My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Missing in Action

Fluttershy sang happily as she watered the flowers around her cottage, Blade remained inside, feeding and washing several of the animals. She had insisted of doing it herself but he had insisted even further, saying that it was his way of punishing himself for not realizing how much he meant to her, and for scaring her into tears. As of now, this was the third day in a row.

“Hey there lucky filly!” Fluttershy heard Rainbow Dash say from above her. Fluttershy instantly turned her head upward, which wasn’t as uncomfortable now that she was a humanoid. “Oh, hello their Rainbow Dash.” she greeted as the Pegasus floated down, “So how’s it going? Did he ask you yet?” Rainbow Dash asked. Fluttershy turned a bright red as she blushed, “Shhhhhh!” she shushed. “I’ll take that as a no.”

“We just started dating…” Fluttershy said, only to be brushed off by the cyan Pegasus, “Tch, excuses, excuses!” she said, “I can’t wait until the big day! I’m going to make the biggest Sonic Rainboom ever, then I’ll have to beat that record but eh, that’s for the next time.” she said, causing Fluttershy to blush even brighter. “Rainbow Dash…” Fluttershy whined, trying to get the pony to stop embarrassing her. “Ok, ok!” Rainbow finally agreed, “So what’s next on the list?” she asked. Fluttershy’ found that her blush wouldn’t completely leave, “Well, we’re going to go shopping in Canterlot later.” she said. “Count me out!” Rainbow immediately said, “Shopping and me, so not gonna happen, at least not for girly things. Besides, I’ve got a new ‘Daring Do’ book to finish.”

“Oh, you mean the new one, ‘Daring Do and the Secrets of Saddleon’?” Fluttershy asked. Rainbow grinned from ear to ear, “That’s the one.” she said and turned to trot away. “Wait!” Fluttershy called out, and Rainbow Dash turned back to her, “Um, if I may, can I touch your mane?” she asked. “Why?” Rainbow Dash asked. “Well, you don’t have to…but, I was wondering if, you know, there was a difference in the hair I have now.” Fluttershy explained. Rainbow Dash sighed in frustration, before trotting up to her and allowing Fluttershy to run her fingers through her mane. Fluttershy gently patted Rainbow Dash on her head, feeling the hair on her head and ran her fingers through her own hair at the same time. “Wow, Pony hair is thicker.” she said, and Rainbow Dash quickly moved her head away from her hand, “Let’s not make this go any further than it has to.” she said and trotted away, with Fluttershy looking after her.

That night, Rainbow Dash tossed and turned in her bed, the sleep that actually came to her rough and restless. In her dreams she watched as Breeze leapt through the forest, silently touching down on tree branches and vanishing entirely to reappear on the branch ahead of him. Rainbow Dash flapped her wings to take off, following him closely as he apparently stalked a target. Suddenly he dove down, pulling out his NanoPack, the enormous crossblade shurikan, and dove into the shadows below. When she followed him, she landed, not knowing what she was seeing, but on the ground at his feet in front of him, lay something else, something black. He turned to her, tears streaming from his eyes, as he cried, “I had to,” he said, “I was told to do it, I had no choice!” and looked down at the thing at his feet. When Rainbow Dash walked up to him, she first looked to his pleading face, then down to…him, lying dead on the ground. She gasped in shock and turned her head back to find instead of Breeze, standing there, Zeral stood by her, a sickening grin spread across his face and Breeze’s sword in his hand, risen high above his head, “Sweat dreams!” he said and came down with the blade, right on top of her.

Rainbow Dash opened her eyes wide, and screamed. Her breath heavy and erratic, she took some time to finally calm down as she sweat in her bed, and lifted her…hand? The appendage that was about to touch her forehead was thin, and had five thin fingers attached to it, definitely what she remembered to be a hand. She opened the fingers up as wide as they would go, looking at them and figuring out just what they were doing there. Suddenly realization hit, and she lifted herself up from her bed, finding a humanoid body where her Pegasus body used to be. She quickly looked on her back, finding cyan wings, the same size as Fluttershy’s were. Slowly she stood up, and wobbled on her new legs, though her hooves were the same, the shape of her legs was not. “Wait,” she began, “How am I going to get to Rarity’s without anypony seeing me like this?” She promptly blushed and turned to the window.

