My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

A Friend For Life

Spiral Chain looked to the Alicorn in confusion at first, and glanced at Breeze and when they approached her, “Good evening Head Councilor Riida.” Breeze said as he lifted his hand in greeting. “That’s Head Councilor Riida?” Spiral Chain asked in surprise. “That I am, but the natives here call me Princess Riida.” the Alicorn responded. Spiral Chain instantly knelt down, lowering her head as she bowed to the Alicorn. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that you were living among them.” she said, and looked up to Riida curiously, “How…did you come into this form Head Councilor?” Riida smiled, knowing full well that she hadn’t heard of the truth. “I am the last of my kind,” she explained, “Perhaps I can explain more while you aid me in my studies of magic.” she offered. “But, I almost destroyed you and the entire castle.” Spiral argued. “You weren’t entirely at fault. Perhaps the way we train our students isn’t quite the best way.” Riida said, “However my offer still stands, would you be my assistant?” Spiral at first just looked at the Alicorn, but soon tears came to her eyes, and she whipped them away, “Princess Riida,” she said as she calmed down, “I would be honored to be your assistant.” Riida moved in, placing her chin on the girl’s shoulder, allowing her to be hugged. Rainbow Dash watched it all unfold, “I can tell this is going to end well.” she said. Riida simply smiled at her, and as Spiral placed her hand upon Riida’s neck the two of them vanished in a bright flash from her horn, teleported back to Canterlot.

Rainbow Dash and Breeze walked along the path leading back to Ponyville, both talking about their thought on the day as they arrived to Breeze’s rickety home. “So…why don’t you guys get a professional to build this for you?” she asked. Breeze rubbed the back of his neck as he nervously chuckled, “Between the odd jobs my brother does and the part time deliveries I do, we still haven’t earned enough money to get it rebuilt.” he said, and walked up to the old house. “You know, I wish I could just walk you home, but I can’t walk on clouds yet.” he said. “Yet?” she asked. “Well, Blade and I were talking, and we discovered that the both of us would like to be Pegasi if there was a way to become pony. You know, in case the wandering spell changes us.” Breeze said. Rainbow Dash simply smiled, and leaned in, kissing him on the lips before turning from him and flying off, back to her home, “Bold, adventurous, that kiss had Rainbow Dash written all over it.” Breeze said as he stood there in a partial shock and partial pleasure. With a bright smile, he turned on his heels and entered the door, careful not to knock it off of the hinges like the first time.

Ten days went by, each filled with races between the two, followed by lunch and a kiss from Rainbow Dash. On the eleventh day, Breeze was on his part time rout, while Rainbow Dash simply flew around town. It was scheduled to be a clear day so she technically had the day off. While looking down she saw one of her friends, Rarity, trotting down the road with a large bundle of fabric across her back. “Hey Rarity!” Rainbow Dash waved as they met up. Rainbow Dash glided down to the street, allowing Rarity to finally see her face to face, “Hello…Rainbow Dash!” Rarity said as she apparently struggled with the load. “Want some help?” Rainbow Dash asked. “Yes Dahling…help would be nice.” Rarity admitted as Rainbow Dash reached to the unicorn’s back and removed several of the rolls, causing Rarity to sigh as the weight lightened significantly. “Thank you Rainbow Dash. That feels so much better.” she said. “Why isn’t Spike helping you?” the huma-pony asked as the two of them walked towards the boutique. “Twilight has him dusting everything in the library, and then they are going to go shopping for supplies and new books. I just feel so sorry for the poor dear.” Rarity told her. Rainbow Dash slightly chuckled, and narrowed her eyes in a tease, “Yah, so do I.” she said out loud, but inside she was actually saying, ‘I’m glad it’s not me.’

“Seriously Rainbow Dash, those books and all those supplies cannot be light, I do worry about him sometimes.” Rarity admitted as they made it to the door of the boutique. “If you’re worried about him, why not help out, maybe you two can spend quality time together.” Rainbow teased. Rarity blushed a little, as she magically opened the door, “I…I wish I could but I have my own chores to attend to.” she said gracefully. “Uh huh!” Rainbow said, not believing a word of it. Rarity glared at the huma-pony, while the two entered the sewing room. Rarity busied herself with placing the fabric in the proper place, but for some reason, felt a kind of tingle along her fur, like something was crawling on her. She quickly looked to her fur, and found nothing. Suddenly it went from a tingle all over, to a feeling of rushing, something rushing into her horn as it hurried to make its way to her body. The feeling literally took her breath away and she found herself week, forcing her to collapse to the ground where she stood. “Rarity?” Rainbow Dash called out as she tried to race to her friend, but her legs when numb, and she too collapsed to the floor. “What the…” she asked herself, and lifted her head to gaze at her fallen friend. Rarity tried lifting her head, but soon found herself slipping into her own dreams. Rainbow Dash fought the fatigue as long as she could, using her arms to crawl towards Rarity. “What’s going…on…?” Rainbow tried to ask, and finally slipped into unconsciousness almost a foot from reaching her friend.

Breeze walked around happily, the brown bag strapped around his shoulder, and only one delivery left to make. He was walking now because it was marked fragile, so he kept to the ground, making sure not to bump into anything. “Alright,” he said as he stopped and pulled the small package out of his side bag, “One package for…Ditzy Doo.” With that he looked up, finding the grey pegasus out and about with Time Turner at her side. The two of them stood at one of the widows of the Carousel Boutique with their hooves on the sill and curious looks on their faces. He gently placed it back into his bag and closed the gap between him and the two ponies. “Excuse me!” he called out at almost ten feet away. The two ponies slightly jumped and turned to him, “I got a package for Ditzy Doo.”

“That’s me!” the happy pegasus said. Time Turner then reached out quickly and snatched it from him, “Dah! I think I’ll take it from here Derpy! Wouldn’t want some mean pony to come along and break it.” he said with a smile. “Wait I thought you were Ditzy Doo.” Breeze said. “Most call her Derpy, some out of spite and others out of habit, but I call her that out of adoration.” he said as he nuzzled her cheek. “Ooh you have to check this out!” Derpy suddenly said, “The two in there switched bodies, one from a pony to and the other from, something else.”

“Derpy I already explained this to you, that was a humanoid version of a pony.” Time Turner said to her. “Rainbow Dash!” Breeze suddenly said, and bolted into the boutique. Time Turner set the package on top of the sill then jumped up to place his hooves on it so that he could get a better look at what was happening. “Are you sure your Sonic Screwdriver can’t help Doctor?” Derpy asked, and Time Turner simply nodded, “Fixed point.” was all he said, and Derpy nodded, understanding just what he meant. They watched as Breeze burst through the door, running right to Rainbow Dash, and looking up to Rarity. The blush on his face was so bright even the two at the window could feel the heat it radiated. “Wait for it!” Time Turner said. “THOSE THINGS ARE HUGE!” he said, and turned back to the unconscious Rainbow Dash, just in time to get a hoof to the face, “That was worth the wait!” the brown earth pony said with a grin and dropped down from the sill, grabbed the package in his hoof, and made his way home with Derpy close by. “I don’t get it!” the grey pegasus admitted as she followed her friend.

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