My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

A Wiked Surprise

Breeze trotted out of the house, his head hung low and his eyes saddened, “Hey, it’s not that bad, you look good as a unicorn.” Rainbow Dash said. “I wanted to walk on clouds like you.” he said sadly. “I’m sure you can figure out a way to accomplish that.” they all heard a familiar voice say. There, standing in the field hear the house, was nothing. That nothing quickly changed as Zeral faded into view, almost as if he had Rarity’s invisibility, his cloths dirty and his hair now unkempt, though no facial hair still remained. “Zeral?” Blade asked, and grabbed his NanoPack from the ground where Twilight had set it down. The sword extended itself in his hoof, “Really Blade, you should have more respect for someone superior to you.” he said, his face now filled with madness. “You lost already, everyone knows about your scheme.” Blade said, and Zeral flipped his NanoPack in his hand turning it into a large arm canon, and firing it at Canterlot. The blast hit the wall near the mountain close to the bottom of the castle. “I need no schemes now, I have become almighty.” he said. “Princess!” Twilight called out, and crouched down, activating her Double Pack instantly, her mask still off. “Well, well. Control of the power that destroys have we?” he taunted, “The Diablo returning from the grave to claim more innocent lives.”

“It’s called the Angel.” Twilight responded. Suddenly her head was filled with whispers, some she could hear and others she heard only as soft whisperings, “Kill him.” one of them said, “His weapon is to dangerous.” said another, “He must be stopped before any more are hurt.” The last was the most prominent, the most noticeable, “Avenge the Princess.” it said, and Twilight’s anger erupted, and she charged, running at top speed and slamming her head into his chest, and jumping back. Zeral did even flinch as she rammed her horn into him, so she let go of all of her blades, and sent them at him. He quickly transformed his gun into a scythe, and blocked them all. Bringing them back to her, she formed the circle of blades in front of her, and unleashed a blast from the center of the collected tips. Zeral changed his Scythe into a sword and literally batted the shot back to her, hitting her dead on. “GYAH!” she shouted as the explosion rang out. Zeral began laughing, slowly at first but then loudly and maniacally, “You think I didn’t see you use that move the first time?” he asked, “I was there, holding onto you as soon as you put on your armor, it was you who brought me back, unwillingly but you none the less.” Twilight struggled to get back up, her face pointed towards the dirt. When she finally lifted her head, half of her mask was on, one of the eyes and part of the cheek.

“Hm?” Zeral asked as he glanced at the phenomenon. Twilight seemed to be struggling to stand, so Blade stepped in next to her, his sword in his new hooves. The others quickly changed into their NanoPacks, and stood in front of him and her, “Oh dear,” he said sarcastically, “One, two, three, four, five little creatures with NanoPacks, and one without.” At the last one he looked at Spiral Chain who was still looking for her NanoPack. “Actually, you can count seven with NanoPacks, one without, three Alicorns and a Legendary DoublePack.” he then heard from behind him. There stood, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Celestia, Luna and Riida, all of them with an angry look to their faces. He growled angrily as the mask on Twilight’s face crept more and more towards full. “Fine.” he finally said, “But don’t think that this is over.” he said, and lifted his NanoPack in the air, vanishing within seconds.

“Focus Twilight.” Riida said to the struggling unicorn, “You must not let it control you. Talk with it if you need to.” Rainbow Dash looked to Riida in surprise, “Wait, how do you know that the NanoPack’s can talk?” she asked. “Wait, yours does to?” Pinkie asked, “I thought it was just a program I accidentally downloaded.”

“Oh great, Pinkie talks to Pinkie.” Applejack said as she neared the two, “I thought it was weird that Tremor gave me advice on farmin.”

“You three are not helping.” Twilight said as the other eye of her mask slid into place. “Sorry.” they all said at the same time. “Yours especially talks Twilight, whispers, temptations. They’re all communications. Just let it know that your mind is strong.” Twilight focused, separating the whispers in her mind until she could easily pick out the real voice of the NanoPack, a voice a lot like her own, “Why do you fight me?” it asked, “I am your weapon. We were made for war.”

“No.” she said, “I’m not a warrior. I’m a scholar, a student of Celestia.”

“You’re a student of war.” the DoublePack argued. “No, a student of the magic of friendship.” Twilight corrected it. The Double Pack went silent, and Twilight thought she had won, “Magic of friendship?” it asked, “What is the Magic of Friendship?” Before Twilight could even answer it continued, “What is Friendship?” She seemed shocked, “You, don’t know what Friendship is?” she asked slowly. “It is not a spoil of war or a repercussion of it, yet I wish to know what it is.” her NanoPack said. Twilight looked up, eyeing her friends, each one smiling as she looked, “Friendship is the most wonderful thing on the world, no, the universe. With friends, you can share everything, and have somepony to turn to when you need help. A friend can stay up with you playing games or just come over to say hello. There are so many things you can’t do without friends that are opened up to you with each new one you make.” Twilight said, her struggle finally over. “Are they of any assistance in war?” the NanoPack asked. “Yes!” Twilight said, “And not just war, anything, and everything. Every day friends are there to help you through it. They give me strength to keep moving and hopefully stop Zeral from destroying Equestria. I would give anything for them.”

“Anything?” the NanoPack asked. Twilight answered confidently, “Anything.” The Angel fell silent again, not a word was spoken as the armor slowly retracted, the left eye staying put until the last second, “I wish to know why, but I expect that seeing it will give me a better understanding of what you would mean.” the DoublePack said and retracted the final piece.

Hours later, they all stood around talking, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Pinkie Pie talked mostly about how their NanoPacks began talking to them while the others just talked, “So how bad is the damage at Canterlot?” Blade asked. “Luckily no pony was hurt, but I’m afraid that Jacob was killed in the explosion.” Celestia told him. Blade didn’t seem upset, yet he also didn’t seem thrilled about it either, “I see.”

“Princess Riida said it was most likely on purpose, but I don’t see how that could be possible.” Luna announced. “Trust me, Zeral is capable of a lot of things, and almost six months in the Prison Dimension has hardened him into a more malicious criminal.” Breeze told her. Riida turned her head towards the stars, looking almost homesick. “So much has happened.” she said to herself, “And now half of the prophecy has come true.”

“When the Devil becomes an Angel.” Blade repeated, “Zeral thought that her DoublePack was called the Diablo like yours was, but she instantly named it the Angel right in front of everyone…um…pony.” Celestia smiled at his attempt to fit in with the other ponies, ‘He works so hard for almost nothing,’ she thought to herself and looked up at the house, “Perhaps I could send for a royal builder to make you and your brother a proper dwelling residence as thanks for all of your gallant efforts.” she said to the two brothers. “Why sister, that is a splendid idea.” Luna agreed and also looked at the house, “But by the time the builder arrives, I fear they will have to start from scratch.” Blade placed his hoof on his nose and somehow, he pinched the bridge, “I’m tired, please can I go to bed?” he asked. The all nodded, right before Pinkie’s tail began twitching, “Uh-oh.” she said, “Twitchy twitcha twitch.” and seconds later, Blade, Breeze and everyone else heard a creaking noise, right before the back wall fell to the ground. Blade groaned as he walked around the house, “Not again.” he said as he just picked it up and put it back into place. “Sister, how long until the builders are prepared to leave?” Luna asked. “I’ll have them here by the day after tomorrow, mid afternoon.” she said in shock.

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