My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

A New Weapon

Fluttershy stood there, her head pointed down and her breath heavy as the robots fell to the ground. The Valkyrie clinging desperately to her, but quickly shrank back into standby form. “Uh…what the hay just happened?” she heard Applejack ask. Blade shook his NanoPack wildly before he brought it in close, “Fried circuits.” he said, “She let off an EMP burst.”

“Wait, does that mean all of our NanoPacks are dead?” Pinkie asked. “No, just unconscious for an hour, eventually the self repair program will bring all of our NanoPacks back to peak condition.” Breeze told her. “Oh.” she said, “Makes sense.” and bounced away happily for two steps, and cringed, holding onto her left shoulder, “Still hurts a little.”

“It…hurts?” Blade asked. “Excuse me.” Applejack interrupted, “But I still seem to have a very talkative NanoPack still active.” She indeed did have her NanoPack, the Tremor, still activated. The pale grey armor seemed perfectly fine, yet the spikes coming off of her hips shined a few seconds before dimming, and again began to glow a dim blue a few seconds. “No way!” Breeze gasped as he neared her, he looked with wide surprised eyes at the curved spikes as they blinked. “EMP Dampeners?” Blade asked as he too looked at the spikes. “But for what?” Breeze asked as he turned to his brothers. Applejack had to admit, she liked the attention given to her from the stronger brother, but she tried not to get Fluttershy jealous, ‘It’s always the quiet ones yah halfta watch out fer.’ she told herself. “What’s an EMP Dampener?” Twilight asked as she looked to the blinking towers on Applejacks flank.

Blade took the split second to turn his head and look to Fluttershy, the Pegasus lying down on her side, her face turned from him. “FLUTTERSHY!” he called out when he saw her, and ran up to her with worry both in his heart and on his face. “An EMP dampener is a device that collects EMP energy and diverts it from the system to charge an even stronger system.” Breeze said as he watched Blade reach Fluttershy. “Fluttershy, are you alright?” he asked and placed his hoof to her back. Thankfully she shifted, tired and groggy she looked to him, “I’m alright.” she whispered and closed her eyes, falling asleep again. Applejack felt abandoned by him, but only for a fraction of a second as she realized who he was looking at, “Is she ok?” she asked as she walked up to them.

Blade looked Fluttershy over, placing his nose against her heart, and feeling it beat, “She’s just exhausted, emitting the EMP just took a lot out of her.” he sighed in relief. “That’s good.” Applejack said. “What is an EMP?” Rainbow Dash asked. “Electro Magnetic Pulse.” Breeze explained, “Basically a device throws a shockwave of electricity through the air and any electrical item, like our NanoPacks, get a super charge and have their circuits fried.”

“Oh.” she said, “But then why did Fluttershy get tired?”

“Because she produced the EMP.” Blade said as he lifted Fluttershy to his back, “Zacrimon channels the user’s physical energy and amplifies it, so I assume Theyron has the same effect just makes the NanoPack more sentient.”

“And the recharge every ten years?” Twilight asked. “It’s like the chemicals in a battery, eventually the battery acid wears away, it’s the same principal.” Blade responded. “But Theyron doesn’t need to be recharged?” Rarity asked. “My shoulder still hurts.” Pinkie said out of the blue. Blade made his way to the ship, “We don’t know, remember, Theyron is a brand new energy source, there’s no telling what it can do.” he said. “Wait!” Twilight called out, “If we need them, I think we’d better be prepared.” Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash all nodded, knowing just what she was talking about. “Uh, what are they planning?” Breeze asked as he turned to his brother. Blade simply shrugged his shoulders.

“Princess Celestia, I humbly ask that we be able to take the Elements of Harmony with us.” Twilight said as she stood in front of the throne. Celestia looked to Twilight, a stern but understanding look upon her face. After a time of thought, she smiled, “Of course Twilight,” she said, and lifted them up from behind her, “They are yours to use.” Twilight looked to Celestia in surprise as the crown was magically set onto of her head, “Princess?” she asked. Celestia smile gently, letting her know everything she needed to know, “You knew?” Celestia nodded, “The power of the Elements is strong, a strength that will aid you in your fight against Zeral. Do everything you can to protect Equestria, but most importantly, protect your friends Twilight.”

