My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

I Pledge My Sword

The look in his eyes sent chills down Twilight’s spine, from the tip of her horn all the way to her hooves. It was as if one wrong answer, one wrong twitch of her eye would set him off, and the most frightening thing was, she had no idea what he would do. Would he attack? Would he praise? His face unwavering, refusing to give her some kind of hint to what he would do, and though his blades were pointed to the ground, she felt that it would take no effort for him to just lift his arms, and slide the edges across her. “I’ll ask again,” he said slowly, “what did you just call me?”

Twilight could feel his gaze dig into her, making her sweat, and causing her knees to shake uncontrollably. Scenarios of what he might do raced through her mind, each one of them leaving no room for comfort. Her mind blank as she tried desperately to think of some kind of excuse, or lie. She always came up blank. ‘I’m sorry.’ was what went through her head, and she quickly forced it out, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know your number, and just couldn’t leave you there, and then one of those things grabbed my mane so I just called out the first name to come to mind which just so happened to be ‘Blade’ because of your humongous weapon and I thought that giving you a name was a good thing because…of…the…other…” she told him as fast as she could, her words trailing and fading as he stepped closer to her, his face closing in to nearly touch his nose to her muzzle.

His gaze was intense, the look alone sent fear through her as she believed it to be her last moments in Equestria, “Blade? You gave me the name Blade?” he asked, interrupting her apologetic rant. “Uh…yes?” she answered, her ears tightened against her head as she hopped the answer was correct, unsure of his reaction. “I have a name!” he whispered to himself, and lifted himself up to whirl around, both halves of his sword in his hands. He took about ten steps, before putting his weapon back together, and pointed to the sky, using only his right arm. “HEAR ME COUNCILOR ZERAL!” he shouted.

From across the town, Breeze looked up to the sound of his brother’s voice, “Looks like my brother got his name as well. Time to do this the right way!” he said, never once turning his head towards Rainbow Dash. With a flip of his wrist, the weapon in his hand, changed from a small blade into a full thin broad sword, and like his brother, he pointed it to the sky.

“I pledge my sword!” Blade shouted.

“I pledge my soul!” Breeze added in, knowing that his brother was saying it as well.

“I pledge my strength!” Blade shouted, continuing with his words.

“And I pledge my honor!” Breeze said, smiling brightly.

Somehow the two knew that the other was mimicking him, pride overwhelmed them both, “To the creatures of this world!” the both finished.

Up in the ship, Councilor Zeral stood in shock, watching the screen with wide eyes, “It can’t be, they didn’t” he whispered to himself.

“The creatures that gave me my name!” Blade and Breeze said together, and each announced their new identity, “BLADE!” he shouted. “BREEZE!” his brother called out, smiling the whole time. “WE ARE NOW SOLDIERS OF EQUESTRIA!” the two shouted. Even though they were nowhere near each other, it was like they were next to each other, and at the same time, as if practiced, the two flipped their swords over so that the blades were pointed towards the ground and plunged the tips into the earth, placing the handles at the same height as their belt buckles.

Zeral was seething with anger, his teeth clenched as tight as he could get them, “They will pay for this! They will fall at the might of my army.” he shouted, only to get interrupted by the change of the screens. What replaced the old pictures was the picture of eleven other people dressed in a similar manor to himself, only with their hoods up and faces covered in shadow. He flinched, reared back with fear as he recognized the group of hooded figures, “Councilor Zeral, we just received a report of destruction on the unknown planet. Explain this, why are your Search Droids self destructing like that?” one of them asked in a low male voice.

