My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Rainbow Rollercoaster

Rainbow Dash woke the next morning, her cloud bed cushioning every part of her stomach and chin as her head hung off of the edge a little. The sleeper shirt she wore crinkled at the bottom, exposing her back to the cold air, and one of the pant legs pulled half way up her lower leg. Her fingers twitched, and she groaned. First thing she did was glance at her window, the sun now lifting itself high above the mountains. She blinked once, twice, and was shocked awake by realization, “Oh ponyfeathers, I’m late!” she called as she bolted out of bed and rushed to take a quick shower. She jumped out her window as her head finally poked out of her shirt, her hair still wet and a brush firmly in her hand. “Oh shoot!” she called out as she finally made it to the cloud factory. As she entered, she nearly ran straight into the front desk. Reaching up to brace herself, she used her arms like shocks, slowing her down completely as she placed her hooves on the clouds. “Rainbow Dash reporting in.” she said as she ran past the receptionist. The brown pegasus with a blond mane just looked after her, confused and only a little frightened.

The rest of the morning and afternoon was spent with her placing clouds in certain spots around Ponyville, letting their shade cool the earth below. “There.” she said as she placed the final cloud in place, “Finally finished.” and with that, she pointed downwards to speed towards the ground, slowing down only seconds before she touched down. Her wings spread out as far as they could, her feathers fluttering as the wind moved through them. “Oh yah! Late for work and still the first one done!” she said as she pumped her arm in the air. “Don’t let that kind of confidence fester any more than it has to.” she heard Breeze say from across the dirt road.

He just stood there with his shoulder against the house next to him, leaning against it not for support, but rather so he didn’t have to stand by himself. Rainbow Dash was just about to flap her wings to cross and meet him, when she heard another voice call her, “RAINBOW DASH!” Blade nearly growled from behind her. Rainbow stiffened up before she spun around, seeing the bulky man marching his way up to her, “Hey wait.” she said as she lifted her hands in front of her, “What did I do?” just as she finished asking, Blade reached her, and wrapped his massive arms around her shoulders, “Thank you, whatever you did, he finally stopped having those nightmares.” he told her. She let her eyes wander for a way out, then she let what was happening finally sink in, as well as what he said, “Wait, they stopped?” she asked as she finally realized he wasn't crushing her with a bear hug. Blade released her from his bear hug, and stepped back, “Yes, he finally dreamed a peaceful dream.” he said, though his eyes and voice still showed as little emotion as possible. “Uh, is that why you hugged me?” she asked. Blade rubbed the back of his head in a slight embarrassment, “Well that, and Fluttershy said that it was the right course of action.” he told her. Rainbow just barely got a glimpse of Fluttershy with a broad smile on her face behind Blade. “We’re working on how to let his emotions out.” she explained. Rainbow Dash leaned in a little towards Blade, “What about Fluttershy, aren’t you going to give her a hug?” she asked quietly. Blade stood straight up, unashamed, “Fluttershy is cuter than a box of kittens, of course I give her hugs, every day.” he told her, and Fluttershy blushed a little before squeaking. “Ehem,” the yellow pegasus cleared her thought, “I think that’s enough sharing for now, we’ll just um, try again later.” she said and flapped her wings to get off of the ground so that she could take Blade’s hand in her hooves and pull him away from the group. Breeze, now next to her, chuckled a little, “They make a cute couple.” he said. “Eh, I think they looked 20% cooler when Fluttershy was a humanoid.” Rainbow Dash said as the two of them began walking. “Don’t bring that up around her.” Breeze warned, “She’s still a little upset about only getting three days.”

“Heh, it was an interesting three days.” Rainbow told him. Breeze chuckled a little and agreed, “Yah that’s true, I honestly didn’t think she could squeal as loud as she did when she found out.”

“She broke Rarity’s crystal vase when she did that.” Rainbow Dash commented. Breeze finally belted out laughing, “I’m not surprised.” he said as soon as he calmed down.

