My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Stolen But Not Broken

The circus was in full swing, ponies grouped together in pairs or more walked around as they enjoyed the games, rides and treats spread around the area. Blade and Fluttershy had moved on, walking away together as they enjoyed each other’s company. Twilight, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Spike were now moving towards one of the rides that obviously Rainbow Dash was eager to go on, while Applejack and Breeze walked on together, her hat pulled low over her eyes and a frown on her face. “Sorry Applejack.” Breeze finally said as the continued to walk, “That was completely un expected.” Applejack slowly pulled up her hat as she looked to him, a smile placed on her face, “Ah, it’s alright, I kinda expected it actually.” she said. “You did?” he asked. “Kinda,” she responded, “though I was hopin she wouldn’t a found out till tomarrah.” Breeze smiled again as she told the truth, “You know you don’t always have to be honest with me.” he said. “Yah, actually Ah do, I’m the Element of Honesty fer a reason yah know.” she said. “Element of honesty?” he asked and thought to himself, ‘Maybe if she explains this she’ll start to forget, and get over Blade. Then maybe she’ll be happier.’

“One a the Elements of Harmony.” she explained, “My friends represent the other five.”

“I’ve never heard of them. What are they?” Breeze told her curiously. “Well, Twilight can explain them better n’ me. Besides, aint we here to have fun?” she asked and pointed past him at a ‘knock over the bottles’ game. “Too easy.” he said and reached into his pocket, pulling out a bit to play. He hit them perfectly every time, shocking the game master and winning a giant penguin for Applejack. The rest of the time was spent playing games and riding rides. After one of the rides, Applejack was just about ready to hurl her lunch, but somehow kept it in. Now they were eating, what looked to be a kind of fruit filled tart with a glass of grape juice on the side. Applejack fumbled at first with the tart and glass, but eventually got the hang of it. Breeze let out a laud belch as he sat there with a half empty juice glass in his hand. Seconds later Applejack released an even bigger belch as she sat there patting her stomach, her tart and juice gone. She didn’t even care that other ponies were looking at them. “That tastes great.” she said satisfied. “I’ll agree to that.” Breeze said.

Applejack lost her voice as she looked across the way. There stood Blade with Fluttershy next to him, both smiling brightly as Blade tossed a ring into the game, and out came a toy ferret. She blushed brightly and somehow lost all hearing as she watched him move, he strong arms gently holding the toy as he placed it in the saddlebag Fluttershy had won from another game. Suddenly Fluttershy walked off, entering the next tent with a sign that said ‘Petting Tent’ on it. Thinking quickly Applejack, turned to the boy next to her, “Uh, actually, I’d like another one of them tarts, and apple cider this time if yah don’t mind.” she said. Breeze looked like he was in the middle of saying something funny, but got up anyway, “Sure thing A.J.” he said and walked off to go get the treats. Applejack bit her lip once, and stood up, quickly walking towards Blade as he stood there waiting for Fluttershy.