Zeral stood there, shock eminent on his face. “ANSWER US ZERAL!” another female said getting impatient. “Um…it’s…a virus!” he told them. The eleven Councilors looked to each other then back to Zeral, “A Virus!” a third, male, asked. “Yes,” Zeral said, and calmed down considerably, “A computer Virus, of unknown origins.” he said, making sure to emphasize the ‘unknown’ part. “Then recall all of the droids that were sent to the surface, we need to be as discreet as possible with this documentary operation.” one of the female Councilors ordered. “Remember Zeral, your position of Councilor hangs on the success of this mission. If you lose the respect of the people, you lose your position.” the Councilor in the center said harshly, her light melodic voice ringing with authority. “Yes…Head Councilor Riida.” he said and watched as the Head Councilor removed her hood. Underneath was a beautiful woman with diamond blue skin that shimmered in even the dimmest of light. Her head was adorned with a golden crown that looked to be woven from a vine, with leaves on the side of her head. Her hair seemed to be made from silvery strands of moonlight, and her eyes danced with the seas of the universe.

“I will not tolerate being deceived Zeral, however I have trusted you with this task. In one month we will arrive at your location, should I find you, the planet or its inhabitants not there, I will not hesitate to hunt you down and send you to the Prison Dimension myself. I hope we understand each other.” she said, and the screen turned black. Zeral gulped in uncertainty, “One month, is that enough time?” he asked and sat in his chair.

As he placed his hand on the rest, the screen flipped back on as he touched a button, focusing on Twilight Sparkle as she used her horn to lift one of the Search Droids to the sky, letting it explode harmlessly. At first he brushed it off, but when she used her magic again, this time to disappear and reappear behind one of the droids, he finally lifted his eyes, interested, and watched as she fought, using nothing but her magic. His interest grew, as he watched her fight, disappearing and levitating the robots, shooting them with a purple beam that emanated from her horn and changing them into other shapes of robots, like frogs that went off with a small firework like explosion. “That, power.” he said, and watched as she created a shield around herself and an orange pony with a cowgirl hat. Even the concussion of the blasts didn’t get through it. “Where does it come from?” he asked himself, “I thought they were dangerous enough, now they have a mystical power, that…” Realization covered his face suddenly, and it shifted into a wicked smile. He quickly pushed one of the buttons on his left, and spoke, “Research team, recall all Type 1 Search Droids, and prepare for transport.”

“Yes sir!” was the response over the com link. Zeral placed his hands together and leaned forward, “Warriors or not, I will find a way to harvest the power that resides in the unicorns of this world, and maybe, I’ll just have to make the rest slaves to my cause!” he said and grinned maliciously.

Twilight, Rarity, Applejack and Pinkie Pie all crowded around each other, flank to flank each facing a different direction as they were surrounded by over twenty different droids. “Let’s hope y’all have something left.” Applejack said as she panted heavily. “Yes Twilight,” Rarity agreed, “Please tell us that you can do at least something to help our situation.”

“Like what?” Twilight asked as she turned to her friends. “Like that!” Pinkie Pie said and pointed her hoof towards the machines. The others watched as the droids were covered in a blue light, and vanished completely. “Thanks!” Pinkie said with a smile. “Sorry Pinkie, but that wasn’t me. They just…left.” Twilight responded. Pinkie looked to her friend, the smiled brightly, “Oh, I know that, I was talking to the pony at the keyboard!” was all she said, and hopped away. Twilight and the others glanced at Pinkie with a confused look. “That’s just Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie…I think.” Rarity said. “Hey!” called Rainbow Dash, causing the others to look in her general direction. Following close behind was Breeze, “They were recalled.” he said, and was instantly knocked down by Applejack as she tackled him. Nose to nose with the pony, he just lay there and listened, “Why I aughta buck you inta next week. What’s the big idea, leadin these here walkin firecrackers inta our village?” the orange pony asked. “Hey!” Rainbow Dash said as she gently pushed Applejack off of him, “He didn’t lead them here; he helped to get rid of them. He even pledged his loyalty to us…in a strange and alien warrior sort of way.”

“What the hay does that mean?” Applejack asked in confusion. “It means I promised to protect this world even from my own people. And I’m not an alien Rainbow, I’m human. The Galactic Patrol Academy is made up of thousands of different species of humanoid and non humanoid beings.” then he casually looked around, “Where’s my brother?”

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