A single cloud rocketed through the sky, stopping only to let its occupant, the cyan Huma-Pony Rainbow Dash, to bring her head out and look to where she wanted to go, and then it began its journey again. Stopping at Rarity’s front door, her arm came out and knocked lightly. Rarity opened her door, surprised to see a cloud but shocked when Rainbow Dash poked her head out to touch noses. “Got anything cool to wear?” she asked and smiled nervously.

Moments later Rainbow Dash stood in front of a mirror, wearing a set of blue jeans and a white t-shirt with a tie together neck. “I said Cool!” Rainbow Dash said only to get a huff from Rarity. “And I believe I told you that pegasi can’t wear sweaters because of their wings.” she countered. Rainbow Dash frowned and folded her arms, “It’s not fair,” she complained, “Why do pegasi have restrictions?”

“WINGS!” Rarity reminded her in frustrations. Rainbow Dash simply huffed and looked at herself closer in the mirror. She was noticeably shorter than the others were, and noticeably smaller in certain areas. Somehow she remembered what Fluttershy had done only the day before and ran her new fingers through her hair, only to get caught. “I think I’m tangled!” she sighed to herself. “This is going to take some effort!” Rarity retorted, and held up a brush and some shampoo.

Now the air sailed through her hair as she flew towards the rickety old shack the two brothers lived, flaring up at the last minute and touching down gently. Even with all that, she still wobbled a little while she walked the few feet to the door, a door that looked about ready to fall off of its hinges. Without a care, she knocked on the wooden slab, effectively making a pounding noise that would have woken anyone in a deep sleep. The door flew open, slamming against the wall and opening it to all. “Wow, they really need to hire a repair pony.” she said, and glanced into the house.

Inside was nearly empty, the two beds on each side of the right looked to be nearly falling apart, and what was supposed to be the kitchen on the other side of the house was spotless, but still in rough shape. They didn’t seem to be home.

Rainbow Dash then made her way to Fluttershy’s cottage, where she found Blade, but no Breeze, and a pegasus Fluttershy that seemed to be in a sour mood, though she was still very polite. ‘Probably because she had to turn back into a pony again.’ Rainbow Dash thought to herself.

At Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie was nearly asleep at the counter, “Wakie, wakie Pinkie Pie!” Rainbow Dash whispered, and flicked her ear. Pinkie let her ears twitch, and then slowly open her eyes. What she saw was Rainbow Dash, with her fingers in her mouth stretching her cheeks apart and sticking her tongue out at her, “BLEEEEE.” was the sound she made. Pinkie awoke instantly and tilted back in the chair, almost falling to the floor. In order not to hit the ground, Pinky used her back hooves to catch the underside of the desk, holding herself balanced, before she laughed, “Good Morning Huma-Pony Rainbow Dash!” she finally said as she calmed down. Rainbow Dash smiled, and leaned on the counter, “Have you seen Breeze at all?” she asked, confident that Pinkie would have heard from him by now. Pinkie set the chair back on its legs, and looked to the clock over the kitchen door, “No, I haven’t.” she finally said. Rainbow Dash was sure she had misheard the pony, “Uh, excuse me?” she asked. By now Breeze would have been by to cheer Pinkie up and help her through the boring time of the day. “Yah, I haven’t seen him since yesterday, and it’s almost lunch time today!” Pinkie said as she turned back to the clock, “I’m worried.”

“He’s Breeze, he can take care of himself.” Rainbow said, hiding her worry. “Not from his own nightmares.” Pinkie said. Rainbow Dash dropped her confident facade for now, “Nightmares?” she asked, anything scary enough to frighten Breeze, was definitely something to worry about in her book.

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