My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Emergency Meeting

Celestia walked through the halls of her castle, the damage done by Zeral was localized, yet it was still extensive. She had some of her best unicorns rebuilding the wall and rooms that were destroyed. Looking at the damage through one of the windows that faced the workers and she examined what she saw, ‘I’m most certain of it, Zeral aimed here on purpose. But weather to kill Jacob, or to topple the castle, I’m utterly confused. Perhaps he was attempting both.’ she thought to herself, and turned back from the destruction to continue walking, ‘Zeral, he’s become so much more deadly, but I don’t understand why.’

“Sister.” she heard Luna call out. Celestia then lifted her head to look at her sister as the blue Alicorn joined her, “Riida has called for us, she wishes to explain something, it sounds important.” Celestia nodded as she moved towards the door, ‘Perhaps even she now feels that shadows of ignorance must be lifted.’

The two of them then turned down a hallway, heading towards the main meeting hall. The room was filled with bright colors and a large table in the middle, with somewhere in the range of fifty seats around it and two large throne like chairs at the end. Riida sat in one of the chairs closest to the regal sister seats, and looked up to see them both enter, “Ah, Celestia and Luna, I have been awaiting you both.” she said, addressing them in a voice of urgency. “What is the matter dear Riida?” Luna asked. “We must act quickly or I’m afraid that Equestria will be destroyed.” the sparkling light blue Alicorn told them both. Celestia and Luna had both made it to their chairs by now, and sat down, “What do you mean?” Celestia asked. “I was looking up to the Genesis Ark last night, and that’s when I saw my worst fear, the Ark Canon is being charged as we speak.” Riida informed the sisters. Both of them looked to each other in confusion, and them to Riida. “The Ark Cannon is a devastating weapon that was built specifically for destroying planets that could not be saved.” she explained, “It takes days to charge, and is the only level nine energy cannon around. Once I got wind of its production I forbade it to be built, but was forced to use it on a planet that was swimming with all of the most deadly of creatures and diseases. I just couldn’t watch them suffer so, I destroyed the planet.” Riida explained as she saw the shocked faces of her friends. “I had no choice,” she said, “The creatures were about to be hunted as game and the diseases would have spread throughout the galaxy; I found it the only humane thing to do.”

“But, why didn’t you have it destroyed?” Luna asked. “I ordered its destruction but I was out voted by the rest of the councilors. Zeral wanted to keep it in case of another planet that needed to be dealt with in such a manor.” Riida explained. “And now he believes that our world is one of those planets needing to be destroyed?” Celestia asked. Riida simply nodded and turned her gaze back to the sky. “We need the hacker to somehow get our warriors aboard that ship. I only fear that we may be too late to help anyone.” she said sadly.

Pinkie Pie sat on her haunches as she held a stick over the open flame of the camp fire, at the end was a marshmallow. “Camping last night sure was a great idea you two.” she said as she turned to Breeze and Rainbow Dash. “Yah, it was, wasn’t it?” Rainbow boasted as she sat close to him, her own Marshmallow just about to burn. “You might want to check on that Dashy.” Breeze said as he tilted his head towards the roasting treat. Rainbow turned to look at it just in time to see it burst into flames. “DAH!” she called out and brought it in to blow it out. She ended up scowling at the charred remains of what once was a puffy white sugary snack. Breeze simply chucked as he brought his own two perfectly cooked marshmallows back to himself and blew on them. He then turned to Rainbow Dash to give her one, “I always cook two at a time, just in case that happens to my brother.” he explained, and Rainbow happily took one of them in her mouth to eat it and tossed her burned one into the fire. “But seriously, what other species can have roasted marshmallows for breakfast?” he asked as he popped his own into his mouth.

“Might I have one?” they all heard, and there next to Pinkie Pie sat Spiral Chain, a stick and a marshmallow in hoof. Pinkie looked to the blue sky, almost thinking, “Meh.” she finally said, “You aren’t as sneaky as Breeze, I can never seem to catch him when he sneaks up behind me.” Spiral at first looked insulted, then shook her head, “I’m not here for that.” she said as she pulled her sugary snack away from the fire and looked at it. “Then what are you here for?” Rainbow Dash asked honestly as Spiral placed her cooked Mallow on a gram cracker and chocolate. “I’m here…” she said and took a bite of the s’mores, “…to relay a message…” she continued before chewing and swallowing the goody, “…from Princess Riida.” and swallowed it. Breeze waited a few seconds while Spiral Chain swooned over how good her s’mores was. “Um…the message?” he finally asked. Spiral let her eyes open wide in realization, “Oh, the message, right.” she said, “Every pony that possesses a NanoPack is to meet the three Princesses in the Canterlot throne room as soon as possible.” she said and picked herself up from the ground, and then turned back to Breeze, “Oh, and the royal builders are now working on your house. Where can I find your brother?” she added. Breeze paused a moment before answering, “Fluttershy’s house, I think.” he said, and Spiral Chain first nodded, then looked shocked, “Wait, what about your house?” she asked and mumbled to herself, “If you can call it that.”

“What do you think we’re burning?” he asked, and pointed his new hoof to the camp fire. Spiral Chain simply rolled her eyes to the sky in thought, then lowered her head to the ground with her ears pinned against her scalp, “You ponies are getting out of hand…or hoof now.” she grumbled as she trotted away.

Finally the eight ponies met at the train station, Fluttershy and Blade arriving last, “So?” Pinkie asked, “Did you two enjoy yourselves?” Fluttershy blushed a beat red, and actually buried her head in the ground, “We ate dinner, we cuddled and I fell asleep because of a long day. Any more questions?” he asked flatly. “Yah just one.” Pinkie said and smiled, “What’d you have for dinner, cause those ingredients looked good!” She never got her answer because the whistle blew on the train, signaling everyone to board. Blade had to literally pull Fluttershy’s head out of the ground to place her on his back and carry her to the train car.

Once the train began to move, they all went their own ways, staying inside the one train car. Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash all put their NanoPacks on, surrounding themselves in their armor. “I just have to do something with the Sapphire.” Rarity said to herself and glanced into a nearby window, trying to use it as a mirror. “Maybe a dress designed after it.” she said, and was answered by the Sapphire, “I would be honored to help dahling.” it said in a voice very similar to Rarity’s. Rarity looked behind her, finding nothing but her friends, Rainbow Dash and Applejack seemed to be having an armored hoof wrestling contest, and Pinkie Pie was gobbling up some pastries that the train cooks had placed there for the girls. “No dahling, it’s me, the Sapphire.” the NanoPack laughed, “Wha…what?” she stuttered. “Oh come on dahling, don’t you remember Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Rainbow Dash talking about how their NanoPacks can talk?” the Sapphire asked before Rarity had a chance to feint.

Rarity thought only a second about it, before Blade walked up to her and pulled his old coat out from his Saddle bag, “Rarity, I know this isn’t a great time, but I want you to turn this into a coat I can wear now.” he said, “With the wandering spell locked in the Prison Dimension I doubt that I’ll turn back anytime soon.” Rarity took hold of the coat, and spoke up, “Dahling, I can do so much better than just make it the same as your old coat, perhaps something a little more…” she never got to finish, he held up a hoof to stop her right there, “All I want is my coat back, I would do it myself but I’m afraid I have no experience in sewing with hooves.” he told her, and turned, “I’ll expect it done before we are briefed for whatever mission it is we’re going on.” he said, and continued to join Fluttershy in her conversation with Pinkie Pie. Rarity huffed, and looked down at the coat, “Well,” the Sapphire said, “it’s easy at least.

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