My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds


“Try harder Pinkie Pie!” Blade said nearly angry. He paced back and forth along the gravel road of the gardens, Fluttershy following closely behind him. “I’m trying as hard as I can, but it’s like I said, the Genesis Ark has no open wireless connections.” she said as she tried again. “Um…maybe we can try again tomorrow.” Fluttershy said in a whisper. “Yah!” Rainbow Dash agreed, “She’s been at this for almost five hours.”

“Tomorrow there might not be any time.” Blade said, keeping his frustrated tone, “We don’t know how long he’s been charging the Ark Cannon.” Twilight said in argument.

“Besides,” Breeze said, “Everypony knows that it’s the Bubble putting those words into your mouth Pinkie.”

“I didn’t put any words into your mouth, I mean, I’d need limbs to do that.” the Bubble said, and Pinkie smiled with a chuckle. “That’s not the point!” Blade growled, “We need to get there as quickly as possible.”

“Calm down!” Fluttershy said, when he turned to her his face blank and focused, she smiled sheepishly, “Please?” she asked in a squeak. Blade sighed, and walked up to her, nuzzling his cheek against hers, “I’m sorry Fluttershy, I just can’t stand not being able to help my friends, now that I have so many.” he told her. “I understand.” she whispered to him. “Aw!” they heard Breeze drawl. Blade smiled as Fluttershy blushed, “Don’t pay him any attention,” he whispered. Pinkie Pie smiled happily at the two, and suddenly had an idea.

“Wait a minute!” she said as they all heard the sound of a bell ring, “What if there’s another computer that nopony ever pays attention to that does have an open wireless connection?” she asked. “I’m on it!” the Bubble said excitedly, and launched another scan, finding a great many of them. “YES!” Pinkie shouted, “I got almost three hundred or more open connections, but none of them have a transporter.”

“What are they?” Breeze asked, seeing as Blade decided to be distracted with nuzzling Fluttershy. “They look like ship programs.” the Bubble announced to Pinkie. “Ship piloting programs.” Pinkie repeated. “Then pick the smallest one that will fit us all, and bring it here as quickly as you can.” Blade said, as he turned to them. He then turned back to Fluttershy and smiled, “We can finally get there and save the planet.” he said. Fluttershy smiled, and turned to Pinkie, “Can you make sure it has separate rooms as well?” she asked and smiled. Pinkie looked at her with a kind of confused look, “I can try.” she said, and looked through the list.

“Slow down there girl.” Applejack said, “Some subjects are still a bit touchy with me around.” After she finished, she looked longingly at Blade for a short time, and them sighed, as she turned and walked away. “She’s taking her loss fairly well.” Twilight said as she passed by the slightly downtrodden Applejack. “Wait, you won against her in a hoof wrestling contest?” Rainbow Dash asked. “Yah, but she gave me a run for my bits.” Twilight said, “Why?”

“I don’t think she’s over the crush on Blade yet.” Fluttershy said as she lifted her hooves and hugged him. For the first time in his life, Blade let a huge grin encompass his face and he could have sworn she whispered, “Mine!” to herself.

From the deck of the Genesis Ark, a midsized ship began glowing from the cockpit. The beeping of the startup echoed throughout the empty docking bay. The ship itself was designed with a top shell that looked too big for the bottom half and the downward curved wings looked to be a part of that shell. The bottom started to glow a bright blue, and the ship began lifting off, only inches from the ground before it scooted backwards into the open ally, and rocketed off towards the bay doors. From inside the Genesis Ark, Zeral stood at one of the consoles near what looked to be a barrel large enough to fit a blue whale snugly inside. A small red beep alerted him to the bay doors opening and he watched a passenger ship leave through the door before it was shut out. A smile spread to his face, “I knew you’d figure it out Riida,” he said, “Except I also know that if you leave the atmosphere of that planet, you will die almost instantly. Bring me your best warriors, even the legendary DoublePack cannot stop me in fulfilling my destiny.” With that, he simply touched a few buttons on the glowing board, “The moment that ship lands, they’ll be in for a big surprise!”

