My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Into the Prison Dimension

“Give me your hand!” Blade said again. Jacob smiled wickedly, and used the free hand to reach behind him, gripping onto Blade’s arm tightly, then let go of the edge. Blade struggled to pull up the heavy suit, “I’m gonna take you with me.” he heard Jacob say. Blade looked to the dangling suite of metal, and tightened his grip on both the sword and the arm, “Jacob I can’t lift us both, you have to climb.” he said. “No,” Jacob said with a smile, “I’ve been waiting so long to see you dead at my feet, I guess I’ll just have to settle for seeing you die with me.”

“Whatever I did to make you hate me, I’m sorry. Now CLIMB!” Blade shouted as he struggled to hold both of them up. “And give up my only opportunity to kill you?” Jacob asked. “Is it really that important to you?” Blade asked. “Oh, yes. It is. Just give up and die with me. Then everyone can be happy.” Jacob said. “Not Fluttershy!” Blade said. Jacob looked to him with a confused look, “I promised her, as long as she believed in me, I wouldn’t give up. I have to fight, for her!” Blade told him. “Such stupid sentimentality, you will fatigue before I do. Then either your NanoPack will retract, or you will let go.” Jacob said. “Have you ever tried it?” Blade struggled to ask, the sweat pouring from his forehead, “Have you ever tried fighting for someone else?” Jacob gritted his teeth, and dug his feet into the side of the wall, using his other free hand to push against the wall and down. “You’re not making this any easier!” Blade shouted. “I know!” Jacob shouted back, and the two were surprised when the arm Blade was holding onto, broke at the elbow. Jacob reached for Blade as he fell, and Blade tossed the arm aside to reach for him, both visions turning white.

The light from the dome faded, retracting back into the stones, leaving a very concerned Blade standing there, and next to him without his NanoPack, a smoldering, but relatively fine Jacob, unconscious on the grass. “Your winner, and champion of the warrior class of Equestia, Blade!” Riida announced. “Wait, what just happened?” Blade asked as the cheers of every pony in town began to roar through the air. “You won!” Fluttershy said as she flapped her wings to glomp him, “I’m so proud of you!”

“Wait, I saw him fall.” Blade said. “And fall he did.” Riida explained, “However he also gave up before he could die, his life spared by the mercy of victory.”

“Mercy of victory?” Blade asked as he was patted on the back by his friends. “The Virtual Dimension was ended the moment he admitted defeat to himself. The fact that he was still alive at that time, saved his life.” she explained, “And now for your prize. Choose the new form your NanoPack will take.”

“Uh…” he thought. “How about a Twin Lance?” Breeze suggested, “I’ve always wanted to see what you’d look like with one of those.”

“But, the Twin Lance is an exclusive form.” Blade said. “I did say any form, didn’t I?” Riida reminded him. Blade looked to her, then to Breeze, then to Fluttershy. When Fluttershy let him go, he pulled is Standby NanoPack out and held it up to her, “Then the exclusive Twin Blade is what I want.” he said. Riida smiled and used her magic to lift the NanoPack from his hand. She concentrated hard, tapping the tip of her horn along the handle and instantly it grew, the handle flipping open so that it was end to end, and the two chevrons opening up, before a half length blade from the great sword mode shot out of both sides. She then let it float to him, and he grabbed it with one hand, flipping it in front of him, and causing it to shrink back into its standby mode. “As per tradition, you will display what you know of the weapon to the town, a dance of skill.” Riida told him. Blade simply nodded, and received a giant hug from Fluttershy again. “What shall we do with this one?” Spiral Chain asked as she poked the smoking Jacob. “He shall be our prisoner. And as for your friend, there is a way to save her.” Princess Riida explained. “There is?” Twilight asked. “Yes, but I need some pony to get aboard the Genesis Ark again. Preferably a hacker and a speed expert.” Riida explained and glanced at Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. “Us?” the two of them asked. “I’ll go with them as back up.” Breeze offered. Riida smiled, “Your valor is commendable, but it will not take long at all. They will be in no danger at all.”

