My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

My Little Date

From his room in the rickety shack, Blade imagined himself walking up to Fluttershy’s home, the cottage at the edge of the Everfree forest. He had on something he normally didn’t wear, his basic on-duty school uniform. The black button up shirt folded over itself to the left and buttoned up with ten buttons all the way up to the clipped together collar, five on each side. The decorations on his left lapel told of all his achievements when in the Academy, and matched well with the pressed black pants he wore. He still wore his black boots, but now he let them hide under the pant legs instead, and they were freshly polished. His hair remained the same. The worried look on his face was what Breeze couldn’t get used to, “Dude, stop looking like that. She’ll think your soft.” he teased, snapping the dressed up Blade from his imagination. “I think she wants me to be soft.” Blade responded and glanced back into the mirror that stood as tall as he was.

Breeze simply frowned, he was happy for his brother, yet he’d never seen him this nervous, ‘He usually just puts on his focused face and stares at you until you tell him every…no wait, that’s his interrogation method.’ he thought to himself and let his eyes open wide in realization, ‘I honestly can’t remember the last time he went on a date!’ Blade glanced at his brother’s shocked face, and nearly growled at him, “Do not bring up my dating habits.” he warned. Breeze simply lifted his hands into the air next to his shoulders. “And NO following us!” Blade said as he turned back to the mirror. “Wouldn’t dream of it!” Breeze said with a Cheshire cat grin. “I’m warning you…” Blade said, just to get his point across. “Ok, ok, I’ll make sure the girls know.” he said, giving up the thought and resting his chin on his hand. “Good.” was all his brother said as he wrapped a white bolo tie around his neck and tucked it under his collar. “There.” he said as he looked himself up and down. “You two kids have a wonderful time!” Breeze said as he waved his hand to his brother. Blade then turned to him and quirked an eyebrow, “I’m a year older than you remember?” he asked and exited the door. Breeze simply chuckled, and looked to the ceiling, “Fluttershy’s right,” he said, stopping his humor short, “We really can’t build houses.”

Inside the cottage, Fluttershy stood in front of a full length mirror that Rarity had brought over with her, “Stop moving Fluttershy.” she whispered, “I’m trying to finish your dress.” Fluttershy quickly stopped fidgeting with her hands, but also stood perfectly still, not breathing. “You can breathe dahling.” Rarity reminded the yellow Huma-Pony. Fluttershy exhaled nervously, allowing the tension that built up inside her to be released into the air. What she now wore was the same blue dress she saw from Rarity’s visual collection, with light blue gloves that stretched all the way up past her elbows, half way up her forearms. She also had hoof made shoes that wrapped themselves up halfway to her knees. Her hair was pulled back a little, braided on one side and tied into a draping tail of hair on the other side, with one of her favorite flowers, a white lily, pinning the hair back so it wouldn’t get into her face. “I’m not sure about this?” she said nervously. “But dahling, you like him don’t you?” Rarity asked. “Yes,” Fluttershy squeaked, “More than I’ve ever liked anypony else.” she admitted, “But what if he doesn’t like the dress? Or, what if I mess it up somehow?”

“Dahling calm down, just don’t be nervous.” Rarity advised. Fluttershy took a deep cleansing breath, and repeated Rarity’s words, “Don’t be nervous.” just as Rarity finished with the last stitch and snipped the thread with magically manipulated scissors. Suddenly a knock at the door, caused Fluttershy to jump slightly and she mewed like a kitten before looking to the door. When she finally opened it, she saw Blade standing there in his fresh pressed uniform, and she blushed a beet red. He let his own eyes grow wide, ‘Don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous…’ she thought to herself. “You look beautiful.” was all Blade said, and Fluttershy’s mental resolve snapped, ‘I’m so nervous!’ she admitted to herself. Not letting the new Huma-Pony bail out, Rarity nudged her forward with her shoulders, pushing her out the door before closing it herself, “I’ll be in my boutique if anyone needs me, oh and the reservations are under ‘Blade’, don’t forget that.” she told them and trotted away, lifting her chin proudly and smiling from ear to ear. “Reservations?” Blade asked.

“Rarity, told me to go to the fancy restaurant, ‘The Olive Fields’ at around 8:00.” Fluttershy was able to whisper, her nerves were nearly shot and all she could do was squeak until she calmed down. “Oh, is it hard to get reservations?” he asked. Fluttershy found her voice inoperable, so she simply nodded. Blade lifted his right arm and used his left hand to move the cuff away from a watch he had under his shirt. “Well, I guess we’ve got about an hour, shall we go find it?” he asked. Fluttershy couldn’t believe it, but she actually managed to blush even more. “Remember to breathe Fluttershy!” he reminded and smiled, moving himself so that he offered her his arm. She took a deep breath, exhaled and wrapped her arm into his. The two of them walked down the path, past the gate and into Ponyville, with Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Applejack all watching. “Ah don’t think he spotted us?” Applejack whispered, and all three of them were frightened when Breeze appeared behind them, “Actually he did.” he said, scaring the three ponies and sending them skyward. Pinkie landed in Breeze’s arms while Applejack hung on tightly to Rainbow Dash as she floated down, “Don’t do that!” Rainbow Dash and Applejack yelled, while Pinkie continued to laugh so hard she snorted.

Blade smiled as he turned the corner, seeing just how his brother handled the three spying ponies. The trip to ‘The Olive Fields’ was much shorter than the two of them believed, they arrived with almost forty minutes to spend, though Blade didn’t want to go very far. All of the shops and carts appeared to be closed anyway. They talked and walked a little, once Fluttershy found her voice again. Far too quickly, Blade looked to his watch and found that the time had flown by, and they walked to the restaurant. The reservations were met, and they entered in. Rarity could easily see them from her boutique window, right between two other houses. She smiled brightly and turned back to her sewing machine, before magically lifting up the piece she was sewing. The white gown was pure, with just enough sparkling material on the top with what looked to be a white belt with a sapphire encrusted at the belly. The straps fluffed out just right and the gown itself flowed into a train. It was also humanoid shaped, and looked strikingly like a wedding dress. Magically she added gloves to the dress, and smiled. She then turned back to the restaurant and shut her window, and placed the dress in a special place, before lifting her candle and making her way up stairs. “Fluttershy, I envy you and say congratulations. You finally found your special somepony.” she said as she crawled into bed and blew out her candle.

Almost an hour and a half later, the two of them finally exited the restaurant, Fluttershy’s arm wrapped around his, and a comfortable look on her face as they smiled at each other, “That went well!” Blade said as he escorted Fluttershy out of the restaurant, “Yes.” Fluttershy agreed now that she had finally calmed down enough to talk. “Blade?” Fluttershy asked as the two of them walked on, not really caring where they ended up. Blade turned his head to her, giving her his full attention, “I had a really great time.” she admitted and smiled to him. He smiled back and turned so that all of him face her, stopping them both in their tracks as he gently held her hands. “Same here,” he told her, “I…I haven’t really let myself ...uh.” he tried to say, and Fluttershy looked to him, both nervous about what he had to say and curious at the same time.

“Ever since Shy, I’ve shut myself off from the world. But somehow, you were able to release me from my own prison…you know what I’m saying right?” he asked. Fluttershy nodded at first with a gentle smile, and then slowly shook her head as her smile fell to confusion. He sighed at himself, and pinched the bridge of his nose. “You bring out the best in me,” he said, “and I’d like that to continue. I haven’t been in love for a long time…” when he stopped, Fluttershy got mixed feelings, she wondered if he was going to say he loved her, or that he was never going to fall in love again. “Typical! You did this to Shy as well, right before she died!” said a familiar voice.

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