My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Colossal Problem

“That’s the Proto-Sentinel!” Breeze shouted as he switched to his Crossblade shurikan. “What’s a Proto-Sentinel?” Rainbow Dash asked.

The actual Robot was turned to its side, one arm imbedded into the wall and the other nearly touching the ground. The head shaped like all of the other droids they’d seen and the metallic shell was white with blue stripes along the side and the arm. The forearm looked much too big for the fist, even though the hand was proportionate to the rest of the body. Rainbow Dash assumed that it was because that was where all of the weapons were located.

“The Proto-Sentinel was a system of twelve security droids built into the Genesis Ark itself.” Breeze tried to explain as the Sentinel lifted its massive hand.

“SCATER!” Blade shouted and they all went different directions.

“They were supposed to protect the citizens but a virus was introduced into entire network, and they all had to be shut down.” Breeze told them.

“A virus?” Pinkie asked as she to dodged what looked to be small laser fire.

“Well it looks like Zeral started them up again.” Twilight shouted as she ducked behind other ships, letting their thick armored hulls take the damage instead of her.

“That sounds bad.” Applejack said as she ran up to the robot, using her obstacle course training to get there and buck the wall it was embedded in. The shaking actually stunned it long enough for Breeze to run up its arm with his sword in his mouth and slash at the head.

The robot reached for him, only to have him disappear in mid air, and reappear on the ground not far from where he was before. Blade then lifted himself towards the ceiling of the dock, and folded his wings in, stopping his accent before he reached the end, and turned in mid air so that he was facing down. With a few flaps of his wings, he gathered enough speed to rocket past the machine, slicing through the outer shell of the chest, and slammed into the ground. The Proto-Sentinel then looked down at him, when its eye began to glow Blade finally looked back at it and gasped.

Fluttershy flapped her wings as fast as she could, placing herself between him and the robot with her shield in front of her, and was hit hard with a powerful blast. The force was strong enough to push her into Blade, who stood up on his back legs and placed his front hooves on both sides of her waist, pushing against her shield and holding her steady as she blocked the beam. He could feel and hear the floor underneath him bend under the pressure of the blast.

“BROTHER!” Breeze called out. “FLUTTERSHY!” the girls shouted in worry even as the laser fire increased with lasers from the machine’s shoulder. Applejack and Rainbow Dash tried charging in, but only the pegasus got through all of the laser fire, and all she could do was scratch the armor with her Vulcan guns. “This aint workin!” Applejack called out to her friends as she ducked behind a large piece of what once was a battle ship. “I can’t see an opening anymore.” Breeze said as he jumped and dodged laser fire. “I can!” Rainbow Dash called out as she returned and picked up Applejack. “What’r you doin?” the earth pony asked. “Skyball!” was all Rainbow Dash said and let her mask encompass her face. Applejack smiled wickedly and removed her hat, dropping it gently on the ground, “Ah, gotcha.” Rainbow Dash then raced towards the giant robot, dodging laser fire as she went, finally in close, she held her friend by the front hooves and spun Applejack in a few circles, gathering speed until she let go.

Applejack flew in towards the machine, pulled her back legs in and compressing her Quake Pistons. “We’re gonna have ta give it all we got!” she said to her NanoPack. “Ah here yah girl!” the Tremor responded in excitement. “YEEEHAAAW!” the two of them shouted, right before they slammed everything they hand into the head of the machine. With the force created from Applejacks Quake Pistons and the speed she had been traveling, the head easily ripped right off of the body, causing the beam to sweep across the dock before it finally shut off. The single arm of the machine began flailing about wildly, as if in a panic, before finally dropping to the ground, right in front of Fluttershy and Blade.

Both of them on the ground, breathing heavily from the strain of resisting the power of that blast, “Are you alright?” Blade asked through his breaths. Fluttershy blushed and nodded, a smile on her face as she hugged him tight, her shield lying on the ground beside them. “Ehem!” they both heard, and looked up to see Applejack as she hopped from shoulder to arm and then down to the ground, a large smile on her face, “Yer, welcome.” she said. “Thank you for saving us Applejack.” Fluttershy said to her friend.

