My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

The Final Exam

Blade ran as fast as he could, weaving in and out of other ponies as they all ran from the loud stomping noise coming from the middle of town. Soon, he spotted the man he didn’t want to see, Jacob, as the behemoth of a mech stomped away towards the Everfree forest. “JACOB!” he called out and jumped with as much force as he dared to leap over the machine and land in his way. “Heh, about time you got here you slow poke.” he said and lifted Rarity high above his head, before laming her into the ground. He then grabbed both of her arms before slapping on a pair of cuffs that looked strikingly like the ones Pinkie Pie used to send Zeral to the prison Dimension, “NO!” Blade called out and with only a half scream, Rarity vanished leaving the cuffs lying on the ground where she stood. “HAH!” Jacob shouted, “Looks like your girlfriend is gone for good.” Blade pulled out his sword, extending the blade out as far as it would go, “Rarity isn’t my girlfriend, Fluttershy is.” he announced. Jacob looked to him quizzically, “Are you sure?” he asked, “Because that one acted more like your type.”

“You apparently don’t know him very well.” they heard Riida’s voice say. From behind Jacob, all three princesses and Spiral Chain stood, ready and waiting. “Wait, what’s going on here?” Jacob asked as he looked around. Breeze, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Spiral Chain and the three Alicorns had surrounded the two of them. “I put in a request to Princess Riida.” Breeze explained. “Wait, the head councilor?” Jacob asked, and turned to the blue shining Alicorn. “His request was that you two duke it out in a final duel and the winner acquires the upgrade of his choice.” she explained, and all of them pulled out a small blue crystal, and set them on the ground. “We shall be the witnesses.” she said and a beam of white light stretched from crystal to crystal, completing a perfect circle before that circle lifted itself into a dome. Suddenly the area inside the dome changed, seeming to expand and change into a barren rocky region with tall spires of rocks, and the land seemed to go on forever. “An Exam?” Jacob asked and turned happily to Blade. “This is the moment I’ve been waiting for.” he said happily. “Or feared. No escape this time.” Blade countered, and lifted his sword up to his eye level. “Heh, I’m going to finally leave you in a pool of your own blood.” Jacob said and reached to his back using his top right arm. The weapon he brought out was a large battle ax, with blades easily about the size of his metallic forearm, “And what’s best of all,” Jacob said, “I’m going to be rewarded for it as well.”

Everyone watched as the two of them squared off, and even more intently when the two blades clashed. “I’m not sure this was a good idea…” Fluttershy said as she turned to Princess Riida. “Have faith little one. He will succeed.” she said in reply. “Yah.” Rainbow Dash said eagerly, “He’ll dominate that jerk.”

“You can’t give up on him now Fluttershy, not when he needs your support the most.” Twilight said. Fluttershy glanced towards the ground, remembering their first date and how it ended. The words she remembered most prominently were Blade’s, ‘I promise, as long as you don’t give up on me, I won’t ever give up on myself again.’

“You’re right.” Fluttershy said confidently, “He’ll win.”

“I still don’t understand how these things do that.” Pinkie said as she poked the dome with her hoof. Riida smiled and chuckled, “Dimensional Manipulation Technology. They are actually in a virtual simulator created by the dome. What you see is the world in which they spar.” was her answer. “Looks like were drawing quite the crowd.” Applejack announced, and that they were, several ponies had gathered around with Time Turner, Derpy and Dinky all at the front, just watching as the two warring titans clashed.

Jacob pushed Blade away from him, firing off his Vulcan guns as the man flew through the air. Blade instinctively put his large sword in front of him, blocking the bullets as they approached him. The bullets stopped coming as he landed on the ground, “Why does everyone want to kill me?” Blade asked, and slammed his massive sword into the ground, causing it to crumble away underneath the large mech. “Maybe because you’re so strong, you, your brother, and all of the Councilors!” Jacob responded as he used the jet pack on his back to keep from plummeting into a layer of molten magma almost 3000 feet below him. “First that crazy guy with no number, then you, then Councilor Millian. Who should I expect next?” Blade asked as he leapt into the air and slammed is sword into Jacob’s ax, sending the mech careening into the ground below. Jacob laughed as he stood up, “Councilor Millian? She didn’t want to kill you, she wanted to date you last I heard?” Jacob said. Blade looked up in surprise, “What?” he asked. “Councilor Millian was in love with you stupid. Problem was she was also Councilor Shy’s best friend.” was Jacob’s answer as he opened up the missile pods on his legs and shoulder. The mini missiles rocketed off, sailing past Blade as he jumped over them, and caused them to slam harmlessly into a set of close together rock pillars. “Is that why she pushed me away when the blast was going to go off?” Blade asked himself.

Fluttershy looked to the ground, “I…didn’t know.” she whispered to herself. “Wait Ah don’t get it.” Applejack said as she quirked an eye brow. “That’s so tragic,” Pinkie Pie said suddenly, tears pouring down her eyes, “Torn between hate for her friend’s death and love for the man she was fighting.” Everyone looked to her in surprise, “What, it’s a classic love tragedy.” she said, “Two ponies fall in love only the best friend falls in love with her friend’s special somepony. Eventually she fights him out of hatred, but sacrifices herself at the end to save his life out of love.”

“I…didn’t think you read tragedy.” Twilight said. “Oh, I do once in a while, you know, when I’ve already read all of the comedy books I own.” she responded and turned to gaze intently at the dome, her smile never leaving.

Blade ran around the field, ducking and rolling behind rock formations as the mini missiles were fired at him. “You can’t win Blade!” Jacob called out as he stomped through the smoke. “My scanner has locked onto your heat signature, even through this dust I can pick you out easily.”

“Then scan this!” Blade shouted, and ran past the giant metal man, with a downward chop, sliced clean through two of his arms. Blade passed right by him, and came to a skidding halt before he flipped his wrist, easily changing it into his shield. Jacob turned around just in time to fire off his Vulcan guns in a rage, each bullet bouncing off of the shield harmlessly. “STOP CUTTING OFF MY ARMS!” he shouted. “YOU AND THAT APPLE…GIRL ARE ALWAYS DOING THAT!”

“Apple Girl?” Twilight asked as she turned to Applejack. “I was protect’n Fluttershy.” she explained. “And apologizing.” Fluttershy added quietly.

After a few minutes, the barrels of his guns glowed red hot, and the ammunition stopped coming out, resulting in a click every time it rotated. “NO!” Jacob shouted, “I over heated the Ammo Cylinders beyond tolerance again.” he said to himself, “All I got left is this Ax.” With a sickening smile, Jacob lunged forward, the Ax lifted high above his head and slammed the blade against the shield his opponent held up. Over and over he slammed the ax into the shield, “I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU!” he shouted. Blade simply allowed the shield to take the punishment, waiting until the right time. ‘Now.” he thought to himself and tilted his shield so that the ax slid off of it, continuing into the ground while Blade swung the edge of the shield across his torso cutting through the armor deep, before pulling back and slamming the bottom of the shield into Jacob’s jet pack. What he didn’t see coming was Jacob trying to activate the jets at the same time, causing a small explosion at the point of impact. Blade was thrown forwards while the rocket pushed Jacob’s metallic body all the way to crevice that Blade had made earlier. With one massive hand, Jacob grabbed onto the edge, and let his ax fall into the fiery furnace below. “Give me your hand!” he heard Blade shout from the other side. Jacob turned to see his adversary reaching out for him, the giant blade plunged into the ground like an anchor.

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