My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Reasons to Fight

“Councilor Millian?” Blade asked as he spun around to face the familiar voice, “That’s not possible, I thought that all of the Councilors except Riida were killed by Zeral.” he commented as he placed himself between Millian and Fluttershy. “I’m a Soluna, I can naturally project lifeless shells of my outer skin when I find myself far too stressed. My body takes the toxin chemical that is produced by stress and secretes them along the outer skin as a sticky kind of sweat. I than can hatch out of that old skin and feel refreshed in my new skin.” she explained, “What was viewed if at all was my old shell, since the sticky gel hardens rapidly, creating a kind of body shaped cocoon that I leave in my place.”

“What are you doing here?” he asked forcefully. “I came here looking for you actually, and I find you dishonoring Shy’s name with this filth!” she responded and drew her NanoPack from her sleeve. The single red handle grew almost as tall as she was, sprouting a sun shaped blade at one end and a large crescent blade at the other. She easily flipped it in her hands, before crouching down in a long poll-arm stance and pointing the crescent blade at him. “Fluttershy’s not filth, and I don’t see a reason to fight you!” Blade asked. “Think of it as a test, or exam. If I kill you, you lose, but if you kill me, you win and the two of you get to live another day, traitor.” Millian explained, a sickening grin on her face. “Zeral was the only traitor!” he told her and pulled his sword from behind his back and lifted it up to his chin with ease, before splitting it in half, into the twin blades.

Millian dashed in to him, thrusting the crescent blade towards his neck only to be blocked by one of the twin swords in his hands, “Zeral never declared allegiance to another planet!” she growled to him, and spun around, nearly severing Fluttershy’s head from her shoulders with the Sun blade end. Blade quickly lifted his other sword in order to block the strike, “Hey, you almost hit Fluttershy!” he growled to her, and pushed as hard as he could against her weapon, pushing her back as far as he could. “I was aiming for the both of you!” Millian shouted as she began to push back. Blade proved to be the stronger as the Councilor continued to slide backwards until she hit her back against one of the buildings. “What’s gotten into you?” he asked, “You never involve the innocent.”

“She is not innocent!” Millian literally growled. With a mighty shove, she tossed him almost ten feet back, forcing him to regain his balance. Breathing heavily, she continued, “I’ve seen what she’s done, using her cute exterior to hide a brutal heart.” Blade lifted his gaze, his anger exploding as he lunged forward, flipping his wrists to change the twin blades into the wing blades, and wildly striking them against the shaft of Millian’s weapon. “You know nothing except what you’ve been told.” he shouted as he continued his assault, “You never spent any time with her, you never even looked at the real Fluttershy!” Blade stopped his wild strikes in order to lift both blades high above his head, and in that time, Millian was able to take a strike at him, moving the crescent blade in a way that it would have split the boy in half. However nether strike actually connected, because Fluttershy’s shield bounced off of the shaft near the crescent blade and collided with Blade’s Wing blades, knocking both of them off balance a little.

The shield hit the ground and rolled perfectly so that it settled right at Fluttershy’s armored hooves. Blade took a few steps backwards and turned his head, to look at her, while Millian simply looked past him in shock. ‘Not possible,’ the Soluna thought to herself, ‘How did she pin point both our strikes and effectively stop them both?’

“Please, just stop fighting.” Fluttershy pleaded, tears could be seen streaming down her cheeks as she looked to her shield on the ground. The armor almost highlighted her dress as in sat there, though the armor and dress obviously didn’t go together. “Fluttershy…” Blade said in realization, and lowered his weapons to his sides. Millian once again took an opportunity to strike, moving only inches before she found her weapon being blocked by Fluttershy’s flying shield. “Please…just stop.” the Huma-Pony pleaded, as she caught the returning shield in mid air. Millian simply growled as Blade lowered his head, in a kind of shame, he knew that the date was probably ruined by now. “I will not be fooled by your tricks.” the Soluna said angrily, “You just want to confuse me so that I’ll let my guard down.”

