My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Princess of a Different Kingdom

Rarity lay in her bed still unconscious, Sweetie Belle sitting close by, a worried look on her face. Twilight Sparkle walked into the room, and Sweetie turned, “Are you sure there’s nothing I can do?” she asked, “I could get my cutie mark in helping others.”

“Sorry Sweetie Belle, but not this time. Something’s different about the spell this time and I don’t want anypony to come into contact with it until I find out what.” Twilight said as she turned back to Rarity, “Rainbow Dash said she saw her go into a short spasm before she fell unconscious. I wonder what caused it.”

“Maybe the spell just doesn’t like unicorns.” Sweetie suggested. “Sweetie I’m not sure that…” Twilight began, but then stopped, thinking about it, “UNICORNS!” she said, and rushed to the table close by. There, a book thicker than any Sweetie Belle had seen, lay open to some random page. Twilight used her horn to rapidly turn pages, scanning until she found the one she wanted, and read it silently to herself. “Of course, unicorns can use their magic because of their horns, and the wandering spell was created from pure magic as it channeled through me, another unicorn! Rarity’s horn must have been like a gate way, or entrance into her own magic while mine was more like an exit.” Twilight said. Sweetie turned her head from the ranting Twilight back to her sister, the new Huma-Pony as everyone was calling it now thanks to Pinkie.

Suddenly she was picked up by the hooves of Twilight Sparkle, “You were a big help Sweetie Belle, thank you.” she said and set the filly down. Sweetie then lifted her back hoof and with a large smile looked to her flank. When nothing happened, she turned her face from a happy one to a downtrodden pout, “Aw.” she said in disappointment. “But why?” Twilight simply asked, “Why did it start with me? Did I create the spell while I was unconscious? Or was it just a byproduct of the DoublePack’s power when combined with magic? Or maybe changing Equestrian magic into crystal had some sort of effect.” Twilight would have asked more questions, but she was interrupted by the sound of Rarity as the Huma-Pony came to, “Oh…” she groaned, “Why of all days did I have to get a headache today?” Before Rarity could even move, Twilight nearly knocked Sweetie Belle over as she rushed to her friend’s side. “Rarity, your awake.” she said. “And none too happy.” Rarity responded, and pulled her hand out of the covers. Twilight quickly grabbed her hand and frantically tried to think of something to say, “Umm…you look exhausted Rarity. Why not take the day off?” she asked. Rarity attempted to open her eyes, only to find the headache intensify, “Twilight, dahling, would you be a dear and fetch me something for this headache?” she asked. Sweetie Belle hopped back to her hooves immediately, “I’ll get it.” she happily shouted. “Tea, please.” Rarity suggested, “With the herbs in the second cupboard tin.”

“I know.” Sweetie Belle said as she exited the room. “And NO trying to get your Cutie Mark in ‘tea making’!” Twilight called. “Oh we already tried that.” was Sweetie’s response.

Down stairs, Breeze was massaging Rainbow Dash’s wings as she simply lay down on the day bed Rarity had usually hidden away. “A little to the left…oh yah, right there.” she sighed as he rubbed her stress away. Her headache had subsided for the most part, and her eyes easily opened and closed, but she still played it up. “You seem fine to me, just a little stiff.” Breeze said to her. “Don’t assume. I’m an injured pony.” she said and Breeze just rolled his eyes, “Sure you are.” he said. Blade and Fluttershy both rolled their eyes, though Fluttershy had a laughing smile on her face, and they turned to Sweetie Belle as she walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. “So?” they heard Scootaloo ask. “No, no cutie mark in nursing.” she said. Blade chuckled silently as he and Fluttershy walked into the kitchen, “What’s the verdict?” he asked. Sweetie Belle looked to them and moved to the stove, “She just wants her special tea is all.” Suddenly they all heard a shrill and loud scream from up stairs, Rarity’s scream. Blade, Breeze and the ponies all raced up the stairs, with the three fillies still standing in the kitchen. “Does this mean Rarity won’t need her tea?” Apple Bloom asked the other two. Scootaloo simply shrugged as Sweetie Belle placed a hoof to her chin in thought.

