My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

A Hero's Power

“The air seems far too still.” he told her. Fluttershy looked to him curiously, and then she looked out to the village, finding nopony around. “Where is everypony?” she asked worried. “I’m not sure, but…” he said at first and stopped abruptly before turning to her, “Get down!” he called and tackling her gently to the ground. The ray of yellow light that soared overhead barely touching the hair on her mane as she fell. It slammed into one of the huts, and immediately dissipated. “Heh, still impossible to sneak up on eh, W-3673?” the man said as he walked out from behind the Sugar Cube Corner. “You make it pretty easy to spot you!” Blade said as he turned to gaze at the man.

The man had on a long black coat, similar to one of the scientist’s white coats. His face was much younger than Blade’s, unflawed with a sharp chin and piercing green eyes. His smooth brown hair was pulled into a ponytail, ending at his mid-back, and on his right arm he held one of the satellites. “How do you like my NanoPack’s upgrade?” he asked, a malicious smile on his face, “It’s no longer a mech style, but rather an adaptive style with a mech base.” Blade gritted his teeth in anger, and stood up, reaching to his back. “I’ve waited so long for this chance.” the man said, and Fluttershy squeaked as the disk on his arm shifted, changing into only the arm piece and then spread up the rest of his arm and across his body, growing thicker, and taller, lifting the man up to twice his original height into a steel suit that looked more like a gorilla with a tiny human head standing on two massive legs.

Blade looked behind him as the machine loomed over them both, spying the shivering Fluttershy as she backed away. He closed his eyes, and turned back to the giant machine, “You’re scaring Fluttershy!” he said calmly and whipped his arm out. In his hand was what looked like a handle with a folded Chevron sign at the head. The top unfolded and outshot the bottom half of the blade, before the top half erupted out of that. “And from now on, you can call me Blade!” he said. “So, W-3673-Blade, then is it? Taking names from those that have no authority?” the man asked. Blade kept silent, his eyes focused on the mech suit in front of him, “You were always so difficult to read,” the man in the mech said, “and that’s why I HATE YOU!” With that shout, the mech lurched forward and raised its fist and threw it towards Blade. Blade instantly lifted his sword and knocked the fist away. “EVER SINCE THAT DAY,” the man screamed and threw the other fist at Blade while he lifted the first, “EVER SINCE YOUR BROTHER WAS ALMOST KILLED.” Blade swung his sword the other way, deflect the strike completely and causing the fist to slam into the ground harmlessly to his side.

The mech then jumped backward and the shoulders opened up, revealing a large six barreled machine gun in each shoulder. “Vulcan guns?” Blade called out and crouched down onto one knee. The spray of bullets was fast, covering the warrior and the pegasus in the dust instantly. “At first it was exciting, finding someone who could match me, even beat me in battle, but then, you excelled so quickly, you were assigned to the one remaining spot in the Warrior’s class, while I got transferred to the SCIENCE DEVISION!” the man shouted and let his Vulcan guns continue their assault.

Fluttershy screamed loudly, her hooves on her head, pinning her ears and her hair down. “You!” she heard Blade shout, and looked up to find him holding something completely different out in front of him. He was kneeling down low, his left arm on the ground bracing himself while his right arm held what she could only think of was a shield. The diamond shape was about the same size as the sword, only with the handle in the middle. In the center of the diamond was an open hole, in the very shape of the shield with the handle sticking straight up. Through the hole in the middle, she could see what looked to be blue energy erupting from the spots where the bullets struck, deflecting them away. ‘Wasn’t that thing supposed to be a sword?’ she thought to herself. Again she watched as the bullets ricochet away from them, the focus on Blade’s face taking her attention away from the fear she felt as he guarded her, ‘It’s funny, I feel so protected with him around, why?’

The barrage of bullets stopped just as suddenly as they began, but the barrels kept spinning, and glowing red. “Gerrr, blast it, ammo cylinder’s over heated.” the man said to himself. “You always did involve the innocent, didn’t you?” Blade said, as he lifted his eyes above his shield, “S-5399.”

