My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Loyal to the End

“I can see a problem with having friends.” the Angel said as they continued up the campus halls, “The things she said were out of line.”

“Fights happen, even between friends.” Twilight countered, “But it makes being forgiven much easier when you are or have friends.”

“Forgiven?” the Angel asked. “Oh right, you’ve never asked for forgiveness have you?” Twilight asked. “The look on your friend’s face, when she realized just what effect her words might have had on you, is that normal in friendship?”

“It’s normal in life to be angry at things. We can’t explain why things make us angry. That look you saw, was of regret.”

“Regret…” the Angel asked as if trying the word for the very first time. “Yah, Rainbow Dash was ashamed of what she said, and even if what we saw was real, I think she would have felt the same, just because she’s my friend.” Twilight explained. “Regardless of whether she was right or wrong?” the Angel asked. “That’s right!” Twilight responded. “Friendship is truly a remarkable and confusing thing.” her DoublePack said, just as Rainbow Dash found her way next to Twilight. “Hay, you ok?” she asked. “Yes, I’m fine now. It took some time, but I’m over it.” Twilight told her friend. Rainbow let her head drop, “I still feel really bad about it.”

“I know Rainbow Dash.” Twilight said and lowered her own head so that she could look Rainbow in the eyes, “And I still forgive you.” she said. Rainbow Dash smiled lightly, and seemed to lift her own head, “I’m gonna make it up to you I promise.” she said and ran forward, meeting up with Pinkie Pie and Rarity, probably to discus something. “You could have easily used her words against her, yet you act as if it had little to no effect on you at all. Why not assume control and make her pay for her words?”

“She’s beating herself up over it, don’t you think that’s enough punishment?” Twilight asked, “Besides, she’s my friend, ‘forgive and forget’ as they always say.”

“That a girl Twi!” she heard Applejack say from behind her. Applejack’s armor had changed quite similarly to Pinkie’s nothing physical except the new jewel embedded onto her chest, and the armor now had a tinge of orange to it, shining like her Element of Honesty. “Forgiveness is divine!” she said as she passed by. Twilight chuckled as she did, “That too.” she laughed. “Forgiveness is…divine.” the Angel repeated.

“We’re here!” Breeze said excitedly, bouncing quite similarly to Pinkie Pie at the moment. He landed on his hooves, still making no sound at all, and crouched down, “I haven’t been in here since I was in my training years!” he said, his smile simply bursting out from his face. “Yah, but you didn’t have a crazed maniac trying to kill you then.” Blade reminded him. “Oh…right.” Breeze said as he lowered his ears in embarrassment.

The all entered in to the open room, spreading out across the floor until the room went dark. At the end farthest from Rainbow Dash, the room lit up with the hologram of a planet very much like Equestria, except the grass was silver in color and the inhabitants were of various shapes of animals and humanoid both known by Twilight and unknown to her, and all of them a shimmering blue with starlight colored hair. A narrative voice sounded out around the stadium, speaking in a language that even Twilight didn’t know existed. “That’s the Shimmers.” Twilight said as she watched the civilization advance quickly. NanoPacks were introduced and as they watched the civilization flourished, something in the back happened, a set of panels opened up and cables reached out, wrapping themselves around Rainbow Dash’s legs and waist, before plugging themselves into her wings. The cables then began pulling her back, trying to quickly place her in between them before closing.

“GYAH!” she screamed out before activating every jet she had. Even then, it was just enough to keep her stable as she struggled against the cables. “Rainbow Dash!” Breeze shouted as he looked to her. The holographic Shimmers then turned their gaze to the group, and changed into armored warriors. “In coming!” Pinkie shouted, getting everyone’s attention. Everything from centaurs to Minotaurs came at them, each dressed in similar armor. Rainbow Dash watched as her friends were quickly surrounded by thousands of the shimmering blue creatures. “Hang on guys,” she shouted, “I’m commin!” She tried to cause her jets to put out more power, only to find out that they were all going at full capacity.

