My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Happy to be of Assistance

The eight of them ran and flew as fast as they could through the halls, Blade and Rainbow Dash climbing as high as they could to scout the area first. Suddenly Twilight heard the whispers again, the Angel’s voice echoed through her mind. “The enemy makes a good point does he not?” Twilight stopped in her tracks, panting hard even as Pinkie and Rarity both turned around to see if she was alright. “Are you ok Twilight?” Pinkie asked as she ran back to her friend. “Yah,” she panted, “Just…out of breath. You two go on, I’ll catch up.”

“No way.” Pinkie said, “I’m not leaving a friend behind.” The Angel remained speechless, even as Twilight argued with the hyper pink pony, “The others might need you more than me. Just go.”

“You don’t seem that out of breath to me.” Rarity said, both offended by the lie and worried about the truth. “Besides, I’m just a hacker.” Pinkie said in her own defense. “Really girls, I’ll be fine.” Twilight argued, “Just go.” Suddenly Twilight felt herself get picked up, Applejack underneath her and running quickly, “There,” she said, “now everypony’s happy.”

“Applejack?” Twilight gasped. “Listen Twi, Ah know it aint easy. But ya can’t give up just cause somepony else thinks so. And yer DoublePack don’t know everythin.” she said. “But how…?” the Angel asked even though Twilight was the only one to hear it. “Power aint always the answer.” Applejack said. “Yup! What she said.” Pinkie said as she ran neck and neck with Applejack. Twilight smiled brightly, and jumped off of Applejack’s back to begin running on her own, “You’re right Applejack, just because I don’t use my DoublePack doesn’t mean I’m slowing you guys down.” she said now with confidence. Applejack smiled as they all ran.

Suddenly they spotted the others up in front of them, stopped at a certain door, “What happened?” Blade asked as they approached them, “Were you attacked?”

“No.” Twilight said, “I guess I just let it all overwhelm me for a second, but I’m fine now.”

“Good, we’ll need Pinkie’s help to get in here.” Breeze said, “You just make sure to watch our backs…er…flanks.” Applejack, Twilight and Rarity all nodded as Pinkie trotted up to the door, “This is different than all of the other doors I’ve seen on this ship.” she said. The actual door was tall, and rectangular, wide enough to accommodate the much larger breeds of students and a bright pale green in color. The box on the side was shaped more like a hexagon, with sides that obviously would not allow for the Intrusion Cable to latch onto it, and the front was protected by a rather large dome of glass. “It’s designed like Mendalishian tech, they use hand scans to act as keys.” Pinkie then extended one of her Intrusion Cables and covered the glass dome with it. “What are you doing?” Twilight asked. “Tricking the reader into thinking it really is reading the hand print of the School Master, I mean duh!” she said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Twilight lifted an eyebrow, just in time to hear the thing say, “Welcome School Master Talin.” and begin playing a song Pinkie remembered being called ‘Every Girl’s Crazy About A Sharp Dressed Man’ by a band called ‘ZZ Top’. She remembered listening to it several times and laughing. Pinkie retracted her cable and closed her eyes, bobbin her head side to side as the others walked into the room, “I like this song!” she finally said as she took her first step, and the door slammed shut on her, causing her to slam face first into the green door. Pinkie then removed her face from the door and swayed her head back and forth in a dizzy state before the song stopped and she shook her head wildly to rid herself of the pain. “Huh?” she asked as she looked to the door.

The others on the inside looked around the room in wonder, it wasn’t very big, but seemed rather friendly in atmosphere. A large desk was pulled to the back and to the side of the room with a large bookshelf to one side and three soft looking white chairs in front of the desk and a rather large equally soft red chair behind it. “I don’t think he’s here.” Rainbow Dash said cautiously. Twilight then turned back to the door, and found that the other reader had been ripped out of the wall, wires of all different colors dangling from the hole where it used to be. “Girls!” she said in worry, and Applejack reared back, attempting to buck the door down, “That would be too easy!” Blade called out when he saw what she was about to do. The second she hit the door, all of her strength left her and was replaced with the pain of an electric shock. She collapsed to the ground seconds later, dizzy and disoriented, but her hip spikes beginning to shine brightly every few seconds. “Are you alright?” Twilight asked as she arrived at her friend’s side. “I didn’t think Zeral would make it easy, look up!” Blade said. Twilight looked up as he instructed, finding a large red wire snaking its way across the ceiling and to the metal frame of the door.

