy chose, it didn’t last long. When they finally made it to the town the circus was supposed to be held in, a place Applejack called Trotingham, Breeze noticed the country side look to it, the green fields, the tall trees and blooming flowers, and all of his friends standing there waiting for them, even Fluttershy was there to…”Fluttershy?” he asked as he saw the yellow pegasus standing there talking with her friends and Blade there next to her, “What are you two doing here?” Applejack nearly bit her lip as she lowered her hat, opting not to look the yellow pegasus in the eyes. “Oh, Twilight told us about the circus, and I just had to go. I love animals so much.” she explained, and Breeze turned to his brother, “And you?” he asked. “It seemed like fun, besides, Fluttershy asked nicely.” was his answer. ‘Great, we were trying to get Applejack’s mind off of my brother, and what happens, he’s here on a date with Fluttershy. What are we supposed to do now?’ he thought to himself as he smiled, looking towards the upset Applejack.

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