She tapped him on the shoulder, trying to get his attention, “Yes Applejack?” he asked without turning his head. Applejack rubbed her arm waiting for him to turn to her, “Well, ah guess, ‘Hi’ is a good start.” she said. He slightly turned to her, eyeing her with the corner of his eye, his smile fallen from his appearance. “Is there something you want?” he asked. “Just…eh…wanted to know how you two were doin. Yesiry!” she said and smiled with a squee. Blade didn’t even move as she sat there smiling at him. “Yah, know, if you and Fluttershy don’t work out…” she tried but was interrupted by him. “Fluttershy and I aren’t dating, but yes I am falling in love with her. It’s just awkward with her as a pony and me as a human.” he told her. “Well, I just gotta say, I…” she began, but found a lump in her throat and Blade’s hand up to her. “I’m sorry Applejack, but I’m giving my heart to Fluttershy. You’ll just have to…” he never got to finish, Applejack grabbed him by the collar and planted a kiss on his lips, surprising him completely. When he gently pushed her away, she had a look of sorrow on her face, “Ah’m sorry, ah don’t know what came over me.” she said and the two heard some pony clear their voice. You’d never have believed it from the voice, but Fluttershy stood there watching them from the entrance of the tent she had entered not long ago. Blade’s eyes went wide, with shock, and Applejack pulled her hat over her face in shame. “Am I interrupting?” Fluttershy asked, and glared at the two of them. Blade simply pointed at Applejack, totally at a loss for words. Fluttershy lifted her nose in anger, and trotted away, but not before Blade could spot a tear beginning to form in the corner of her eye. “Wait Fluttershy!” he called out as he slowly chased her. Applejack watched them leave, a tear of her own beginning to form and she lowered her head, turned around and promptly screamed and fell on her tail when she came face to face with an angry Breeze. In his hands he held a strawberry tart and in the other he held a glass of apple cider. On his face, a scowl darker than any she had ever seen glared into her soul. “I thought I warned you not to get between them, my brother has been alone all his life, and now he might be for the rest of it because of you.” he darkly said to her, and knelt down to place the glass and treat into her own hands and turn to walk away. For the first time in a long time, Applejack felt alone in a vast world.

“Fluttershy, will you please slow down so that I can explain it to you?” Blade asked as she stomped away from him. “I think it may have been self-explanatory.” she said as she kept up her pace. Blade sighed and quickened his own pace, “Look, neither of us know where that came from, Applejack admitted that she didn’t know what came over her, and I didn’t kiss back. I promise.” he said. Fluttershy lowered her head, tears flowing out of them like waterfalls from a cliff edge, “I just can’t believe it was one of my best friends.” she cried and finally came to a stop, “Why?” she asked in tears. Blade knelt down and wrapped his arms around her neck, embracing her as best he could, “I’m sorry it happened, I’ll try and make sure it never does again.” he said. “How can you say that, even you can’t predict the future.” she said, “What if Rarity or Rainbow Dash do that same thing?”

“First off, Rarity is preoccupied with herself and Spike to fall in love with me, I never spend any time with her, and Rainbow Dash, I practically drive her crazy with boredom.” he explained, “How it happened with Applejack I don’t know.” Fluttershy wrapped her hooves around his waist, and cried. They just sat there, embracing each other for a while, until Blade spoke up, “Do you want to go home?” he asked. With a sniff and a rub to her eyes, she nodded and the two of them made their way to the train station.

“You did WHAT?!?” Rarity asked as the others just stared at her. “Ah know, it was the stupidest thing Ah’ve ever done.” Applejack admitted sadly. Twilight just let her jaw drop to the ground, “Oh, this is bad.” Pinkie whispered to Rainbow Dash. “Yah think?” the cyan pony commented. “Seriously dahling just what were you thinking? We all knew of Fluttershy’s feelings but for you to keep such a thing a secret…” Rarity ranted. “Ah just didn’t want to hurt Fluttershy’s feelings is all. It just got outta hoof today Ah guess.” Applejack explained. “You didn’t want to hurt Fluttershy, so you kissed her crush?” Twilight tried to process. “I didn’t mean to.” the Huma-Pony said, “It just sorta happened, like Ah wasn’t in control er somethin.”

“Dahling, in control or not you must apologize to her. She is probably really torn up about this betrayal.” Rarity said. Applejack gulped hard, “B…betrayal?” she asked. “Oh yes, by kissing the pony…or person she has a crush on and being as good a friend as you are to her, you betrayed her feelings, and must atone.” Rarity explained. “Aren’t you over dramatizing this just a bit?” Twilight asked. “Twilight,” Rainbow intervened, “This is Fluttershy we’re talking about, who knows how hurt she really is?”

“Yah, she’s really sensitive.” Pinkie reminded them all. “I still think that Rarity’s making a bigger deal out of this than it should be.” Twilight said and turned to see Spike giving her an angry glare. “I assure you Twilight, this is one topic I am not over dramatizing.” she said with a tone that spoke of confidence. Applejack hung her head, her nerves now pointed towards hopelessness, “Am, sunk.” she said, practically giving up.

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