My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Deadly Surprise

Zeral smiled as he looked out to space, the scythe in his hand and madness in his eyes, “What are you thinking about?” the Reaper asked. “Battle, war. You name it.” he whispered. “I still don’t understand why we let such weaklings live among us.” the NanoPack said. “The doors separating us from the other six sectors are more than three feet thick, and there are more than eight of them in each entryway protecting the weaklings.” Zeral told the weapon, “Even with 100% Adamantium, it will take us far too long to cut through the metal to kill them all. I’ll just let them all starve to death.

“And the intruders?” the Reaper asked. “It will be fun turning them all into glue by hand.” the madman replied. “Yes, it will.” his weapon agreed.

Fluttershy leaned her head back as she let the warm water soak in, it had been the third time she had been in the hot tub this trip, and Pinkie was now having fun swimming in the nearby pool. “You like that hot tub, huh?” the yellow pegasus heard the pink pony ask as she pulled herself out of the water. Pinkie walked over to her friend and set hoof into the warm water, “I’m really nervous.” Fluttershy admitted. Pinkie settled in, sighing as she sat on her tail, “Did you tell Blade that?” she asked. “Yes.” the Pegasus responded honestly. “Good.” Pinkie responded. The two of them sat in silence as they relaxed, “Well?” Pinkie finally asked. Fluttershy just looked at her curiously, “What did he do?” Pinkie followed up. Fluttershy blushed a little, and sank her mouth under the water.

“He’s nice.” Pinkie said almost out of the blue. Fluttershy lifted her mouth out of the water, “Oh yes, he’s very nice,” she said, “and brave, and handsome…” she would have kept going except Pinkie spoke up with something completely out of character, “I’m scared.” she said. Fluttershy lifted her head out of the water some more, chancing a glance at her pink friend, “I know that doesn’t sound like me at all but…” Pinkie explained, “I can’t help thinking that we might not come back.” With the last of Pinkie’s words, a single tear slipped past her closed eyes and down her cheek, falling into the steaming water, “I couldn’t [sniff] stand not [sniff] seeing my best friends [sniff] ever again.” Pinkie sniffed as she started to cry. Fluttershy used her nose to lift her friend’s chin, causing the pink pony to look into her happy hopeful eyes, “We’ll all come back.” she said with complete confidence, “I promise. We’ve got each other, and the boys to help us. Everything will be alright!” Fluttershy’s smile encouraged her, and Pinkie began whipping her eyes of the tears that started to build, “Yah, you’re right Fluttershy.” she said as her happiness came back, “Gosh, I’m sorry, I’m usually the one cheering-up everypony else.” Fluttershy shook her head gladly, “It’s alright, everypony needs reassuring.” Pinkie smiled brightly, her grin finally full of light again, just as it used to be, “Well, I got to get back to the bridge, the autopilot can’t dock the ship you know.” she said and jumped out of the water, trotting over to grab a dull grey towel and dry herself off, “They really need to expand their collection of towel colors.” she said as she finished drying her hair, it fluffed out almost instantly as she removed the towel from her head. Fluttershy placed a hoof to her mouth and giggled, “Yah.” she agreed happily.

Breeze and Rainbow Dash sat at the window, watching as the large spherical ship came into view. “Wow!” Rainbow gasped, “It so much bigger than I thought it was.”

“Yah, and you’ve only seen part of one sector.” Breeze told her. The cyan pegasus turned her gaze to him, “Only part, I felt like I traveled for miles in those hallways.” she retorted. “You did, but that ship is built to house over 30 billion people comfortably.” he said as he gazed at his old home. “30 billion?” the two of them heard from behind them. Twilight walked up to them with surprise in her eyes and on her face, “That’s a lot of aliens.”

“Well, they hadn’t reached 30 billion yet, but the ship was built for that number.” Breeze said. Twilight joined them in gazing at the ship, “Why is it separated into so many pieces?” she asked. Breeze looked at the ship he remembered as home, his memories flooding his mind as he remembered every detail about it, “Six of the eight sectors are housing districts while the other one is for the Councilors and the actual academy, while the other is for the loading docks.” he told her, “Each of the housing Sectors is equipped with atmospheric generators for a specific kind of living style.”

“Wait,” Rainbow Dash asked, “Atmospheric generators?”

“Yah, each spices of alien is acclimatized to a certain atmospheric condition, like Metrakions, or as I call them ‘Ice Eaters’, live in sub zero temperatures.” Breeze said. “Wow.” Twilight gawked as she looked out the window towards the planet sized ship, “All that technology. I hope we can spend some time there after we take down Zeral.” The stars in her eyes seemed to shine even brighter the more she thought about it, the things she could learn from this ship alone could make Equestria a safe haven for all kinds of life. The friends she could make would number in the millions, or more.

The ship slowly moved towards the docking bay doors, barely touching them before the doors whooshed open in a flash, allowing the ship to enter into the depressurized chamber. As soon as it was a good distance away, the doors closed and air came rushing in, filling the entire room in seconds, “Pressurization complete, welcome back ship no. 8635JE456.” the PA announced in a computerized female voice. Breeze looked to a confused Rainbow Dash and folded his ears down in embarrassment, “Eheh, that’s the VIN of the ship we stole.” he explained. Pinkie stuck her tongue out as she moved the ship into the only empty spot available, the one the ship had been stolen from. She tried so hard, but eventually she scraped up against the side of the ship on her right, “Oops, sorry!” she said and set the ship down gently.

They all funneled out of the ship, stepping onto the cold steel floor and Pinkie walked up to the scratch she had made, “I’ll just leave a note.” she said as she looked at the damage, and pulled a pad of paper and a pencil out from behind her to scribble a quick message on it and quickly changed into her NanoPack to use one of the intrusion cables to place it on the windshield. Blade just happened to glance at her just as she retracted her cable, “I think Pinkie has the right idea, we should be prepared for everything.” He watched as Fluttershy activated her NanoPack, then Applejack and Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and then Breeze flipped his NanoPack in his hand, changing it into various forms of his weapons. Blade nodded and extended his own sword before flapping his wings to get lift, and turning to Twilight.

She lowered her head, “If it’s all the same to you, I’d rather not change into the Angel right now.” she said. “You shouldn’t be afraid of your power Twilight.” Breeze said. “He’s right, there’s a difference between fear and control.” Blade said as he floated up to his brother’s side. “How come you get all the good one liners?” Breeze mumbled to his brother indignantly. Twilight chuckled, and with a smile said, “Thanks guys, but the longer I have her on, the more I become the puppet.” Blade frowned at her, and retracted his NanoPack to land on his hooves, “She’s not a puppet either Twilight, she supposed to be your friend.” he said. “Another good one, seriously stop it. You make me look bad.” Breeze complained. All six of the girls laughed at his comment, Twilight opened her eyes to say something, but instead her eyes opened wide with shock, “LOOK OUT!” she called out, and they all looked to where she was facing, at the other end of the room, built into the wall, sat the top half of a robot almost as big as one of the ships, aiming a glowing canon at them. Fluttershy ran to the front of the group and lifted her shield, easily deflecting the blast, but destroying several ships around them, including the ship they came in on and the ship Pinky left a note to. “Well, at least I don’t have to leave a note for this one.” Pinkie said as she nervously looked to the giant robot wall.

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