After a good meal the two opted for just walking around, until Rainbow Dash got an idea, “Hey, wanna go flying with me?” she asked. Breeze looked at her in confusions, then turned so that his back was to her and used his thumb to point to his shoulder, “No wings.” he said. She flapped her wings, lifting off of the ground and again to soar over him and grab the hand he had sticking up, she flapped a few more times to gain height as Breeze remained speechless. “You know, it’s easier when you hold on too.” she said, and Breeze smiled before lifting his other hand to take hold of one of hers.

With both hands now firmly gripping her wrists, and her gripping his, the two soared over Ponyville, just enjoying how small everypony looked from so high up. Suddenly Rainbow Dash sped up, moving quickly, she circled a cloud, causing it to spin rapidly, then she moved on to the next one, spinning it in the opposite direction and then a third, spinning in the same direction as the first. “Seriously, that routine again?” Breeze asked. “Hey, it’s not as easy as it looks.” she retorted. “That ‘Filly Flash’ trick was pretty impressive.” he told her. She chuckled a little and dove towards the ground.

Neither one of them flinched as the Huma-Pony rocketed downwards, only to pull up at the last second and let Breeze literally run across the water of a nearby lake, his hands still gripping Rainbow Dash’s. Suddenly they let go of each other, his legs still pumping and pushing him faster across the water. He just as suddenly vanished, reappearing on the top of a tree, and jumping out to catch Rainbow’s hands again. “I could do this all day.” he said, only to have Rainbow Dash agree with a smirk and chuckle. “All day, or eternity, neither of which is what you have here my old friend.” they heard a strange female voice. Turning to the voice, they saw a girl almost as old as Breeze, wearing the same uniform they saw Blade wearing when he brought Fluttershy out on a date. She stood almost a football field away from the two yet is seems like her voice was right next to them.

“Who’s she?” Rainbow Dash asked. Breeze simply shrugged his shoulders. They then traveled the distance towards her, only to nearly get a blade into Rainbow Dash’s face by a large blade attached to a chain at about half way. Breeze used his broadsword to deflect it and keep her safe. “What’s your problem?” Rainbow Dash asked as she hovered in place. “Nothing personal,” the girl said as she shrugged her shoulders, “Just don’t want you two getting too close. You know, assassin’s code, rule number one!” Rainbow Dash then set Breeze on the ground before landing, touching her hooves to the grass, “What’s she talking about Breeze?” she asked as she turned to him. “It’s a lonely life.” he repeated, “I just recently found out that it’s not entirely true.”

“So you name is Breeze now?” the girl asked. Breeze glanced at the girl, trying to see if he could remember her at all, “I’m sorry, have we met?” he asked innocently. The girl nearly fell to her face, “Wait, you don’t recognize me?” she asked. “Sorry,” he repeated, “I recognize the school uniform, which means you’re still in school, and the blue patch on your lapel means that you’re in your final year, but other than that…not a clue.”

“You don’t remember beating me in every exam we took together?” she finally asked. Breeze lifted his hands, showing her he didn’t remember at all, “I’ve had so many opponents I can’t keep them straight.” he told her. “The one that always came in second?” she asked. Breeze simply shook his head. “The one who always had a different hair cut?” she asked. Breeze looked up to the sky, almost remembering something, but then shook his head. “Sorry,” he said happily, “Who are you again?” he asked and this time both girls hit the ground, almost like an anime fall. “Are you serious?” Rainbow Dash asked, and turned to the girl, she finally noticed the pail white skin on her face sparkle a little, and the starlight colored hair seemed to move with light. “DID YOU HIT YOUR HEAD OR SOMETHING?” the girl asked as she stood up, “A-3697? Does that ring a bell?” Breeze again looked to the sky for his answer, and found none, “Sorry, but not really.” he said, and A-3697 lowered her head, almost sad. “Hey I’m sorry if I promised you a date or something…” he tried to say, only to have her lift her head. “You think I’m here for a date!?!” she asked, “More like to prove you didn’t deserve those upgrades you won from me!”

“Eh?” he asked, “You want my NanoPack upgrades?” he asked. “NO!” she called out, and pointed at him, “You stole my victories, every time you were in one of MY exams, I always came in second. Yet I’m more conditioned at battle, faster than you, and twice as skilled as you are. I even take my missions more seriously. Why was it you always beat me?” she asked angrily.

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