“But…” Fluttershy tried to plead again, but was interrupted when Millian lunged at her this time, “JUST SHUT-UP YOU MONSTER!” she shouted, and thrust the crescent end at the Huma-Pony. Fluttershy lifted her shield and hid behind it completely only to find that the pressure never happened when the clang came. Peeking from around her shield, she spied Blade, standing there with one of his wing blades pressed up against the inside of the crescent blade, and pushing against it keeping it at a distance. “Are you alright?” he asked almost sad. Fluttershy nodded even in her surprise. “Good.” he sighed, “I’ve already caused you so much pain.” Fluttershy stood there, confused at first, “I just wanted to tell you how much I loved being with you, how much I enjoyed your company…but I guess I was just being selfish again.” he told her, his head pointing down to the ground, and somehow, the despair in his voice frightened her. “I promise I won’t do it again,” he whispered, and lifted his head, the deadliest of glares etched into his face and soul, “Never again.”

Blade pushed as hard as he could, slashing the two blades apart as he leaned forward, throwing Millian off of her feet and away from the two of them. It was as if she moved in slow motion through the air, ‘He’s so powerful.’ she thought to herself, and time sped back up as he again barraged her with strikes, that somehow seemed twice as strong as they were before, his movements smoother, more fluid and relentless actually sending her back to the very spot she was before. Finally, with one powerful strike, he split her weapon in half. Millian then jumped backwards, landing on the top of the roof behind her, holding both ends in both hands as if they were two swords that she had used constantly. ‘What just happened, it’s like he now has nothing to lose.’ she thought to herself, and glanced at Fluttershy, ‘So, you do have a weakness.’ and she smiled wickedly, before placing the handles back to gather. The handles shined a little where Blade has split them, fusing the staff back into one as she held her weapon out in front of her and began spinning the two blades in a circle. Blade’s eyes opened wide, “You recognize this attack don’t you Blade?” Millian asked, “The more I spin my blades the more powerful the blast, and yet once I stop, the attack devastates anything, living or not that it touches. And even at this level, I can decimate this entire building, you and your friend behind you.”

‘You wish to destroy me, then so be it.’ he thought to himself and jumped to the roof of the building, landing behind her before grabbing her by her collar and jumping into the sky with Millian in tow. “What are you doing?” she asked as the two of them rose higher and higher. “You want me?” he asked, “You got me!” and he turned her around, causing the two halves of the staff to hit the sides of his arms and stop its spin. Millian let her surprise overwhelm her as the light from the center of the staff expanded. “You fool!” she shouted and released both of her handles to push him away from her. The light enveloped her completely as he plummeted to the ground below.

He never made a sound, instead he watched as Millian allowed her own attack to turn her into dust. Instead of hitting the ground, he found a pair of yellow fur covered arms, catch him in mid air, and gently place him on his feet a few seconds later. He turned around and met with Fluttershy’s ‘stare’ the one look he’d seen her use to get a Manticore to behave around him. Within a second he felt pain as she slapped him in the cheek. Without a word, Fluttershy then buried her face into his shirt, and cried. His thoughts reeled with questions, and he could only come up with one answer, he did it again, he hurt the person he loved the most but this time, by trying to keep her away from him. “Don’t ever give up on yourself again!” she pleaded as she rubbed her tears into his chest, “I couldn’t bear it if I lost you, you mean so much to me.” Blade looked to her, surprise and bewilderment evident on his face. “I love you!” she whispered as she cried. Finally, Blade let the wall holding his emotions back break, tears finally came to his eyes and he wrapped his arms around Fluttershy, embracing her, never wanting to let her go again, “I love you too Fluttershy, and I’m sorry I did that. I promise, as long as you don’t give up on me, I won’t ever give up on myself again.” he said to her, and they stood there, until the tears stopped for the both of them.

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