“I will, and thank you princess.” Twilight promised, and turned, her crown on her head, and the five necklaces floating in mid air behind her. “Sister, is it wise to let them use the Elements of Harmony in battle?” Luna asked as she entered into the room. “The Elements might just be their only chance, besides, only they can wield them correctly.” Celestia reminded her little sister. Luna sighed, “I understand.” she said and began walking towards the door. “Where are you going?” Celestia asked. “To see our friends off as a princess should.” she said. “You just want to see Breeze again before he leaves.” Celestia guessed. Luna stiffened like a board, her front hoof up to her knees and her eyes wide with shock and a blush of embarrassment on her face, “N…No.” she said quickly, “Besides, he’s Rainbow Dash’s special somepony.” she said, saving face. “Sure.” Celestia said with a smile as she passed right by her sister. Luna’s blush deepened as she lowered both of her ears and her head, “Just wait until you get a crush on somepony.” Luna mumbled to herself.Pinkie Pie, let Bubble cover her body, the grey metal reflecting the light from the sun and the visor lighting up with words she had no clue of. “Well, system checks out, all ready to go!” the Bubble told her, and Pinkie extended all four of her Intrusion cables, connecting them to the edge of the console in front of her. “Let’s get this bucket in the air.” Pinkie said happily, a confident grin on her face as she sent command after command through the cables and into the computer. The door to the ship closed on its own, Fluttershy and Blade buckled into one of the seats that had been magically reconfigured to accommodate ponies thanks to Twilight. Breeze on the other hand was standing in the middle of the ship with Rainbow Dash at his side, “You gotta learn to stay steady during takeoff when you’re an Assassin.” he said to Rainbow Dash.

Applejack walked in, her Tremor still active, “Who knew findin the bathroom was so hard in here.” she said, and the thrusters of the ship fired off. Breeze made his way to the window nearest the castle, and waved his hoof to the two regal sisters. Luna waved back, a smile on her face and eyes on him. A good distance up, the rear rockets fired off, sending both Rainbow Dash and Breeze tumbling across the room. Breeze was able to direct his position so that he was sitting when he hit the chair, but poor Rainbow Dash ended upside down in hers, “WOOHOO!” Breeze shouted as the ship climbed to space. “Oh yah that was fun!” he said as he looked to his cyan pegasus. “Yah…fun…” she groggily repeated as her eyes spun inside her head.

The moment they had exited the gravity of their own planet, Pinkie came over the intercom, slowing the ship down to a more reasonable speed, “Mares and colts this is your captain speaking. We’re just entering tolerable momentum and urge you to enjoy the ships accommodations. Today’s meal will be apple crumble with a side of cider and pie! Please be courteous of other passengers and as always enjoy your flight. Thank you for choosing Party Space Airlines!” she said over the intercom.

Rarity looked up from her seat and saw Applejack just standing there. “Pardon me, Applejack, but how is it you weren’t thrown back like everypony else?” she asked with a quirked eyebrow. The orange earth pony lifted one of her hooves, still covered in the Tremor’s armor, “Tremor has Stability Gyros built inta her hooves.” she said, and retracted her NanoPack, “Hey, aint we supposed to be float’n er something?” she asked. Blade unbuckled the struggling Fluttershy from her seat, “This ship has an artificial gravity generator,” he said, “All those space pony books you read aren’t all true, in fact only one had any real truth to it.”

“Oh.” she said with wide eyes. “I’m going to the Anti Gravity chamber for some fun, wanna join me?” Breeze asked Rainbow Dash, who had now righted herself and shaken off her dizziness. “Yah sure, I’m never going to get a chance like this again.” she said, and followed him to the chamber. “Ah, think I’ll go with em.” Applejack said happily. “Not me, who know what it’ll do to my mane.” Rarity said as she stuck her nose up in the air. “Breeze’s right, you’ll never git another chance.” Applejack said as she entered the hall. “I’m going to the hot tub.” Blade said as he and Fluttershy entered the hall way. “Hot tub?” Rarity asked, and seemed to find a bit of Rainbow Dash’s speed as she filed in right behind Fluttershy, “I do suppose your right, Applejack.” she said, “This will be the only trip we have on this ship.” Twilight watched as her friends all went to different parts of the ship, and chuckled, “This is going to be a great trip.” she said, and looked out the window, up at the Genesis Ark, “I just wish our destination was different.” she added in worry.

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