My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

What I've Heard

Twilight and Blade walked silently towards the entrance, and invisible Rarity tugging at Twilight’s horn to guide them and the sound of the soldiers battling one another. “No love amongst criminals.” Blade said to himself. Twilight was tugged to the corner, the place where the stairs to the gate meet the wall. They couldn’t see it at first, but there was a gap between the two metal labs, big enough to let even Blade squeeze through, even if it was only about Twilight’s height. The purple unicorn felt Rarity’s hand slip of gently as they neared the hole, “I think she went through there.” Twilight said. Blade followed her as she squeezed through, barely moving through himself and looked up at the castle. He didn’t like it one bit, the fortress look of the building reminded him of the war that nearly took his brother’s life. ‘It’s the same.’ he thought to himself, ‘The same design as them.’ Twilight than felt Rarity’s hand on her horn again, and with a slight tug, the three of them moved towards the castle. “Wait.” Twilight whispered as they neared the building, “Where are we going?”

“I had to escape from the prison cells on the bottom floor.” Rarity told them. “So we’re going to sneak in through your old cell?” Twilight asked. “Don’t be silly Twilight, there’s a kitchen entrance close by. We’ll surprise the chefs and make our way up the stairs.” Rarity explained. “Wait, exactly how did you escape?” Blade asked. “I disappeared while they were away and snuck out when they opened the door to give me my lunch of stale bread and sour water.” she told them. “Wait, they don’t open the door just to give you a meal.” Blade said, and turned around just in time to catch a punch from one of the guards. Twilight felt Rarity let go of her horn, and the Huma-Pony reappeared, her back turned and ready to protect her friend. Blade picked up the soldier that tried to punch him, and tossed him all the way into the inside of the wall. “They tricked you, let you go so that you could bring us to them.” he said. “Thank you, I couldn’t have figured it out on my own.” Rarity said sarcastically. “Come with us.” one of the guards said, “The king is expecting you.”

“Blade, what do we do?” Twilight asked as she placed herself closer to him. Rarity also backed up, putting herself closer to him as well, “Yes, I am eager to hear what ever plan you have.”

“Then take us to him.” Blade announced. Both Rarity and Twilight looked at him in shock, “WHAT?” they asked. “We come willingly.” he continued. One of the guards approached him with what looked to be shackles, but he never got to clap them on him. The man was on the ground unconscious before anyone knew what happened. Blade stood there unmoved, “I said ‘willingly’, that doesn’t mean I’ll let you chain us.” he said angrily. The other guards backed up a bit and looked to each other, and turned around, marching their way into the castle with Blade, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle in the middle.

Inside the king’s throne room, a large gold trimmed chair was turned so that it faced away from them and lifted high up by a large steel pillar with platform. “Your Highness, the guests have arrived.” the front guard said and the pillar slid into the ground, spinning as the chair descended. Just as it touched down, the chair faced them all, revealing a familiar face, but this time with fine blue cloths on, also trimmed with gold, new looking leather boots, a purple kings’ cape draped over his shoulders, and a golden crown that rested on his head as he sat there on the throne. “Lance!” Blade growled as he looked at the man that once looked so much like a homeless thug. “Ah, my friends.” he said with an air of madness, “Welcome to my humble home.” As soon as he was finished saying that, several soldiers surrounded them, encircling them with swords and knives and spears. Blade remained silent as the man stood up and walked down the stairs kneeling down to Twilight’s level, “You haven’t answered my question. Those stories I heard, are they true?” he asked again, but this time with a hungry grin. “What…s…s…stories?” the purple unicorn asked. “Does eating unicorn flesh really grant you eternal life?” he finally asked.

Blade gritted his teeth as he saw Twilight turn white with fear, Rarity was first to make a move, she slammed her hoof into his jaw with a powerful upward kick. Lance landed about ten feet away with his back on the ground, Rarity now had five soldiers with their weapons pinned against her armor and throat. “Nice kick.” one of them whispered into her ear. Lance started to laugh, and laugh hard, “I’m getting rusty.” he said and lifted his head off of the ground, “I thought it would have been you to make the first move W–3673.”

“My name is Blade.” Blade told him. “Oh, you got your name now did you?” Lance said as he stood up, “What did you do to earn that name?”

“I…I…I gave i…i…it t…t…to him.” Twilight admitted, after Rarity had ‘bucked’ him in the jaw, a small fraction of her confidence had returned. Lance gazed at her, curiously, and then laughed, “Incredible,” he shouted, “Such raw emotion, such trust and friendship. It reminds me of how I used to be before the incident on the ice planet, Submeriax.” he said. The smile on his face showed both insanity and memory, “Kill them.” he suddenly said, and Rarity slammed her elbow into the one holding his sword to her throat. Blade then pulled out his sword, and spun in a circle, tearing through the helmets of several guards. Lance then ran, picking up Twilight as he passed by them and took off running while his subjects handled the other two.

Twilight froze as Lance ran with her over his shoulders, she had no idea what to do and all she could think about was that he was going to eat her for some stupid experiment about immortality. She didn’t even notice when the whisperings came back. Again at first it sounded like five voices whispering at once, but one stood out above the rest, “Fight back.” it whispered, “Fight to stay alive.” Twilight snapped, her fear driving her to an extreme she had no clue of. In a flash of power, she was able to free herself from the crazed maniac and activate her DoublePack all at once. The difference this time, her mask wasn’t on and she was awake and in control. Lance looked at her as she landed on her hooves, her velvet colored armor shining in whatever light it caught, “Leave me ALONE!” she called out and unleashed all of the blades on her wings, sending them towards him in a rage of fear, anger, and desperation. She fell short every time, landing the blades only inches away as Lance backed away from her, bringing them back to her and hovering them in a circle in front of her, tips in. She watched him as he fearfully inched towards the door on the opposite side, and reached behind himself. With tears in her eyes she screamed again, “Leave me ALONE!” and electricity flowed out from the base of the blades to their tips, meeting in the middle and launching a powerful ball of yellow energy. Lance brought out his hands, placing them and whatever he had in them in front of him and taking the hit. The force pushed him back, through the door and several walls, until he found himself inside what looked to be a smelting plant.

Twilight, stood there, tears coming out from her eyes and the blades making their way back to their resting place. “Are you alright?” she heard Rarity asked from behind her, and she turned, slowly calming down as Blade ran by her towards the place Lance was thrown. Twilight looked to her, and began to silently cry, her stream of tears wanting comfort. Rarity simply engulfed her friend in a gentle hug, and glared in the same direction Lance was in.

Lance stood up, growling in anger as he smoldered around his hands. Lifting them up he opened them and the smoke seemed to intensify before it went out completely. “Ow, you kicked me in the hand.” he heard a female voice echo from above him. “I thought your training taught you to be quiet.” said a male voice in response, “Yet all I’ve heard is a whispering nag, nag, nag.”

“Well so what I like talkiiiiiiii!” Spiral Chain said as she and Breeze fell from one of the air ducts on the other side of the plant and onto one of the catwalks. “You should watch where you’re going.” she complained, even though she was on top of the pile of two. “Just get off.” he ordered. “Gladly.” she responded and lifted herself off of him. “Heh, you two, I thought you would have definitely fallen into the goop.” Lance said from the other side. Breeze whipped out his Crossblade shurikan and Spiral Chain opened her NanoPack, “Assassin training has been different ever since you went crazy old man.” Breeze said confidently. Lance smiled, but not for long, Blade came running up behind him with his sword extended, “LANCE!” he called out, and lifted his sword high above his head, bringing it down onto Lance’s old NanoPack, a twin lance.

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