My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

A Strange Thing

Twilight finally opened her eyes to a whole new world, the air was clear, but it seemed as if the sky was stuck in a perpetual twilight. The sun half shown over the mountains that didn’t seem to exist at all. In fact she couldn’t even see where the light was coming from. The landscape, thought similar to Equestria’s, seemed dark in color, grey and lifeless, although the length of it seemed healthy. Another thing she noticed, there was no wind. “Creepy.” she said. “I agree.” she heard Blade say from behind her. She turned around, and noticed that they were staring at a whole different scene. The city behind her was nothing but steel buildings and black smoke factories, and the atmosphere around the place was dead, even more so than the way the plants looked beforehand. “I think I like the other view better.” she squeaked out. “We need to find Rarity.” Breeze said, and drew his NanoPack. His Crossblade Shurikan slid out easily, “Keep your eyes peeled and stick together.” he said, and was instantly stopped by Blade, arm. “No one could live very long in there.” he said, “Not outside anyway. There has to be an underground entrance.”

“What makes you say that?” Breeze asked. Blade simply pointed to the ground near the steal walls, it has turned even darker grey and withered away into nothingness. “Pollution, the stacks are spreading poison into the air, but without wind, there’s no way for it to spread, so it just falls to the ground and soaks in.” he said.

“Uh…what if she didn’t go this way?” Twilight asked nervously, “I mean, there’s plenty of chance she went this way!” Twilight pointed her front hoof towards the open grassy fields. “She may have tried, but it just leads to the back of the city.” Blade told her. “How do you know?” she asked, and he turned around to walk with her. The very moment she couldn’t see the city behind her, it somehow reappeared in front of her, and she could see the others through the city streets all the way at the back. “But…how?” she asked as she turned to Blade. “Quantum looping, the world only looks bigger than it really is.” he explained. Twilight lowered her head in frustration, “This is going to give me a headache, and that takes some effort.” she sighed. “Just don’t think about it.” he told her, and gazed back to the hideous city, “There’s no way the air in that place would let Rarity survive very long at all. She’d have to find an underground entrance or have some kind of breathing apparatus.”

“Or she could be invisible.” Twilight said. “I think she would have shown herself to us if that were the case.” he reminded her. “Oh. Good point.” Twilight sighed, frustrated that she hadn’t thought about it. “She’s in there somewhere, and we have to find her before someone does something they’ll regret.” he said and glanced around.

Twilight watched him as he searched, when suddenly, something whispered into her ear. At first she couldn’t make anything out, it just sounded like a bunch of shushing and muffled whispers. “Huh?” she asked Blade, “Did you say something?” Blade lifted his head, glancing at Twilight curiously, “I’m busy looking for an entrance, why would I say anything that you couldn’t hear?” he asked. “Just asking.” she said and then muttered, “I could have sworn you said something.” Blade sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose again. When he turned to look for the entrance again, the whispers started again, “The door…the first door.” was what she could understand out of the whispers and murmuring. “Ok now I know you heard that!” she said to him. He turned to her, glaring with both frustration and curiousness…or was it something else, they all looked the same to her. When he shook his head, she sighed, “Maybe I’m just going crazy.” she said, and looked up to the closest building, “How about that door?” she asked and pointed to a bright red door, stained with black soot in random places along the front. Blade glanced to where she was pointing, gauged the distance between it and the dying edge of the street, and hummed, “You might be on to something.” he said and stood to walk towards it, taking in a large breath just before stepping foot into the tainted air of the city, and gripped the door handle firmly before turning the handle. The door opened easily, and he slipped it quickly disappearing from her sight.

Breeze landed silently in front of her, causing her to jump a little, “That door huh?” Spiral Chain asked as she folded her arms and stared at the large piece of painted steel. Blade opened the door again, popping his arm and head out to wave the others in. Twilight followed his signal, moving towards the door, and holding her breath as she approached the tainted area. Breeze then Spiral Chain followed suit. The moment Blade shut the door, the room sucked out all of the bad air, throwing it back outside, before filling the room back up with fresh air. Twilight gasped, finally able to breathe the air she needed, “How do you three hold your breath that long?” she asked. “Breeze holds the record for longest stay alive under water on the Genesis Ark, and I just practiced.” Blade explained. Spiral Chain placed her hands on her hips and smiled, “As usual second place in the underwater contest, by only two tenths of a second.” she said proudly. “You say that like it was first place.” Twilight said. “Hey, I finally have a real appreciation for my accomplishments, don’t ruin it for me.” the human girl said in a short huff. “Let’s go.” Blade said interrupting the argument before it could start “We stay together as a team.”

The further they went into the depths of the underground city, the more the realized, it wasn’t as welcoming as they though. The people that did see them, ducked into their homes, and slammed the door, before a loud thunking noise could be heard. “Now that’s a lock!” Breeze said to his brother. Blade simply nodded in response. “Well, maybe we just need to show them that we’re friendly.” Twilight said, and trotted towards one of the doors to knock. No one came, the door didn’t budge at all, “Um, hello?” Twilight called out, “My name is Twilight Sparkle.” still no answer. “I was wondering if you’ve seen my friend, she looks kind of like a cross between me and the girl behind me, white fur, purple styled mane…” still no answer, “No?” she said to the door. “Ok, thanks for your time.” she said and trotted away, reaching her friends, “Nothing!” she said as she lowered her head. Blade patted her on the head, trying to comfort her, “You tried.” he said, “These people are obviously afraid of someone.”

“One of the more dangerous criminals?” Breeze asked. Blade simply nodded. Twilight whined a little, as she attempted to close any gap between her and her friends, “Let’s find Rarity and get out of here!” she said nervously. “I agree.” Spiral Chain said and pulled out her NanoPack. Blade and Breeze followed suit as they walked down the street, the handles resting snugly in their hands. The further they went down the road, the more they realized how much bigger the world was underneath. Blade witnessed a man, bolt across the street. The man’s face held a thick beard hid a dimpled chin, but somehow he could recognize the man, “Breeze!” he said and pointed to the man that entered another house, “That was T–1819–Lance. He was sent here after he went on a murder streak in the Genesis Ark.”

“Yah,” Breeze said in realization, “He let his beard grow long!”

“The guy’s a killer?” Twilight asked nervously. Spiral Chain looked down to the purple unicorn walking beside her, “Yah, almost everyone here is, but don’t worry, you got us to protect you.” she said, and tightened her chain in a confident pose. “Pst!” they all heard from the same direction the killer just when, “Quick come here and hide!” Lance whispered from the inside of the door. Blade simply stood in front of his friends, “I’m not trying to kill you, I’m trying to save you!” Lance whispered to the defensive man. Blade looked all over the man, he was dressed in grey rags with brown torn pants. The look in his eyes showed all sorts of fear, enough to cause Blade some alarm. Suddenly the sound of marching could be heard, from afar. From around one of the far corner, a small banc of solders came marching into view. Twilight glanced at the solders, then at Lance, then back at the solders, and shut her eyes, concentrating and teleporting the four of them into the house that Lance had been urging them to. “What…” Lance asked at first, but then shook his head, “We don’t have time, just follow me and I promise you’ll all be safe.”

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