My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Returning Home

The smirk on Lance’s face made Blade’s anger boil over, and he pushed hard against the staff of the twin lance. The weapon was thin at the blades making it easy to swing and deadly. It looked different than Blades, being straight instead of layered and red edged.

“How did your NanoPack survive all these years?” Blade asked angrily, “Xacrimon isn’t everlasting you know.” Lance grinned again, “I am a man of technology remember, I taught you how to turn a wrench and how to fight.” he said, “I just created a Xarimon Syphoon, so that any NanoPack I fight with, loses its power and dies almost instantly, recharging my own one hundred times over.”

“Too bad mine uses a different power source by now.” Blade responded. Lance only let his surprise last a second and the two unlocked their weapons from each other only to go back into a stalemate, “you’re right!” he said, “I can feel the energy being rejected by my own NanoPack. What have you done?” Blade instead broke the lock, and swung a powerful over head chop, “I looked up to you.” Blade growled as his blade dragged across the blade of Lance’s weapon, “I trusted you. You were supposed to be my role model.” With a single swing of his sword, Blade pushed the weapon aside, and instantly switched to his own twin lance. Lance’s grin was just as quickly changed to a frown of anger, and the two danced with spins and stabs, each mirroring the other perfectly. “Looks to me like I did a good job.” Lance said with a smile. Blade’s frown got bigger, and the stare he gave the other man could have killed a far lesser man, “My own teacher,” Blade growled, “And I’m going to kill you.”

“Much better.” Lance added, and continued the dance until a large blade attached to a chain flew out of the shadows. Lance easily wrapped the chain around his handle and yanked the weapon user out of the shadows, “You really think I fell for that ‘clumsy ninja’ trick?” he asked, “I am a warrior, and never take a person at face value.” Spiral Chain was unable to release her grip from the handle before he dragged her across the catwalk, and threw her so that she hung over the edge her feet firmly planted on the catwalk but her hands desperately gripping the handle of her chain. “NO!” Blade shouted as he reached for her. Lance gripped the chain in one hand and swung his twin lance with the other, Blade desperately trying to reach out and defend himself. “I wouldn’t try it young one.” he said seemingly to no one, “I may not be able to hear you but I know you’re not stupid, kill me and your friend dies as well.” Breeze stood as still as he could, knowing there was nothing he could do. Lance’s smile faded when the chain went slack, he turned to see Spiral Chain holding onto the railing with one of her hands. He quickly let go of the chain and slapped her across the face, all the while fending off Blade’s advances with his other. Spiral kept a hold of the railing but whipped her NanoPack over the railing as well, and let go. The chain tumbled down, hitting the molten metal and sitting there, slowly melting. Lance kicked her legs, causing her to slip and dangle by her one arm.

Breeze then threw his boomerang shurikan, a smaller form of the crossblade shurikan, but it was quickly deflected by the side of Lance’s twin lance closest to him. The mad man then turned to the girl, and grinned, “One down.” he said and slammed his fist into her fingers.

They were all surprised when she only fell a few feet, and then with her arm in the air, swung there a little before being pulled up. “You!” Lance growled, and tried thrusting the back end of his lance behind him. There was a simple kink, like he had scratched metal, and Spiral Chain was hauled over the railing. Breeze then ran to the two of them as Rarity reappeared, a simple scratch on her armor. “You bruit.” she said, to Lance, distracting him enough to let Blade take a mighty swing of his weapon, and knock Lance off of his feet. He then made his way to his friends, “Is everyone alright?” he asked, just before several violet lightning bolts shot from the vat of steel, to the ceiling. Rarity held on tight to Spiral Chain and Spiral gripped Blade’s pants. instinctively Breeze grabbed a hold of Rarity’s arm as they watched the power bounce around the room, then it hit Rarity in the horn.