“Ger…Stupid cables.” the Jetwing said, “Their draining my power cell as I use my thrusters.”

“What?” Rainbow Dash asked. “I think we are powering the fight.” the NanoPack said, “Problem is, we’ve generated enough power already to keep the system going at realistic settings for almost 18 hours.”

“So if we keep going…” Rainbow Dash began. “We fuel the fight further.” the Jetwing finished. “And if we stop trying to escape?” Rainbow Dash asked. “We get crushed by those panels, and our friends have to survive 18 hours of an entire planet of shape changing warriors.” Rainbow Dash gritted her teeth in anger, “If only we could go faster.” she said in anger. “Hang on Rainbow Dash!” she heard Twilight shout, “We’re coming to help you.” She watched Twilight lift several of her adversaries into the air, and toss them into a group of pig shaped Shimmers. Twilight instantly disappeared and reappeared next to Rainbow Dash, before wrapping her hooves around one of the cables and trying hard to pull it off of her friend. When that didn’t work, she tried to use her magic to release her friend. “No good.” Twilight said, “It’s just too strong and I don’t know enough about it.”

Suddenly Rainbow Dash’s visor lit up, creating a wire frame image of the cables and a list of things it was doing, “This thing is using us as a battery, so why not just over load it?” the Jetwing asked. “How do I do that?” Rainbow Dash asked. “Give it too much power, it’s like over eating, you can only hold so much.” her NanoPack informed her. “But this it all we can put out.” Rainbow Dash said. “As we are, you don’t want to let our friends down do you?” the Jetwing asked. Rainbow Dash pushed just a little harder, “Twilight!” she called out, “Grab my Element of Loyalty and put it around my neck.” Twilight didn’t hesitate for a second, she reached behind Rainbow Dash, pulled out the necklace and slipped it around her friend’s neck. Like the others, the metal of the NanoPack seeped over it, surrounding the Element until all that was left was the red lightning bolt shaped jewel and its golden border. The red Jewel shined bright, forcing not only Twilight but the Shimmers to shield their eyes, “You want power, you can have as much as you want!” Rainbow Dash called out, and somehow, her boosters doubled in thrust.

She inched forward as the panels around the room exploded, showering wires and metal down on everyone. Blade lifted his sword above himself and his brother as he also hid under Fluttershy’s shield. Rainbow Dash cut her engines and boosters just before the cables snapped, breathing heavily from the pull, but thanked Celestia that it wasn’t pulling back anymore. Twilight threw whatever shrapnel she caught away, and focused her magic on the cables, which now easily came off. “Wow!” Breeze said as he poked his head out of the cover he had, “I know I’ve broken a lot of panels but the entire room?” he said in surprise and vanished only to reaper next to Rainbow Dash, “Best party ever!”

“HAY!” Pinkie called in offense. “No offense Pinkie.” he said quickly. "Hmph!” she huffed. “Pinkie makes parties. That was a struggle for our lives.” Rainbow Dash said, as she regained her breath. Pinkie grinned and let out a squee in happiness. “Well, ok. But I think it was a lot of fun.” he said as he marched to the door, knocking it down with a simple push. “That’s his idea of fun?” Fluttershy asked. “I hope not.” Blade said simply as he walked out of the room with her at his side. “Where do we look now?” Applejack asked, “That was our last lead.”

“We ascend to the top.” Blade said simply, and looked up, “Only a few more floors to go.”

Zeral sat in the dark, grinning at the glowing screen in front of him with both madness and excitement, “This is going so much better than I thought it would.” he said and turned his gaze to Twilight Sparkle as she exited the holo room, “All except you my dear,” he said, “Why do you continue to neglect your power?” He placed his hand to his chin in thought, “Could it be that you are afraid of it?” he asked himself, “Perhaps we’ll see.”

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