My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Diabolical Plan

“I…must say I am impressed.” the Angel said as they continued on their way. “By Rarity?” Twilight asked curiously. “Well…yes, but also by this…friendship. Never have I ever imagined such a powerful emotion.” the DoublePack said in admittance. “Friendship can help anypony reach for goals that otherwise seemed impossible to reach.” Twilight told her. “It also seems to give those who are friends…the power to surpass their own limitations for even a fraction of a second.” the Angel said solemnly. “Hm, that’s true, but only if you value that friendship over the power you would otherwise receive.” Twilight said with a smile. “A prize more worthy than power itself…” the DoublePack mumbled to itself, “I wish us to be friends.” Twilight stopped in her tracks, a surprise overcoming her quickly, “You…do?” she asked. “Yes, I wish it so…Unless you do not.” the Angel told her, both shy and unsure. “Wha…no, no. It’s just…you kind of caught me off guard is all.” Twilight explained and continued to walk with her friends. “I see.” her DoublePack said solemnly. “Angel, I would be honored to be your friend.” Twilight said confidently.

It seemed as if she could feel the happiness as it flooded the DoublePack; that was when Twilight knew that the friendship she just forged was real. “You…would?” the Angel asked. “Yes, I would.” Twilight responded. Twilight could hear the smile that the DoublePack made, “How would you like to have more friends?” Twilight asked. “More?” the Angel asked. “Yah, like maybe all of the other NanoPacks.” Twilight suggested. The Angel seemed to remain quiet a few seconds, but was interrupted by a very bouncy Pinkie Pie, “Hiya Twilight!” the energetic pony said, “Bubble wants to know if she can be your friend too.”

“I’d be glad to have her as my friend Pinkie.” Twilight said, and thought of something before the happy pony could continue, “Do you think she’d like to be the Angel’s friend?” Pinkie stopped her bouncing and looked to Twilight as if she were crazy, “Pch, of course, Bubble is friends with everypony, machine or otherwise.” she said. “Then, why did you ask if I could be her friend?” Twilight asked in confusion, her eyebrow lifting up in that same emotion. “Just putting her mind at ease, she was starting to rattle on and on about how nopony’s her friend because she couldn’t talk out loud.” Pinkie responded and hopped away to find the others in front of them. Twilight chuckled a little as she felt the warm happiness spread throughout her body from the DoublePack in her mane. “There, see? Now you have two friends.” Twilight said happily. “She has more than that!” Twilight heard Rainbow Dash say. Turning to the blue pegasus, Twilight saw everyone, all of her friends standing there smiling, each in a different pose, “She’s got all of us, NanoPacks included!”

“They’ve all been wait’n fer her t’ just ask.” Applejack said. Twilight smiled so brightly that tears came to her eyes, “Thank you, all of you!” Angel said solemnly. “Angel says thank you, and she’s proud to call you all her friends!” Twilight responded, letting her friends know of the development. The group of mare’s cheered, with Applejack whooping and waving her hat in the air.

“We’re almost there.” Blade said as they found themselves in front of the large round councilor’s door. He lifted himself up from the floor with his wings and extended his sword out. Fluttershy flapped her own wings, lifting herself up to his side as she held out her shield and gulped, trying to steal her nerves. Rainbow Dash let her booster jets lift her up as she put herself into a fighting pose as Applejack snorted, getting ready to fight. The others readied themselves their own way with Rarity flipping her hair so that she looked just right. “Alright!” was all he said as he turned back to the door and lifted his sword high above his head. “Watch this.” Breeze whispered to Fluttershy, “He’s the only one strong enough to do this on the Genesis Ark.” Blade held his sword above his head, eyes closed as he flapped his wings to stay upright. He tightened the grip his hooves had on the handle of the weapon, and swung the giant blade down through the door easily cutting it in half as the edge slid through the metal of the door. He then slid his sword out of the door and grabbed the inside of it with one of his hooves before he ripped half of it out of the frame.