The power that surged through her stiffened her up, but suddenly everyone touching her felt it, the power surged through all four of them, before shooting off as a kind of violet wisp, right over Twilight’s head. The four of them began to glow a bright violet, and collapsed to the floor, Twilight ran up to them, glanced at them and them back to Lance. He stood up, grinned and flipped his twin lance before charging at her. Twilight panicked a little, before looking down at Spiral Chain’s wrist and pushing the button with her hoof. Lance couldn’t stop in time, they vanished and he hit the railing, flipping over it and hung by his free arm. However, when he found his grip slipping, he had no one to help him. He looked around for someone, and found a group of soldiers just standing there, “You fools, help me!” he shouted, and the group hesitated, only to turn away from him. Lance was devastated, his shock was so strong that his strength disappeared, and he let go of the railing, falling into the molten metal himself.

A brilliant flash of light brought the five of them back into Equestria. Twilight looked around, finding herself inside of her library, but when she looked to her friends, she was in shock, Rarity had returned to her pony form, but the others had also transformed, into ponies.

Spiral Chain was now a rusty brown earth pony with Marigold colored hair for both her mane and her tail. The style was pulled over to one side, and stick out on the top like she had been plucked out of an anime, her tail long and styled the same. The Cutie Mark on her flank was that of a coiled chain.

Breeze had been turned into a grey unicorn, his scar still on his left eye and his mane reflected his previous hairstyle, unkempt and long, his tail, not much different. His Cutie Mark was of a spiraling galaxy with a single planetary ring around it.

Blade was similar to his brother, dark grey fur with a black mane styled in just the same way he used to have it, his tale long straight and smooth, a far cry from Breeze’s tail. Blade however had been changed into a pegasus with a double ringed galaxy like his brothers. They looked like normal ponies to her, yet she knew that they weren’t, they used to be human. “Fluttershy is either going to love me for this, or kill me.” she said as she glanced at the newly transformed ponies.

“Ohthankyouthankyouthankyou!” Fluttershy screamed as she squeezed Twilight in an enormous hug. “This is so awesome!” Rainbow Dash called out as she also hugged the struggling Twilight. The purple unicorn had foolishly retracted her DoublePack before trying to levitate the two boys back to their rickety old house, both Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash had caught her unsuspecting as they tried to repair whatever they could on the house.

Rarity and the others started to stir, so thankfully Twilight was released from the suffocating embrace of her two friends. “Are you alright?” Fluttershy asked as she floated above Blade. “I feel like I just got blindsided by a flying tank.” he responded with a groan, and attempted to stand, despite all of Fluttershy’s attempts to keep him down. Breeze on the other hand just groaned and looked to the sky, then shifted his eyes up so that he looked right at Rainbow Dash, “That’s the purdiest rainbow I’ve ever seen.” he said in a kind of punch drunk fashion, getting Rainbow to blush, “You’re fine.” she huffed, thought she had a smile on her face. Breeze then rubbed his hoof to his forehead, “Oh I have a huge headache.” he said, without realizing the difference. Rainbow Dash simply chuckled as all of them stood up, and Blade tripped over his now overly large coat tail. “You ok bro?” Breeze asked and finally turned to his brother, “Huh?”

“What, do I have something on my face?” Blade asked. Fluttershy chuckled a little, and with a smile teased, “Sort of!” Blade placed a hoof to his face, rubbing it along his cheek and lifted his other hoof to try again, only to let his eyes open wide in shock and glance to his hoof, “You’re a pegasus.” she said happily. Blade instantly turned to look at his back only to find his coat in the way. “What?” he asked, and Fluttershy grabbed his coat and his shirt with her teeth to pull them off of him. A pair of wings was revealed on his back, and he just looked at them. Breeze was so happy that he jumped into the air as high as he could, “YES! We’re ponies!” he said, and tried to flap some wings. He hit the ground hard, “Heh, Rainbow can you help me out of my sweater so I can get my wings working right?” he asked. Rainbow Dash couldn’t help it, she smiled, laughed and rolled on the ground. “I don’t see what’s so funny.” Spiral Chain said in response. “You aren’t a pegasus, you’re a unicorn.” Rainbow finally told him. Breeze’s smile fell, and he booked it inside to look at the mirror, “AW COME ON!” he shouted.

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