Every pony in town watched as Blade spun his new Twin Lance around, seamlessly, smoothly and flawlessly. Fluttershy watched closely as he danced in a kind of warrior style, yet had no opponent. “And you thought it would take forever!” she head Rainbow Dash say as Pinkie and her arrived. Obviously Rainbow was taunting Twilight. “You got it?” she asked, and Pinkie Pie chuckled again, “Oh no, you set up some party firewalls again didn’t you?” Twilight asked. “Yup!” pinkie laughed, “And this time I added a few new games and a happy birthday banner for a few of the soldiers. Should keep them busy and happy for hours.” With that, Pinkie Pie retracted the Bubble, letting it shrink into her mane. Twilight placed her hoof against her nose, yet underneath she held a bright smile. “Let’s see it!” Twilight said, only to have Rainbow Dash snort at her, “Princess Riida said to deliver it to her immediately remember?” she reminded and retracted the Jetwing. “So, you still have it and want to try it out first!” Twilight deducted. “Ooh, she’s good!” Pinkie drawled before rainbow Dash could come up with an excuse. From behind her, Rainbow Dash displayed what looked to be a large leather wrist band with a small device strapped to the front of it. “That would be the prototype retriever.” they heard Riida say from behind them. “They said that it emits a similar frequency as the cuffs do, except the waves are inverted. This allows the wearer and anypony touching them to travel back from the Prison Dimension. I was going to use it to interrogate some formerly unbroken criminals, but I think retrieving an innocent friend is a much better use of its power.”

“Alright, strap it on and I’m ready to go!” Rainbow dash said. Riida smiled and chuckled a little, “I’m sorry little one, but Blade, Breeze and Spiral Chain will be the team to go. You are to stay here and support them however necessary.” she said. “WHAT?” Rainbow Dash cried out, and lowered her head, “Why do they get to have all the fun?”

“The Prison Dimension is no game Ms. Dash. Rather a war for your very life. And these three are conditioned for war, so they shall be the recovery team.” Riida scolded. “I shall be wearing it of course.” Spiral Chain said as she plucked it from Rainbow Dash’s hooves. “Little twerp,” she muttered, “You’d better not let anything happen to those two boys.”

“Don’t worry Rainbow Dash, I’m already over my little revenge spout.” Spiral Chain told the cyan pegasus, “And I promise, nothing will happen to either one of them while I’m still conscious.”

Morning came, and all five of the ponies plus Spike waved goodbye, seeing them off. “Are you sure you don’t need help?” Rainbow Dash asked Breeze. “Hey, with the four of us, nothing will happen.” he said. “Four?” she asked and watched as Spike strapped a saddle bag onto Twilight’s back. “WHAT?” Rainbow complained.

“You promise to get Rarity back, right?” he asked as Twilight turned to him. “Yes Spike. I promise.” she said and turned just in time to face Rainbow Dash, inches from her nose, “When did you get chosen to go?” she asked in a huff. “It came as a surprise to me to Rainbow Dash, but apparently Riida thinks my DoublePack will be of some kind of help. If you ask me it’ll just kill everypony there.” she explained. “You should have said no. Then suggested that I go instead.” Rainbow Dash argued. “Sorry, I was caught off guard.” Twilight said. “Don’t blame her Rainbow.” the cyan pegasus heard Breeze say from behind her. He then placed his hands on her shoulders, trying to calm her down, “We’ll be back before you know it.” Fluttershy just wouldn’t let go of Blade, “I don’t want you to go!” she said. “I…I have to get your friend back.” he said in response. Fluttershy seemed to hold on tighter, “I know but I feel like something bad is going to happen.” she said. Blade held her tight, embracing her lovingly, “Hey don’t worry. I promise I won’t give up, not on this mission, and not on myself.” he told her, and gently got her to release him. “Ready?” Riida asked the four of them. Each one nodded, and she levitated the cuffs to Spiral Chain first. Clapping them around her wrists and causing her to vanish. Seconds later she reappeared, with her finger on the button. “It works. Let’s go.” she said, and Riida clapped the cuffs on her again, before slapping them on Blade, then Breeze, and finally Twilight Sparkle.

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