Blade pinched the bridge of his nose, sighing as he tried to think of a way out, only to suddenly stiffen up, and turn to a vent in the room, “GAS!” he called out as he heard the hissing noise coming from it. “Shoot!” Breeze said, “We walked right into a trap!”

We did, but Pinkie’s still outside the door!” Rarity said as she looked around the room.

Outside, Pinkie was turning in circles, waiting for her friends to come out, “I’m telling you something’s wrong in there.” the Bubble said. “What could go wrong in an enclosed room?” Pinkie asked. “Well, the door panel told me that somepony had rigged the inside to fill up with…” the NanoPack tried to say, but was interrupted when they heard Breeze call out. “PINKIE HELP!” he screamed. She instantly ran up to the door, and tried to place her hoof against it. She stopped when her visor flashed a red warning sign and she heard an emergency beeping noise in her ears. “Something’s rigged the door to electrocute anypony who touches after the gas starts up.” the Bubble said over the warning noise. “Don’t touch the door.” Pinkie called out. “Yah we know. Applejack found out the hard way.” Breeze told her. “What?” Pinkie called out in worry, “Is she ok?”

“Yah, just a little stunned and disoriented, her EMP dampeners helped save her life.” he said, and Pinkie put her hoof down and exhaled in relief, “But the room is filling up with gas, and quickly. The door switch on this side has been destroyed completely. We need you to get us out of here and fast.” Pinkie trotted in place as she began thinking, and extended one of her Intrusion Cables, connecting it to the door panel on her side. Trying the same trick, the panel buzzed at her, “Hand print unaccepted.”

“What?” she called out, “But you liked my hand print imitation earlier!”

“Zeral must have changed the program to randomize the hand print after every use.” the Bubble said. Pinkie then trotted in place again, nervous energy building up, “Oh what do we do, what do we do?” she asked, and the Bubble spoke up in a rather confident tone, “Leave this to me.” Suddenly the visor went dark, only to light up again, this time with a wireframe picture of Pinkie’s necklace. Lines poked out from the three dimensional blue print, labeling everything that the Bubble was noticing from what metal or jewel it was to the kind of power it had,. The image shrank, and up came an image of the Bubble’s characteristics, “Oh Yah!” the NanoPack said, “This is going to be good.”

“What are you doing?” Pinkie asked. “I’m going to use the Element of Laughter to get them out of there.” the Bubble told her, “Put it on.” Pinkie reached behind her, retrieving her Element and slipped it around her heck without a second thought. The moment she let go, the metal of her NanoPack seemed to melt around it, absorbing it until all that was left was the jewel and its boarder. The crystal then shined a bright pink, and that energy surged through the cable and into the door panel. Seconds later the door slid open, and out came her friends. “Thanks Pinkie, we owe you one.” Blade had Applejack draped over his back as he pulled her out, Fluttershy close by making sure the earth pony didn’t fall. Pinkie slid the door shut after the last of her friends, Twilight Sparkle, finally exited, sealing the gas inside the room. “YES!” pinkie squealed as she jumped into the air happily. Stopping only to remove her Intrusion Cable and hug her friends, “I’m so glad you’re all safe.” she said. “Thanks to you Pinkie, we’re all safe, for now.” Fluttershy said in thanks. “Oh no, it wasn’t me!” she said as she squeezed Twilight in a huge hug, “The Bubble came up with the idea of using my Element to do…something.”

“I tickled it.” the Bubble said, “But without the Element of Laughter, it would have taken way too long, normal machines don’t know the joys of laughter.” Pinkie set the struggling Twilight down, and looked at the top of her screen, “You…tickled…a computer?” she asked. “Yup.” the Bubble responded. Pinkie stood there a few seconds, and then burst out laughing as hard as she could.

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