My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Half Way There

“You tried desperately to help your friend, even after all of the terrible things she said.” the Angel asked as Twilight and the others ascended what seemed like the fiftieth stair case since they arrived. “Of…{Gasp} course {Wheeze}.” Twilight said as she breathed heavily from the exercise she was getting. Blade and Breeze seemed to be fine, Fluttershy was hauled over Blade’s back, and Rainbow Dash just used her boosters on low level to ascend the stairs. “Why…{Huff} cant we…{wheeze} use the elevator?” Pinkie asked. “There isn’t one. We’ll take a rest on the next floor.” Blade called back to them. “Good.” Applejack huffed at him, “We’re not used to so many stairs.” The second they all made it to the top, Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie all collapsed to the floor. “Tch, I’m not tired at all!” Rainbow Dash said. “Duh!” Twilight said, “You have jets to help you.” Rainbow Dash blushed a little, “I’m gonna go look around, yah know, scout up ahead.” she said and landed on her hooves, to trot away. “I’ll go with you.” Breeze said quickly and did his disappearing act to arrive next to her. Fluttershy slid off of Blade’s back, a happy grin in her face, “Thank you Blade!” she said kindly and nuzzled him in the cheek. Blade blushed and smiled, but other than that, he didn’t flinch at all.

“Why would you give so much energy to another pony at all? She could have found her Element without you.” the Angel asked. “It doesn’t matter,” Twilight said, “Being a friend also means that no matter what, if you’re needed or not, you be there for your friends.”

“I see.” the DoublePack said, “No matter what huh? Then perhaps…no. I still need more time.” Twilight lifted an eyebrow to those words, but decided to leave it alone, the Angel would tell her in time.

Fluttershy leaned up against Blade as the two just lay there enjoying each other’s company on one of the hallway couches they found. Suddenly he heard her light, almost silent snore as she began to fade into sleep. Blade than smiled brightly as he turned his gaze to her, ‘I’m sure she’s exhausted.’ he thought to himself, ‘She’s never had to do so much all at once. I feel like it’s my fault she’s working so hard.’ His thoughts were interrupted when she snuggled further into his neck, trying subconsciously to find the perfect spot. Blade let go of another smile as he watched her, ‘I just wish this were a different setting, going to war just doesn’t ring romantic to me.’ he thought.

Several minutes went by as they relaxed, the serine feeling was quickly quelled when Rainbow Dash came back alone. “You guys!” she called out waking Fluttershy from her nap with a squeak, “Breeze’s in trouble, we found another Proto-Sentinel up ahead, and it just started attacking us. He got cornered in one of the rooms.”

“WHAT?” they all yelled and stood up as quickly as they could, following the speeding Rainbow Dash as she took off down the hall. “Down here!” she called to the others and zoomed even further, “This way!” she called and pointed with her hoof, and zoomed off in that direction. The others followed as closely as they could, with Fluttershy trailing behind. “Oh, my.” she said to herself as she followed. The others all went in, weapons at the ready, as she stopped at the edge of the door, ready to help with anypony who needed it.

This Proto-Sentinel seemed different than the other one, the armor was shaded with a darker grey than the first and it had a large glowing red orb in the center of its chest. It was also much bigger in size and both of its arms were free from the wall behind it. The machine was so large that the torso was literally attached to the ground and its head nearly touched the ceiling. “That’s Proto-Sentinel Omega!” Blade shouted as he rushed it. The room it was in was easily the size of the docking bay, making this robot the size of a dragon all by itself. Fluttershy watched as her friends fought it off, Twilight using her magic instead of activating the DoublePack. Fluttershy moved her head back and forth, searching the room for each of her friends, and spotted Breeze in the opposite corner, pinned under an overturned desk. Without another thought, she dashed out, moving all four of her legs as quickly as she could to get to him. The Proto-Sentinel caught her out of the corner of his robotic eye, and easily swatted Rainbow Dash away as she came in close before reaching one of its massive hands towards her. Blade tried slashing at the arm, but did nothing more than rip holes in the armor. “FLUTTERSHY!” he called out finally, “LOOK OUT!” The yellow pegasus stopped dead in her tracks and turned to the massive hand just in time to squeak in fright as it dug its fingers into the floor around her, its palm pinning her to the ground as it lifted her and the floor up. “FLUTTERSHY!” Blade called out as he tried to chase the hand with her in it.

The chest of the giant robot opened up, separating into three panels around its glowing red center, right before the center itself pulled slightly out of the robot, and the Proto-Sentinel just tossed Fluttershy into its chest, closing the hatches almost as instantly. Blade rushed it, pointing the tip of his sword to the red center and roared, “Let her GO!” The same hand that once held Fluttershy, now swung back and swatted him away, pinning him against the wall. Blade pushed as hard as he could against the back of the massive hand, using his sword and all four of his legs to keep himself from getting crushed against the wall. Again he could feel the metal of the wall bending under the pressure he and the machine were exerting against it. “Big mistake!” he said, mostly to himself and pushed even harder against the hand, his adrenaline pushing his new body even further than even he believed possible. With a quick burst of strength, he pushed the hand away from him, and lifted it above his head before flapping his wigs to carry himself away from the mechanical hand.

The moment he touched down, he found his legs in pain, and collapsed to the ground, “Shoot.” he said, “That hurt!” and tried desperately to get up, but the pain in his legs kept him down.

Twilight moved in front of him quickly, and used her horn to erect a barrier around the two just as a laser hit it and dissipated. “Are you alright?” she asked as she continued to protect him. Again he tried to stand, “Eng! I don’t think so.” he said in pain, “I’ve never pushed my body that hard before. I think I strained my legs too much.” and let his NanoPack shrink back into standby, “It hurts just to move.”

“That’s saying a lot.” they heard Breeze say. Twilight turned her eyes toward him, watching as he tried harder to move the desk on top of him, “He never complains about pain.”

Fluttershy kept her eyes closed, thinking she was dead or something. The noises around her began to make her think otherwise. The groan of metal as it moved and grinded together, “I don’t think heaven is supposed to sound like that.” she whispered to herself, and opened her eyes. What she saw was a veritable maze of wires and pieces, each one leading somewhere she couldn’t see, and the three that held her suspended ran throughout the machine both up and out in different directions. Suddenly she heard a loud clanking noise and looked down. As the machine moved to lean forward, the metal of its shell collided with the floor that it rested on, creating a kind of compressor, destroying and crushing the parts of floor that had been thrown in with her. She watched as one of the large panels she had been standing on bent and contorted into nothing more than a small pile of metal. She gulped, silently thanking whatever power had saved her from the same fate and spread her wings to lift herself from the cables.

Suddenly a screeching noise could be heard, not one of metal, but almost as if something were alive in this unforgiving place. “It sounds like it’s in pain.” she told herself, and flew off without another thought towards where she thought the sound came from. It didn’t take long at all, the moment she turned the corner she found what had made the noise, a large green glowing sphere connected to several large cables rested suspended by two metallic pillars, and from every cable a red glow seemed to retreat and then attack the core again and again, causing the core to shudder and scream like it did before. “That must be what powers the Proto-Sentinel.” she said, and watched as the red glows attacked the green core again. “Oh, I’ve never helped a computer before,” she said in worry, “What do I do?”

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