Applejack smiled brightly as Rainbow Dash hovered down to the ground, “Hey, I had a hoof in it too.” she complained. Blade smiled gently at the two and shook his head, “Thank you both.” he said and got to his hooves to help Fluttershy up, “We’d both be dead without your quick thinking.”

“Well,” Rainbow Dash boasted as she took a step forward, “At least some pony apreci…” she stopped when she stepped into the warped floor around the two special someponies, noticing the difference immediately, “Whoa!” she finished as she looked to the bowled ground. “Applejack, Rainbow Dash!” they all heard Twilight call out, “Is everypony alright?”

“Eyup!” Applejack shouted, purposefully mimicking her brother. Blade, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash chuckled at the joke, listening as Twilight sighed in relief, “Thank Celestia.” she said.

“…and you two were like; whoosh, whoosh. And then she was all YEEEHAAAW! And then WHAM right into the Sentinel.” Breeze relayed to Rainbow Dash in excitement. The cyan pegasus simply chuckled as they walked down the corridor, entering into a very large room that looked more like a highway.

Bridges spanned to all sides of the room, each one higher that the last as they traveled up the walls in a kind of double helix pattern. Blade and Breeze walked into the middle of the room and turned to the others, “Welcome to the Galactic Patrol Academy campus.” Blade said to the girls. All six of them gawked as they entered into the lobby room.

What they couldn’t see finally becoming visible, white furniture set up in a friendly grouping arrangement, magazines at every table and even class schedule books tucked neatly into a rack near the desk. Twilight raced towards the desk, Pinkie Pie magically in tow, and Rarity walked up calmly to the magazines. Twilight set a surprised Pinkie in front of the computer, and magically picked up one of the schedule books from the rack to flip through it. “What am I supposed to do?” Pinkie asked. Twilight lifted her head from the book to look at Pinkie excitedly, “Try to find out everything you can about everything!” she said and turned back to her book. Pinkie shrugged silently and plugged a single intrusion cable into the computer’s side.

Fluttershy walked up to one of the couches, felt it with her hooves, and the smiled before hopping up onto it and just happily rested. Blade was just about to call out to everyone when Breeze placed his hoof on his brother’s shoulder, “Let em be bro. It’s their first time here.” he said with a smile. “That’s what’s got me nervous, this place seems untouched.” Blade said as he glanced around, “Where is everyone? Where are the students?” Breeze finally let his smile fall, and looked around the deserted building, “Be right back.” he said, and disappeared. “He has to teach me how to do that.” Rainbow Dash said as she walked up to Blade. “He’s the only one who figured out how.” he responded and Breeze reappeared seconds later. “You’re right.” he said, “It’s completely deserted.”

“That means only two things; that either everyone was called to fight off Zeral in the councilor’s chambers, or Zeral is laying in wait somewhere in here.”

“Very perceptive of you dear boy.” they all heard Zeral say. The voice seemed to echo from everywhere all at once, “The PA system.” Breeze said in recognition. “And his sidekick pulls one off.” Zeral teased. “Who are you calling a side kick?” Breeze asked in anger. “Don’t let him get to you.” Blade warned his brother. “What’s this? Twilight, why are you holding everyone back when you could be pushing them forward so much faster?” he suddenly asked. Everypony turned to Twilight, some waiting for her answer and others wondering what Zeral was talking about. “I…I…” she tried to say as she sat under the nervous pressure of the stares of her friends. Blade turned from her, looking up to the other floors, “She’s not! She’s saving her strength for you.” he said. Zeral’s laughter could be heard clearly over the intercom, “You were never a good liar Blade, and this attempt is just humorous. You try so hard and for what? Scraps…pennies?” he asked. “It’s all I need! That, my friends and my brother.” was Blade’s response. Zeral seemed to have been silenced for a moment, but again burst out laughing at the warrior-turned-pony. “There’s only one place he could have access to both the sound monitors and the PA mic.” Breeze said. Blade nodded to his brother, “Yes, the School Master’s office.”

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