My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

I'm Finally Sorry

Chapter 38 – I’m Finally Sorry

Nearly a month passed by as Fluttershy and Applejack stopped talking. Normally Fluttershy didn’t hold grudges like this but you could almost tell that something was holding her back, she was sad every time she saw the Huma-Pony. Applejack slowly kicked one of the trees in her orchard, causing the apples to fall into the buckets beneath them, when she kicked it again and no apples fell out, she looked up, finding the tree empty. She sighed deeply, and placed her hand against the trunk, “Ah can’t keep goin like this.” she said to herself, and steeled her gaze before marching out of the orchard, past her brother and off of the property, making her way towards Fluttershy’s cottage. She quickly advanced and found her courage diminishing with every step she took. “Come on girl!” she told herself, “No backin down now.” and she forced herself to knock on her friend’s door. She was surprised when a coatless Blade opened up the door instead of Fluttershy. “May I help you?” he asked, his emotions completely hidden from her. Applejack first glanced at his chiseled chest under the thin fabric of the white tank top he wore, his muscular arms distracting her from what she wanted to do. Applejack instantly turned away, not wanting to repeat what happened at the circus, “Is F…Fluttershy home?” she asked nervous and red as a beat under her orange fur. “Why?” he asked, still wary about her. “Ah wanted to apologize, yah know, fer what happened.” she told him, sneaking a peek at him over her shoulder. Blade let out a deep sigh, “Finally, I was hoping you would have done it a lot sooner.” he said and pointed towards the window, “She went to the Everfree Forest to gather some herbs and barriers, something about a sick baby bird. Stick to the path and you can’t miss her, if you can stop staring at me.” The last part got her to stiffen up and turn her gaze completely away from him, “Sorry.” she said immediately and took off like a bullet into the forest. Blade shook his head slowly, and turned his head, “No Angel it isn’t ice cream time; and yes I’m watching you.” he said as he closed the door.

Now that Applejack wasn’t distracted by the real him, she nearly slapped herself on both cheeks, “Come on Applejack!” she whispered to herself, “No more repeat’n’ yer mistakes. Fluttershy’s yer friend.” Then she stopped in her tracks and twiddled her fingers, “But he’s so handsome…” she tried to rationalize, and shook her head violently before gently slapping her cheeks again, “NO!” she scolded, “Fluttershy, remember Fluttershy!” She tried so hard, but every time she brought Fluttershy into her mind, Blade would be right there, and subconsciously she would substitute Fluttershy for the her she was now. Shaking her head clear of thoughts, she once again spoke to herself, “This may be harder than Ah thought.” she said and lowered her shoulders.

Applejack continued to follow the trail, all the way to her friend Zecora’s place. The zebra lived alone with her masks reminding her of her home land, but also loved all of Ponyville and had lots of friends. Currently she was mixing something in her cauldron. “I just need something to get this friend of mine to fall out of love with the special pony I have in mind.” Applejack heard Fluttershy say from inside the tree. “Maters of the heart must be dealt, by the one in which they are felt.” the zebra advised. “So, no potion?” Fluttershy asked downtrodden. “I am afraid not, there is but one answer to be sought.” Zecora told her. “I see,” Fluttershy said, her ears pinned against her head, “It was nice talking to you again Zecora.” The moment she walked out of the door, there stood Applejack, her arms crossed and a concerned look on her face. “APPLEJACK!” Fluttershy called out in surprise, her saddle bag would have flown off of her if it weren’t tied to her, “What are you doing here?”

“You wanted Zecora to give me a potion to get me to fall out of love with Blade?” she asked. Fluttershy let her ears fall to her head in shame, “I just want everything to go back to the way it was, when we weren’t fighting.” she admitted. Applejack lowered her arms, “Let’s walk.” she said and turned to go down the path.

Minutes passed by as the two walked on, nothing being said between them until Applejack spoke up finally, “Ah’m sorry Fluttershy.” she said, “Ah just can’t explain what was goin through my mind when Ah did that.” Fluttershy looked up to her, “Promise not to do it again?” she asked. Applejack hesitated a second, before answering, “I can’t, not like this.” she said, her eyes closed and her heat in her hooves. Fluttershy lowered her own head, sad about the answer, “Mind if we stop here, I kind of told Blade I was gathering these.” she said and turned to a bush of purple berries before grabbing some with her mouth and dropping them into the bag on her side. Applejack knelt down to help when they were engulfed in a shadow of something large. The two of them looked up to find someone they remembered, Jacob and his large mech suit. “Well, well, well.” he said and licked his lips, “Who knew a pony could look so good.” The perverted gaze he had pointed itself towards Applejack, and he lifted all four of his new mechanical arms, “Can I plant my seeds in your fields?” he asked. “Not in yer life time!” she said disgusted and angry. With a simple flex of her arms, the Tremor emerged, covering her arms and legs in its protective metal. A few lights flickered on in Jacob’s cockpit view shield, “Ah, very nice, 40% Adamantine based armor.” he said, “Oh, Quake piston. That’s the first time I’ve seen those in a long time.”

“What the hay is Adamantine?” Applejack asked. “Let me put it to you this way the grades of armor are separated by their metal base; Iron, Titanium, Mythril and Adamantine, with steel as the alloy. Each category is then separated into grades of mixture, every ten percent is a new grade. So with your armor being 40-49% Adamantine, you would have an A-4 armor grade, and that is capable of withstanding a great amount of punishment.” he told her and rushed in one of his four massive fists rushing towards her, “But I promise I’ll make it break.” he shouted and threw his punch, Applejack reeled back one of her own fists, and the piston retracted, only to extend back to its originally length upon contact with the enemy fist. Jacob’s arm shattered, from knuckle to shoulder every piece went flying every which way. He let his shock only last a second and he used the arm on the opposite side to knock her away. Applejack found herself plowing through two trees before she hit ground, and she struggled to get up to her hooves. “APPLEJACK!” Fluttershy called out and rushed to her. “Are you alright?” she asked, and was gently pushed away when the orange Huma-Pony stood to her hooves. “Ah got this!” she said and dashed off, at the same time Jacob began running towards her. Again she pulled back one of her fists, retracting the Quake Piston and unleashing its power in her punch. However, this time she punched thin air as Jacob swerved left, avoiding the attack completely. Applejack simply sailed in slow motion as he passed by her on her side, right before he used both arms on that side to nearly crush her between them. Applejack flopped to the ground, injured and coughing trying to regain her breath.

Jacob seemed so proud of himself that he didn’t see it when Fluttershy, dressed in the Valkyrie, smashed her shield into the back of his cockpit, easily knocking it off balance, and letting her fly to Applejack’s side. “Are you alright?” the yellow pegasus asked. “Ok,” Applejack began and then coughed, “maybe Ah don’t got it.” she admitted and continued to clutch her chest. Fluttershy narrowed her eyes in anger, “You big bully! How dare you hurt my friend.” she said, and looked to him, only to see his arms, all three of them and his top shoulders opened up and revealing missiles of various sizes. “I won’t be beaten by a bunch of animals!” he shouted and launched everything he had at her. Fluttershy quickly placed her shield out in front of her, the round metal plate receiving everything as she tried to stay in one spot after every explosion. Her eyes shut tight and her mind focused on protecting her friend, she didn’t notice when the three gems on her forehead began shining brightly. The light it emitted focused itself on Applejack as she continued to cough in pain. Applejack opened her eyes seconds later, as she felt her body begin to feel better, her injuries disappearing quickly. “What the hay is that?” she whispered.

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