“Tch, actually, it’s S-5399-Jacob, now!” the man said. “They must be desperate if they gave a lunatic like you a name.” Blade commented, and watched as the legs on the mech opened up revealing single shot missile pods. “Only you would know!” Jacob shouted as he launched the two missiles. Quickly Blade turned and grabbed Fluttershy around her waist, and lifted her in a single jump. He turned and placed his shield in front of her as the two missiles hit ground, he let the explosion send them as far away as it could, landing on his back, cushioning Fluttershy the best he could. “YOU SHUT YOUR SOUL TO EVERYONE, DESPERATLY CLINGING TO SUCH A STUPID THOUGHT AS FAMILY!” Blade’s eyes lit up with a fire, and he flipped them both over. Gently leaving Fluttershy on the ground he quickly lifted himself to his feet and reeled his shield back, “My brother, is not a ‘STUPID THOUGHT’!” he shouted and like a large disk, threw the shield at the mech. The spin it had made it look like a circle instead of a diamond, and caused it to easily slice through the shoulder of the mech, cleanly severing it.

The mechanical part dropped to the ground with a dull thud, and Jacob looked at it in shock. ‘Not possible.’ he thought to himself as he watched the now razor disk return to Blade like a boomerang. Blade simply lifted his right hand, and caught the shield by the handle. ‘That’s the same move he used to beat me in the final Warrior’s exam! But he had no control over it then, how was he able to excel that much in just one year?’ Slowly, Blade grabbed the handle of the shield with both hands. The moment his left hand touched the handle, the outside blade of the shield slid into the inside blade, and split apart. What was left were two weapons that looked surprisingly like a set of glider wings. The half blades on each side were similar to his large half swords in the fashion that they each had one blade, but the blades were only about half as long as the sword. “Leave now!” Blade said calmly, “You’re scaring Fluttershy!” His warning set in, Jacob simply looked his mech suit over, “Damn, three ammo cylinders over heated so the ammo regeneration program has stalled, one completely destroyed.” he said to himself, and glared at Blade, “This isn’t over! Once I get my NanoPack repaired and upgraded, I’ll come back and finally defeat you. I will be better than you!” he said and picked up his fallen arm, before his feet lit up with rockets, lifting him into the air.

Blade watched as Jacob disappeared into the sky; only when he knew the man was gone did he turn back to Fluttershy. “Are you alright?” he asked kindly, his eyes soft with worry. Fluttershy simply nodded and lifted herself to her feet, mostly to prove it to herself. “Good.” he said and put his weapon back together. The blades seemed to extend when the two halves touched, completing the shield again. With a flip of his wrist he unfolded the shield back into the sword, and shrank it back down to the simple handle by spinning it in his hand. “Um…if I may…uh…how do you do that…you know, that thing with your sword?” she asked shyly. As Blade slid it back into its holster, he gazed at the stars, searching for an answer. “Of course…if you don’t want to tell me…um…that’s fine too.” she added quickly and scuffed her hoof against the dirt. “No, I do. It’s just hard to explain. It’s semi-sentient nanotechnology.” he said, not wanting to sound too smart. “Nanotechnology?” she repeated. “You don’t have nanotechnology in Equestria?” he asked as he looked to her in a hidden surprise. This time Fluttershy shook her head, telling him the answer was ‘no’. Blade reached behind his back and pulled out the handle again.

“Inside this handle, is thousands, maybe millions of very tiny machines. These machines are designed to create and destroy other things their size to a specific design. You can teach them how to make different designs but they can only learn a certain amount.” he told her. “Can you open it up and let me see them?” she asked, “They’re probably so cute!” At that, Blade looked at her, then chuckled, “I haven’t laughed in almost thirteen years, thank you Fluttershy.” then he shook his head, “When I said small, I meant so small that you can’t see them with a naked eye.” he explained. “Oh.” she said and looked at him sheepishly.

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