My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

We're on the Run

The marching came closer as Twilight, Blade Lance, Breeze and Spiral Chain nearly refused to breath. Their hiding place under the floor didn’t seem to bring any confidence of being unseen. Solders searched all around the place, turning over tables and smashing dinner plates. A chair was smashed to splinters right in front of Twilight, and before she could squeak at all, Blade wrapped his hand around her mouth, effectively silencing her. “There’s no one here.” the soldier standing at the door said, and they all marched out of the building. Almost ten seconds later is when Blade finally released Twilight so she could breath. She looked up just in time to see the room ripple and change back into the way it was before the solders invaded the space. Lance then stood up and lifted the floor panel, sliding it back so that he could climb out. He then reached down and helped the others out of the hole. “What…but, I just saw this room and…it was destroyed…what happened and how?” Twilight asked. “We call it reboot technology.” Lance said, “Since we can’t replace anything we need to keep it from being broken, so the reboot technology helps by rebooting a destroyed room after you set it. Not everyone is as fortunate as we were today.”

“A Re-matter Wave Emitter.” Blade said, “Tuned to the rooms specs, and designed for large areas.”

“Something like that.” lance said, and moved to the door, peeking out before sighing, “They’ve gone.” he said, “Moved past this street.”

“Who are they?” Breeze asked. “No one’s sure, they just showed up one day and kept multiplying rapidly. You can’t see who or what they are because of the enclosed helmet they wear. They never take their helmet off, for anyone.” Lance explained. “Why are they searching houses?” Twilight asked. “New comer.” Lance said simply, “Making all kinds of trouble, and just seems to disappear, even if someone has a lock on her.”

“Rarity!” Spiral Chain said in confirmation. “Is that her name?” Lance asked. “She’s one of my friends Lance, don’t even think of approaching her.” Blade warned. “Can’t you give a guy a second chance?” he asked. “Only those who deserve one.” Blade answered. Lance turned his gaze to Twilight, “Yesh, harsh.” he said, “So what exactly are you?” Twilight Sparkle shied away from him just a little, “I’m a unicorn, heh!” she answered. “Really?” Lance asked, “Are the stories true?”

“Eh…what stories?” she asked. Before he could even answer, Blade called for her, “Hey Twilight? We could use your help up here.” he said. “Um, excuse me.” she said to Lance, and trotted past him, missing the smirk on his face as she made her way to her friends. “What do you need?” she asked. “For you to stay as close to me as possible.” Blade said, “He’ll be nothing but trouble.” and with that, he placed his hand on Twilight’s back. Breeze glanced back at Lance, seeing the friendly smile on his face, “I don’t trust you Lance,” he said, “But we could use your help to find Rarity.”

“My help, I didn’t think you liked me.” Lance teased. “We don’t.” Spiral Chain said, “But you’re our best chance to find her without getting caught.”The journey through the underground city seemed to go smoothly. Lance would guide them through the empty streets, leading them through the alley ways and dodging the patrol. The further they went, the closer Twilight noticed that the largest structure seemed to be. “We’re almost there!” Lance whispered as a group of solders move by. “Almost where?” Twilight asked, with Blade firmly between the two. “Where she last disappeared from.” Lance said with a smile. As soon as the soldiers were gone, Lance made a break for it, running towards the lower side of the large building. The others followed him, with Twilight looking up. The building was more of a castle now that she could see it, five tall towers with the middle one being the tallest, and the outside made of both stone and steel. The ugly mesh of materials towered over them all as they hid at the base of the outer wall.

“We’ll get in through there.” Lance said, and pointed to a stream of what looked to be water, but was very dark in color. “Don’t touch the liquid, it’ll stink you up bad.” he said, and moved towards the closest part of the wall, a very thin ledge that traveled along the tunnel. “Press yourself up against the side you should be alright.” Lance said and was about to leave when Blade grabbed him by the arm, “You first.” he said darkly. “Sheesh you really must not like me or something.” he said, and picked up a rock before throwing it into the liquid flowing into the castle. The second the rock hit the water, something came up and grabbed it, only to spit it back out seconds later. “I’m going back to the town, too dangerous for me here.” he said, and allowed everyone to pass by him. Lance smiled at Twilight as she moved past him, his smile was more like he was looking at a steak or something he liked on his dinner plate. “You be careful now, wouldn’t want a purdy thing like you to be Pithorus chow now would we.” he said. Twilight gulped hard, “Plithorus?” she asked in fear. Suddenly a large splash could be heard, a fish almost as big as a whale with scales as large as shields and teeth as big as a knife jumped out of the liquid, and splashed down, the waves just barely touching the feet of everyone else. “Plithorus.” he repeated and walked back to the wall before looking to see if the coast was clear and running for it.

Twilight gulped hard again, and turned to her friends, “You’ll be fine.” Breeze said confidently. “Besides, I’m betting he’s hoping you’ll stay behind.” Spiral Chain added in. Blade closed his eyes in thought, thinking deeply about the situation, “We’ll split up.” he finally said, “One of us will go with Twilight, the other two go into the tunnel.”

“I’m in the tunnel,” Breeze said, “I know how to walk on narrow ledges.”

“Same here.” Spiral Chain said. “Then it’s settled, I’ll stay close to Twilight while you two make your way into the sewers.” Blade said and marched to the unicorn’s side. “Be careful.” Breeze said. “We won’t be long.” Spiral added in. Blade simply nodded and turned back to his charge while the other two snuck into the tunnel. “Thank you Blade.” she said nervously. Blade just looked at her with a soft yet focused look, and turned his gaze up to the front door. “They won’t let us in that way, even if we fight our way through. We’ll have to climb or try somewhere else.” he said, and suddenly heard a, “Pst.” from nearby. Twilight and Blade looked around a little, before Twilight felt a hand on her back and stiffened up, “Something’s touching me.” she whispered. “Well, that’s no way to say hello to a friend.” they heard Rarity whisper. “Rarity!” Blade nearly growled. “I just got out of there, you can’t expect me to know everything.” the invisible Huma-Pony said in her defense. “But where did you come from, I think Breeze and Spiral Chain would have bumped into you if you went through there.”

“Oh, that’s easy…” she started to say, and was silenced by a guard. “Who’s there?” they heard the echoing voice ask. “I’ll handle this.” Rarity said. Soon they heard a resounding metal thunk, like someone had been hit in the helmet, “Hey watch it!” one of the soldiers said. “Huh? I didn’t do nothin.” said another one, then another thud occurred, “Hey stop that.” a third Soldier said. Soon, a whole group of them started to argue, and they could easily hear the clashing of swords and shields as they began to fight. “That should keep them busy, now follow me.” Rarity said as she grabbed Twilight by the horn and tugged in the direction she wanted to go, “We’ll have our friends out of there in no time.”

“I sure hope so, because something tells me we don’t have any time to spare.” Blade said as he followed the purple unicorn.

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