“Impressive, but you could have just knocked.” they all heard from inside. Sitting there at the throne of the High Councilor, sat Zeral, his shirt removed and his black pants tattered at the black combat booted ankles and his once slicked back hair now long and wild. The look in his eyes spoke only of bloodlust and madness with his scythe firmly in one hand as he held it off to the side. His arms were adorned with strange black wrist guards, each one with a blood red gem embedded on the outside. The Combat boots themselves were adorned with metallic spikes of the same color. He sat lazily in the large chair, one of his legs up on the arm rest and his body turned to lean against the other arm, “I must say I am enjoying myself, each one of you creatures performed just as I predicted.” he said, his smile radiating the madness in his soul, “All except you little one.” he finished as he turned his gaze at Twilight.

He turned in his seat in order to give his full attention to the purple pony, planting his feet firmly on the ground, “You simply refuse to use the power given to you by fate, a power that can conquer worlds in the blink of an eye, or destroy enemies with a wave of a, in your case, hoof.”

“So why do you use your power only for destruction?” the unicorn asked. “That is my destiny.” he said simply and with a wicked smile lifted his arms to the ceiling as if to preach to the group of friends, “The destiny only the two of us can have. Me moving through the cosmos, bringing an end to all, and you, following behind remaking everything so that it can start again, new and untainted.”

“Why?” she asked, “What’s wrong with the way they are now?” she asked. Zeral lowered his arms, a frown following his hands as they lowered to the seat, “You do not see it.” he said mostly to himself, “I had hoped you’d see it by now, but it’s for the best I suppose. You are a part of that unnatural race after all.” as he spoke he stood up from the throne, shifting his scythe into both hands. “What does that mean?” Twilight asked angrily, “And what did you mean by ‘we did what you expected’?” Zeral locked his eyes with hers, the madness in them trying to dig fear into her soul as he spoke, “I predicted your every move, and set up traps to force you all into certain situations, and thanks to the Reaper, I’ve now accumulated all of your powers, including that of your precious power sources.” he said with a smile and held up one of his gauntlets, “Look familiar?” he asked, and vanished from sight.

“That’s my invisibility crystal.” Rarity called out, and was quickly tackled by Pinkie Pie as they heard the song of a blade cutting through the air above them and burry into the ground where Rarity stood. The all heard Zeral laugh as he reappeared with his scythe tip stuck in the ground, “Well done little one.” he complimented as he glanced at an angry Pinkie Pie. “You…You forced us to you use the Elements of Harmony?” Twilight asked. “Tch, big deal.” Rainbow Dash scoffed, and lit up her jets to their max. She easily raced for the chair, and then to Zeral, who lifted his weapon high into the air. He misjudged her speed and was quickly tackled and dragged off into the air away from the others. He quickly pushed himself away from her as she rocketed across the room, crashing into several of the Councilor Chairs, “RD!?!” Applejack called out and ran to see if her friend was alright, “Rainbow Dash!” the others called, and ran to do the same.

“I’m still picking up life signs, she’s alright!” the Angel assured Twilight. “Hahahahahahah!” she heard Zeral laugh as she came to a complete stop and turned her head angrily at him, “You creatures…what strength you possess.” he said as he stood up clutching his stomach. Without a word, Twilight launched a magic bolt at him, about half way, it began to curve upward and into the ceiling. Twilight followed the magic with her eyes as it zoomed towards a small disk on the ceiling. “A Magic Dampener?” Twilight asked in shock, and turned to Zeral again as he began laughing again, “Come now my little creature. Is that really all you’ve got?” he asked. Twilight gritted her teeth hard as he moved towards her, “You truly hate your power so much, pity. I had hoped to copy it and use it as my own.” he said. Twilight glared at him as she backed up, anger swelling up inside, “Twilight?” she heard the Angel ask.

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