My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Madness and Mayhem

‘Fluttershy.’ was all that Blade could think about. He knew roughly where she was, all he needed to do was find her…right? Now that the droids had gone, it was safe to find her, only trouble was now, he had an entire forest to look through. His gaze steeled itself and in he went, watching as the sun went down.

Breeze waked around, to all of the ponies that had been injured, teaming up with the five he knew, “Over here!” called Applejack as she waved a hoof to get his attention. He looked up after finishing with his current patient and made his way over to her. The second he arrived, Applejack pointed towards a blond mane, grey pegasus with bubbles as her Cutie Mark, slightly crooked yellow wall eyes, and a wing that was clearly broken. She was being comforted by a brown Earth Pony with an hourglass and a small grey unicorn as she lay there on the ground. Breeze slowly approached her, and pushed the center of his large belt buckle. A small tube of blue liquid popped out of the top, and he gently pulled it out. The liquid was less than half way down, most likely used before. “So what is that stuff again?” Applejack asked. Breeze gently lifted the broken wing, stopping only when the pegasus cringed in pain. “Three places.” he said to himself and gently set the wing back down. He pulled the top off of the vial, and slowly tipped it so that the blue liquid dripped out slowly, “It’s the Emergency Elixir that all of the Galactic Patrol students get. The faculty gets to have something even more potent.” he told her. He dripped the Elixir onto the three places he believed the breaks were, closed the vial, slipped it back into his belt and grabbed the front of her wing. “This is going to hurt, but only for a second!” he said, and turned to the brown colt, “You might want to cover her ears and eyes.” he suggested as he nodded to the filly. The colt nodded with a worried look, and placed himself in front of the filly, before placing his hooves on her ears and held her close.

Breeze placed one hand against the pegasus’ back at the base of the wing, “You ready?” he asked and she nodded with tears in her eyes before grabbing a stick that Applejack passed to her, and bit down on it tightly. One good quick pull and the bone was set back into place. The pegasus gritted her teeth tightly, not wanting to cry out loud, as Breeze held her bones into place. She quickly found the pain fade within seconds, and quickly disappear. “There,” Breeze said, “that should do it!” and released her from his grip. She dropped the now splintered stick, glanced at the wing in disbelief, and flapped it up and down testing it and smiled widely. “Just try not to fly for a few hours and it will be good as new and twice as strong.” he told her, and gave her the thumbs up. “Thanks!” she said, her voice happy and silly, and turned to grab the brown colt’s ear in her mouth, making a sound that was close to “nom, nom.” Applejack and Breeze both smiled to each other and laughed happily at the display when the colt turned his head in surprise to her, effectively freeing his ear, “Gha, stop that!” the colt said in a natural British accent.

“So,” said a man with a broad smile and a white lab coat, “You want me to steal the power from these…ponies?” From across the room, Zeral stood, facing a large window that showed him the view of Equestria. “No, just the unicorns.” he said, and received a laugh from the man, “Unicorns are just a myth.”

“Not according to your droid video.” Zeral said, and turned to see a scowl on the man’s face, “Yes I know you far too well, if I accepted just what you said you’d dissect those creatures the moment you laid eyes on them. No, I want the power those unicorns possess, maybe, create something new. Of course we need to make it look natural. The others, they’re just pawns in the game.” The moment those words exited Zeral’s mouth, the man began thinking, and smiling, “I’ll get on the plans of building the extractor, and I also have just the ruse for your little ‘expedition’.”

Breeze shook the vial as the last drop fell from the glass tube, landing on a small bruise on the leg of a small yellow filly with a fire red mane and a bow in her heir. “Thanks mister!” she said in Applejack’s accent, and watched her bruise vanish completely. “You’re welcome Apple Bloom.” he said in a chuckle and watched as she raced back to her friends Scootaloo, an orange pegasus filly with a purple mane, and Sweetie Belle, a white unicorn filly with a curly pink and purple mane. “You sure are good with fillies!” Twilight said as she walked up to him, Pinkie Pie hopping next to her. “Thanks.” he said, and turned to his empty vial, “Well, all we have left is my brother’s Emergency Elixir.” he said as he slipped it back into his belt buckle. “What does that Elixir stuff even taste like?” Pinkie asked. Before she continued, Breeze quickly answered, “No one knows Pinkie, it wasn’t meant to be ingested at all…” he told her, and then spun around, looking her in the eyes and smiling just as brightly as she was, “…but I think it might taste like blue raspberry heard candy!”

“I was thinking the same thing!” she said, her eyes shining like stars. Twilight looked between the two of them, feeling like she had just got caught in between two bombs of happiness. “Uhh!” she groaned as she realized something, “This is going to be one weird day.”

“I agree, he’s a Pinkie Pie from another world.” Spike said as he walked up the hill to Twilight’s side. “I think we should tell Princess Celestia about them.” Twilight told him, and Spike pulled out his trusty red quill and a scroll of paper. “Please,” they heard from the bottom of the hill, “Invite her to visit, and meet us all!” Zeral said, several of his scientists next to him, each one having a yellow hand held satellite about the length of their arms. With a snap of his fingers, Zeral’s scientists unleashed the power of their weapons, aimed right at them.

“Fluttershy!?!” Blade shouted as he brought his hands to his mouth, “Where could she be?” he asked himself, and felt something small strike him in the back of his head. He turned around, and gazed at the surroundings. He focused his senses, catching the movement of a single leaf. Another leaf moved subtly, and another and another. He followed the path of nearly invisible movement as it ran passed him and stopped. When a pine cone shot out from the bush, Blade caught it easily, knowing where it was coming from. “Fluttershy, I think one of your animals is attacking me.” he said plainly. “Angel!” she said softly, “You know better than that!” Fluttershy was only a little surprised when he parted the bush she had been hiding behind, and there in front of her stood a small white rabbit. As soon as Angel spotted him, he moved in front of Fluttershy, as if he was going to protect the pegasus. “I’m not dangerous to Fluttershy.” Blade said flatly, and walked up to the pegasus, only to get kicked in the boot by Angel. He looked down just as the bunny held up its paws, like a challenge to a fight. Blade lifted his eye brow, gazing at the courageous critter, “You are about as big as my fist!” he pointed out and stepped over the shocked bunny. He knelt down to Fluttershy’s eye level and softened his gaze, “Are you alright?” he asked, and she smiled. “Yes!” she said happily, yet quietly, “And thank you for warning me!” she said. “It’s my pleasure!” Blade said politely, and stood up, “Let’s go, the danger has passed.”

“Ok.” she said, and followed him to the edge of the forest. The second, they entered the sunlight, Blade stopped in his tracks, “Some things wrong.” he told her as he gazed back at Ponyville.

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