Back in Rarity’s Room, Spike was fanning what looked to be an unconscious Rarity with a giant leaf, and Twilight was rubbing her ears in pain. “Oww. That pony could shatter glass with a scram like that.” she said as the others burst in. “What happened?” Blade asked and quickly retracted the statement, “Wait, I think I just figured it out.”

“What?” Twilight asked as she removed one of her hooves from her ears. Blade pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to calm himself down. “Twilight turned her head just for a second and Rarity finally saw her hands, then she screamed and fainted.” Spike explained. “Yah that’s what I got out of it as well.” Blade agreed, and walked up to the peaceful Rarity, right before he pinched her arm. “OUCH!” she shouted and glared at him. “Wake up Drama Queen.” he said flatly, and walked out the door. “Oh, sorry about that Rarity, I don’t know what got into him.” Fluttershy said in apology and followed him out the door. Twilight walked away a little as Breeze approached her, “What now?” he asked, and Rarity lowered her head. Her hair was almost exactly the same as her mane was, styled in just the right ‘Rarity’ way so that it was straight until a certain length and went into a tight outward curl. What he could see of the tail was the same as well, just softer looking hair. She could barely fit into the shirt that was made for them when they each turned into a humanoid, the fabric stretching across her so that the top two buttons were forced to stay open to prevent anything from being accented, even though it was all covered by the light purple silk. “I’m not sure.” she said, “Perhaps I can learn the finer arts of sewing with fingers.”

“Don’t look at me, Blade patches up all of our cloths.” he said as he held up both of his hands. “Perfect!” she said flatly, “…Wait, Blade can sew?” she asked in surprise. “Yah, I think he made his own coat out of scratch, took him like twenty tries to get it right.” Breeze said, causing every pony in the room to stare at him while Rainbow Dash glanced out of the room to see if Blade had heard the conversation at all.

A few hours later, Rarity’s boutique was empty of everyone except Rarity and Sweetie Belle. Rarity was now walking around the ground floor in such a way that she looked to be modeling dresses. The one she sported now was a light blue dress with a split down the side, and a strap that tied around the back of the neck. Like Fluttershy’s date dress it had no back, but unlike Fluttershy she had no qualms with a low cut front. Sweetie Belle clapped her hooves together as her big sister showed off her designs. “That’s the best one Rarity!” the filly said happily. “Thank you dahling.” she said and bowed to her little sister, “This body may not be so bad after all.” Just as soon as she finished that thought, they heard a knock at the door of the boutique. Rarity and Sweetie Belle, both walked over to see who it was. When Rarity opened the door, she was grabbed by two large metallic fists, and dragged out of the door. Sweetie Belle watched in awe as her sister struggled to free herself, “RARITY!” she called out. “Sweetie Belle, go get the brothers.” Rarity ordered. “But…” the filly tried to argue through her tears. “Just go, NOW!” the Huma-Pony shouted, and Sweetie Belle dodged two sets of arms as they tried to grab her. “Jacob!” Rarity grunted in anger, and then the Sapphire emerged like knight armor that formed both above and below the dress and the same tiara around her forehead, “Put me down!” she warned. Jacob simply glared at her with lust in his eyes, and licked his lips, “I plan on it.” he said, “But not until I get a little…” Rarity gritted her teeth as she waited for him to finish his sentence, but as soon as he did, the look in his eyes spoke of nothing but madness, “REVENGE!”

Blade, Breeze and the other five ponies were sitting around one of the tables at the sandwich place when Sweetie Belle actually found them, “HELP!” she called out as she came to a stop at the table, “Rarity…Metal Man…Trouble.” she breathed out. “Whao slow down there Sweetie Belle. What about metal men?” Breeze asked as he tried to calm down the filly. Blade knew just what she wanted to say when a familiar thud of Jacob’s metallic foot. “No!” he said and lifted from his chair in a mad dash towards the boutique, “Not him, not now!” Breeze and the others looked after him as he dashed off, then Breeze turned to the little purple dragon, “Spike please take a note.” he said, and Spike pulled out a large piece of paper.

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