My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

The Concept of Revenge

A-3697 quickly found that they weren’t even listening, instead Rainbow Dash had turned to Breeze, “What kind of upgrades do you have anyway?” she asked. “Let’s see…” he said and drew his NanoPack, before flipping open the Crossblade Shurikan, and flipping his wrist instantly changing it to a spoon, “Spoon.” again he flipped his wrist, “Fork.” the next time he flipped his wrist, a spatula emerged, “Spatula.” and flipped his wrist again, “Salad tongs.” The things that he revealed reminded Rainbow of something, but she couldn’t quite place a finger on it, “Frying pan.” he said as he flipped his wrist again, and bounced the pan, changing it into a pot, “Cooking pot.” he listed off. “I tried to get a tent and sleeping bag but they said those didn’t exist.” he told them, and Rainbow Dash quickly remembered what they reminded her of, “Wait…you upgraded your NanoPack into a camping set?” she asked. A-3697 let her jaw hit the floor, “Camping?” she asked, mostly to herself. “I like camping.” was his only response. “You chose things to go…camping?” the girl asked, her voice finally getting loud enough to be heard by the both of them, “But, we’re supposed to have weapons.” she complained. “Why have a bunch of stuff you can barely use, when all you need are the few that you’ve mastered?” he asked, stunning her into a shocked silence, “Killing is messy anyways, cooking is an art. Besides, you can’t really survive on raw food you know.” A-3697 seemed to think on the subject a little, “Yah…wait, I’m vegetarian, of course I can survive on raw food.” she suddenly said. “Maybe, but I can make a culinary master piece out of vegetables and apple juice.” he said, and realized he had almost hit Rainbow Dash with the pot, so he flipped his wrist and put it away before winking to the girl. A-3697 blushed and looked down, “Cheeky.” she mumbled. Rainbow Dash folded her arms and glared at him, effectively getting him to stop flirting with the girl.

“It doesn’t matter anymore.” A-3697 said, “Once the castle comes down the monarchy will fall.” Rainbow Dash and Breeze both turned to her, curious and worried looks on their faces. “The castle? What about the castle?” Breeze asked. “While you two were ignoring me, the time on the bomb I placed on the underside of that castle on the mountain just kept on ticking away, I believe there is no more than ten minutes left on the clock.” she told them and pulled out her NanoPack, the large chain with a blade on the end of it, “If you can beat me, and then get to the bomb in ten minutes, you might just have a chance of saving all the ponies in that city.”

“Why are you doing this?” he asked as he pulled out his broad sword. “To prove that you are not the better assassin. I was always better at my missions, I never let what I did affect me.” Breeze dashed in, dodging as the blade of her NanoPack came sailing at him, and clashing his sword into her chain as she blocked. “It affected me because I wasn’t a cold blooded killer.” he shouted. “Nine minutes!” she taunted, and he turned to Rainbow Dash. “GO!” he shouted, “I’ll keep her busy, you go and stop the detonation device!” he jumped over the swinging chain as she brought it around to entangle him. “But…” Rainbow tried to say. “JUST GO!” he shouted, and the blade passed right by him towards the cyan Huma-Pony. Rainbow Dash jumped to the side, letting the blade sail past her as she got a running start, and lifted into the air on her wings. Breeze once again slammed his sword into the chain of A-3697’s weapon, before she pushed him away and threw the blade at Rainbow Dash again. Rainbow quickly activated her own NanoPack, the armor encasing her almost completely. The wings grew, thick and long, slits at the base of each of the feathers. The main thrusters now a jet pack in between her wings, and the Vulcan guns now attached to her wrists. The pack lit up, launching Rainbow Dash into a Rainboom instantly as she rocketed towards the castle, and the blade heading towards her, stopping suddenly because of the sonic wave. Breeze then attacked A-3697 again striking her chain and the two began to dance the deadly serenade of combat as they disappeared quickly from Rainbow Dash’s view.

“He’ll be fine.” the Jetwing said to her. “You again, are you the only NanoPack that can talk?” Rainbow asked. “No, however we once again are required to work together to save the lives of the innocent.” Rainbow Dash could only nod at what her own NanoPack had said. As soon as the two were half way, the scanner on Rainbow Dash’s visor showed her right where to look. “There it is.” she said and activated her boosters, easily closing the gap. Rainbow Dash pointed her wrists at the device, letting the little guns begin to fire off, “WAIT!” Jetwing called out, “If you hit it, it’ll just go off!”