Pinkie smiled as she stood there, the visors over her eyes lighting up with the video of the path she was taking. “This is easy!” she said as she piloted the ship through space towards Equestria. “You’d think Zeral would have spotted us when I activated the bay doors.” the Bubble said to her. Pinkie chuckled again, “Maybe he’s distracted.” she replied. Behind her Blade had finally settled down, laying in the grass near a patch of flowers, Fluttershy rubbing her hooves along his spine, trying to relieve him of any tension. Rainbow Dash watched Breeze as he showed off by flipping his NanoPack in his hoof, changing it into his various weapons, and even his frying pan once. Twilight had a book levitated in front of her, and Applejack off to the side, her Tremor active as she hid from the rest.

“This is embarassin.” the Tremor said to her. “Ah know!” Applejack replied in a whisper, “But it’s still hard to watch them.” The orange farm pony sat down on her haunches, looking at the ground. “Yer happy fer her, right?” her NanoPack asked. Applejack smiled, both longingly and sadly, “Yah, ah am.” she replied, “And that’s why it’s so hard.”

“IT’S HERE!” she heard Pinkie Pie shout, and they all ran up to her as the ship slowly descended to the ground. “Good. Open it up Pinkie.” Blade said, and Pinkie extended one of her intrusion cables to connect it to the door panel. The door slid open, revealing a small platoon of robots just like the search droids they had encountered on the first day, except these robots had swords, guns and other weapons in their hands. “Shoot!” Breeze shouted as he pulled out his sword. The other ponies quickly surrounded themselves in their armor and Blade unleashed his giant sword as he flapped his wings to stay up. The one up front lifted what looked to be a laser rifle and quickly pulled the trigger, aimed right at Pinkie Pie. The pink pony ducked and quickly dashed off to the side, but forgot to disconnect her cable. The device stretched for just a second before snapping only inches from the end. “Ouch.” she cried out as she ran to be behind Fluttershy. Blade rushed in, clashing swords with some of the robots that filed out. Breeze did the same thing, using what skills he had to fend off the melee troops.

Pinkie looked to her broken cable, a small amount of pain in her eyes as she watched the sparks fly from the broken wires that poked out from the damaged cable. “I had no idea that it would hurt.” she whispered. “It hurts me more that it does you.” the Bubble cringed.

Fluttershy held her shield fast, the shots being absorbed into the Ion Deflector and bouncing off into either the walls or other robots. Twilight had started to use her magic, piercing through some of the robots and causing them to explode, but it seemed as if even more just kept flooding out of the ship. “He must have been planning to use the ships to surprise and attack other planets.” Blade grunted as he split another robot in half.

Fluttershy looked to Applejack as she bucked another advancing robot, and dodged several laser shots. Rarity vanished, shot her darts and reappeared, drawing fire away from the others as much as she could. Rainbow Dash used her miniature Vulcan guns to shoot them in the center eye, leaving Breeze to dismantle them afterwards. She then turned to Pinkie Pie, watching her hold her shoulder with her hoof, slight pain still evident on her face. Suddenly several robots marched up to the warriors, three of them grabbing a hold of Blade’s sword…and lifted up to be spun in circles. While distracted, several more robots piled themselves on top of him, weighing him down as much as they could. Applejack was easily cornered by over a dozen more, it seemed as if Twilight was the only one faring well until, “STOP!” Fluttershy shouted out as loud as she could. A click from the headdress and a wave of blue electricity exploded from both sides, washing over the battle field. The robots stiffened up and seemed to go into spasms, while the NanoPacks simply retracted into their stand by modes, all except the Tremor. “Uh…what the hay just happened?” Applejack asked as she watched the robots fall lifelessly to the ground.

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