My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

The Real Thing

Applejack awoke the next morning, groggy and tired, still completely worn out. “Why do Ah feel like I just got run over by a stage coach?” she asked. “Probably because your body went through the same thing it did a month ago.” she heard Breeze ask. When she finally opened her eyes, a headache emerged, pounding through her skull like a war drum. She instantly closed her eyes, hoping that the headache would go away, but it didn’t, so she brought her hoof to her forehead. “Huh?” she asked and looked to the appendage touching her fur. The hard hoof showed itself to her, plain as day, but the headache didn’t vanish. “Ah’m back.” she said with a smile, and pulled the covers over her head. “And Ah hurt all over.” she complained; only to be shouted at from down stairs, “APPLEJACK GIT YER FLANK DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!” she heard Granny Smith yell. Pulling her covers back over her head and sitting up like she had for an entire month, she groaned, “Oh yah, double chores. Ah fergot.” she said and forced herself to get out of bed. She didn’t even realize that she still had the top and shorts still on until they started interfering with the way she walked. “You might want to be a pony again.” Breeze told her, “I’ll explain the situation to Granny Smith, and see what happens.” With that he shut her bedroom door and made his way downstairs. Applejack yawned again, and went to work, getting back into her old life and out of the human cloths.

Fluttershy stretched as she woke up, her happy nature bringing energy to her the moment the sun hit her fur. She kept her eyes shut, and spoke to herself, “Maybe today, will be the day, my turn to be humanoid.” she wished, and opened her eyes to look at her…hands. At first she couldn’t believe it, so she traced one hand with the other, touching the fingers and feeling them, hoping that they wouldn’t disappear on her, like a dream. Then she moved down her arm, tracing the shoulder and collar bone as she went. She would have gone further, but Blade knocked on the door and walked into the cottage, “Hey Fluttershy, hope you…” he began and got a look at her before she pulled her covers up to make herself decent-ish. What he saw at the moment, was a humanoid Fluttershy with the covers pulled up to cover herself, however the wings on her back being almost as long as her body, couldn’t be hidden even if she tried. “…I’ll get Rarity!” he said as his blush dominated his face. Fluttershy also blushed as he exited, then she thought of something, she could now go on a legitimate date with the person she thought of as her special somepony. The smile on her face grew until, “YES!” she actually shouted. Even Applejack on the other side of town could hear her.

“Ooh, do you think he’ll like this one?” Pinkie could hear Fluttershy ask from inside her cottage. “Dahling he’ll probably like you in whatever you wear, but I think this one is fabulous.” Rarity responded inside the same building. Breeze walked by, turning to Pinkie as she sat there waiting. “Hey Pinkie, is Fluttershy done yet?” he asked and disappeared around the side of the house, “Well, not really.” she said and heard Fluttershy scream before Rarity shouted at him, “Breeze, get out! How dare you, sneaking a peek at poor Fluttershy!” she asked. “I’m sorry I didn’t do it on purpose?” he called back as he ran from the side and back to Pinkie Pie. He breathed heavy as he stopped and placed his hands to his knees, “Well, how did she look?” Pinkie asked as Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Twilight walked up from behind him. Still surprised, he turned his head to her and said, “Shapely!” only to have Rainbow Dash tackle him from the side, pinning him to the ground on his back, “I’m gonna keep you here until everypony has a good kick.” she warned him. He smiled worriedly and seemed to disappear entirely from underneath her. “He has to teach me how to do that!” she commented as she lowered her head in frustration, and walked back to her friends.

“Where’s Blade?” Twilight asked. Rainbow Dash shrugged her shoulders, “How should I know, he threw a rock into my room, yelled at me, and then left.” she said. “Well he didn’t tell me much at all.” Twilight responded, and then turned to Applejack. The orange pony just shrugged, and then smiled for almost no reason. “I missed bein a pony!” she drawled to herself, and the door to Fluttershy’s cottage opened up. Rarity was the one to exit first, and placed a hoof to her mouth, clearing her thought, “Ehem, allow me to introduce, the new Fluttershy!” she said and scooted to the side, just as Fluttershy emerged from the shadows of her home. She had her hands shyly folded in front of her violet ankle length dress, topped with a backless light purple spaghetti strap blouse. The wings that poked out from her back looked to be about as long as she was tall, and that was some height because she seemed to be slightly taller than any of the others were. “Well?” she asked, “Do you think Blade will like me like this?”

“How could I not?” she heard him ask gently from her side. Shyly she turned to look him in the eyes, his baby blues shining gently as he presented a bouquet of flowers to her. “It’s customary to bear gifts when asking for the privilege of a romantic outing I believe.” he said, and walked up to her, handing her the flowers. Fluttershy blushed feverishly, and accepted them kindly, before smelling them. Rainbow Dash nudged Twilight with half laden eyes and a cocky smirk on her face. “I can already tell, this is going to go well.” she said, and Rarity walked up to the cyan pegasus. “It had better go well, I’m the one who made all the arrangements.” she said. Rainbow Dash adopted a false worried look on her face, and turned back to Twilight, “This is going to be a disaster isn’t it?” she asked, receiving a very angry glare from the white unicorn to the back of her colorful head.

Fluttershy nearly tore through everything Rarity hade in her boutique, “No, no, no!” she said in a panic, “Should I just wear the Valkyrie?” she asked and ran in front of the triple mirror, before the armor appeared. Around her waist, was an armored short skirt, with a perfect breast plate fastened on her top half. Gauntlets appeared on her arms and the shield formed itself around on her right gauntlet before the helmet appeared, a full helmet this time instead of just the front guard, and boots shaped perfectly to her hoofs and legs formed themselves just below her knees. At first Rarity was shocked, the new design of the Valkyrie was surprising to her, so she shook her head to clear the confusion, “Dear, you should just wear the dress that I picked out. Remember the one I told you was fabulous?” she offered and magically brought forward a form fitting black dress, with a bit too much showing in the front for Fluttershy’s taste. Kindly, but worried, Fluttershy smiled at the dress, and squeed, “Um, no offence Rarity, but…it’s not me.” she said, giving the unicorn an excuse that seemed to fit, and looked back to the mirrors. “Well,” Rarity said, accepting the excuse, “You aren’t going on your first date in your armor are you?” she asked. Fluttershy lowered her head, looking at the Valkyrie she wore over her new cloths, “What’s wrong?” she asked, “All I need to do is just wear my underwear…” she tried to explain, and Rarity stopped her right there.

“No, no, no. You look too much like a warrior, and the shield would be far too bulky. No, what you need is a dress, something I can put together quickly, but what?” she asked, and activated the Sapphire, using the jewel on her forehead under her horn to project a holographic image of the dresses in the magazines Pinkie had downloaded to her. Fluttershy glanced over her shoulder just in time to see a ‘Blue’ blue dress, with no back and fluffy straps that hung off of the shoulders, also the front of it was just how she wanted it to be, not too showy, and not too constricting, “Wait!” Fluttershy called out as Rarity quickly passed it, “Go back.” she pleaded, to which Rarity obliged. Once Rarity saw the dress, her eyes widened, and she turned to enlarge the image onto Fluttershy as she retracted the Valkyrie. At her hooves, a pair of blue high heeled pumps sat there, contrasting with Fluttershy’s hooves, but it still gave Rarity an idea, “Why Fluttershy, you will look dazzling!” she said.

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