“Then what can we do?” the Huma-Pony asked. “We’ll, let me think! What can we do? If we try and move it, it could go off! But I have no idea how to defuse it!” the NanoPack admitted. “What?” Rainbow asked in disbelief. “Hey, I’m a speed type remember, not a hacker! Bubble would be able to figure it out, but we’d have to get her up here in less than eight minutes.” Jetwing explained. “Oh, ponyfeathers!” Rainbow said, and once again raced forward.

Breeze back flipped over the blade as it was swung across him, his feet landing on the ground without a sound, and again jumped into the air as the weapon was thrown at him. He quickly struck the chain with his sword, though it didn’t seem to do anything at all and landed again, before dashing in, striking his blade against her block. “You’re getting careless!” she said, and grabbed the bladed end of the weapon, before throwing it so that it wrapped around Breeze, tying him up in its coils. She then swung the chain and him in a circle before she pulled him over her head and slammed him into the ground. “I would have never made that mistake.” she taunted. She pulled her chain back to her, and Breeze unwrapped himself from the chain’s grip. She once again tossed the blade at him, and he again struck the chain with his sword, before dashing in and again striking the chain. “You waste your time.” she said, and whipped the chain so that the blade slammed into the ground at his feet, sending him flying backwards. She then spun her weapon in a tight spiral, easily wrapping it around his ankle and lifting him into the air just to slam him into the ground again. She quickly brought her chain back to her and waited as the dust settled around him. Breeze lay their coughing as he let his lungs fill up with air again, “I think I’ll call you ‘Spiral Chain’, you know, cause you’re always spinning that Kusarigama around in a spiral.” he said as he sat up.

“You giving me a name, hah that’s rich!” she said, and whipped her chain around, wrapping him up with it and pulling, tightening the hold she had. “I’ll tell you why I won every time.” he said as he pushed against the bonds, “I’m smarter, I waited during this fight until I was sure things would end the way I want them to.”

“Wait, the way you want them to?” she asked, and heard him chuckle. “Yah, I wasn’t just striking your chain at random, or to knock it away from me. The two places I kept strike your chain were the same two places every time.” he told her, and with that, he pushed harder against his bonds. She pulled harder, until his words sunk in, but that only happened when she heard a metallic snap near her outside hand. She looked down to see that one of the links on her chain, had broken open and was now spreading due to the weight on both ends. Suddenly another snap was heard, from all the way down at the bladed end. “No, the same two places…” she repeated and Breeze literally broke free from his bonds, his arms flexing as he lifted his hands above his head and the broken chain falling to the ground, also the chain near her broke free, causing her to tumble backwards and onto her backside. The seconds she had her eyes closed, was all it took for Breeze to vanish and reappear in front of her, his sword tip pointing to her neck.

“I still won.” she said, just before an explosion in the sky rang through the silence. “No,” was all he said as she watched her work amount to nothing, “you lost.”

“What about that girl?” she quickly asked, and found his blade pushed slightly harder to her throat. “You’d better pray that she’s alive and unharmed.” he warned darkly. “Epic Breeze.” the two heard Rainbow Dash say, and the whistle of her jets could be heard as she let them bring her to a smooth landing, “And sweet, but I can take care of myself.”

“Nice to know Rainbow Dash.” he said, and lowered his weapon. Spiral Chain then looked to the ground, her chain broken into three pieces. “Go ahead.” she said as she hung her head, “Kill me.” Breeze lowered his sword instantly, “No.” he said in understanding. “I don’t deserve your pity.” she said, “I tried to kill you and your friends. I underestimated you because I looked at nothing but weapons. Just end my life so that I can be at peace.”

“I know what you’re going through.” Breeze said, “But dyeing and killing do nothing to stop the pain. It just spreads it around.”

“Then I don’t suppose the two of you can live just a little longer?” they heard, and there standing a few feet away, was a shimmering blue Alicorn, her moonlight mane flowing similarly to Princess Celestia’s and her golden crown of leaves shining in the sun.

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