My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

A New Form of Courage

“TWILIGHT!” the Angel called into the purple unicorn’s ear, “Use my power.”

“I’m afraid.” she admitted. “Afraid of what?” her DoublePack asked. “That, I won’t be able to control it, that I might hurt my friends...or worse.”

“You won’t lose control, I promise.” the Angel told her. Twilight felt her flank hit one of the chairs behind her and watched as Zeral slowly inched closer, easily tossing any of Twilight’s friends aside as they approached him, “How do you know?” she asked. “I believe it was you who taught me that friends need to trust each other?” the Angel asked. Twilight was struck dumb as she let the thought race through her mind, “We won’t be much good to our friends if he kills us, just activate the power, I promise I won’t fight you anymore. Our friends are far too important to us both.” Twilight looked up just in time to see Zeral lift his scythe high above his head, and remembered. The look of the armor, the power that surged through her each time it was on, and with those memories, came the eruption of power.

The blast easily knocking Zeral away from her, and onto his back, “DAAA!” he called out as he flew through the air and hit the ground with his back. He looked up to watch as the energy spread out just a little, and inside the silhouette of Twilight seemed to float as the armor spread across her body, her wings spreading wide as they detached and spun around her before reattaching themselves to her back. Her eyes shined the same bright green as before, just before the energy erupted again and dissipated into the air. What stood in her place was the lavender armor of the DoublePack; wings spread out and mask completely covering her face. She breathed heavily through the vents of the mask, making her sound almost robotic in nature. “I see, still having trouble controlling the power, pity.” Zeral said as he slowly rose to his feet without showing that he was a threat. Twilight crouched down and jumped, letting herself fly up to the ceiling to buck the Magic Dampener there and land back on the ground within a single second, “Actually Zeral, I feel fine.” she told him. Zeral clenched his fist tight, and growled at her as the device she just destroyed hit the ground between them.

“How’d she move that fast?” Rainbow Dash asked as Breeze helped her to her hooves. “I wish I knew,” he said in surprise, “That was almost as fast as my Air Flash technique.”

“Atta girl, Twi!” Applejack called out as she lifted herself up. Rarity smiled with pride as she watched Twilight stand there defying the self proclaimed ‘angel of death’. Fluttershy and Blade walked up behind her and Pinkie Pie popped her head out from behind one of the chairs to get a better view. Twilight turned her head to them, “You guys try to find and stop that cannon from destroying Equestria, and I’ll take care of him.” Twilight said. “Only if they can get past me.” Zeral said, and just as he finished the last word in his sentences, Twilight rammed her back hooves into his chest, sending him careening into the chairs six rows up and behind him. “GO!” she called out, and watched as they all passed by in front of her. “Be careful dear,” Rarity said as she stopped to tell her, “It would break my heart to have to tell Spike any bad news.” she finished and ran off to join the others.

The dust settled around Zeral as he groaned, he had not expected her power to have grown so much, “I just can’t get away from this chair.” he said as he looked at the armrests of the chair he now sat in. Zeral stood up from his seated position before reaching down and picking up his NanoPack, “You will regret that.” he said, and lunged at her, just as she lunged at him, both letting loose a battle cry.

“Faster Fluttershy!” Rainbow Dash called out from behind her, “I’m trying!” she grunted as she flapped her wings. Suddenly she felt herself be pushed by someone else, turning around she found Blade flapping his own wings, his head lowered and pushing her from behind. Even from his position now, he moved his eyes so that he could look at her and smile, letting her know just how proud he was of her. Fluttershy smiled back at him before turning her head forward and steeling her nerves, “Thank you Blade.” she said as she pushed even harder to fly faster, no longer needing his help and allowing him to fly next to her instead. “Just where is this control doohickey?” Applejack asked as she raced alongside the two of them. “I don’t know.” Blade admitted, “Not much was taught to us about it in class.”

“I’m betting that it’s near the actual cannon, close to the bottom of the Genesis Ark.” Breeze said as he kept up with the others silently, and quickly used his Air Flash to grab a hold of Rainbow Dash’s back, “We’ll meet you all there.” he called behind him, and they all watched as Rainbow took off at top speed. “So we need to take the hard way down.” Blade said, and his eyes seemed to focus themselves, “let’s do this.” and with the others behind him, dashed off down one of the halls.

Twilight flew swiftly around the spherical room, dodging whatever Zeral threw at her. “Sit still you wretched creature.” he said angrily. He stood on the ground of the room, his Reaper turned into a gun of sorts, and he rapidly fired off large energy bolts at her. “Is that all you got Zeral?” she asked as she continued to move around the room. “Then this is no contest!” Quickly she rocketed up to the ceiling, placed her hooves on it, and pushed off, zooming towards him at speeds she didn’t even know were reachable. She plummeted down towards him, colliding with his chest as he turned to look up at her. The floor gave way from underneath them, causing them to fall into the emptiness of space. Twilight slowly came to a stop as she looked around, finally spotting him as he floated in space, his face away from her. “Sorry.” she whispered to herself, and was about to go back to the Ark when she heard his laughter echo in her ears, “Hahahaha, AAAHAHAHAHAHA!” he cried out as he moved his head so she could see his face. Across his skin, covering his face was a mask, similar to hers in design but black.

The shape of it was almost demonic, at the top and near the ears, it pulled away as if becoming horns, and had the design of blood red stripes under his eyes and stretching from his jaw past the mask’s jagged beast like teeth and resting on his cheek. Like her own, his eyes shined a bright eerie green, “I don’t believe it!” he called out, “All my life I’ve fought, from Gorgons to Melteckians and Zerilanties, and yet, somehow, this tiny creature has bested me in battle. Then you have the nerve to feel pity for me, as if I’d fallen?? I’ll not have that!” With the quick spin of his wrist, the gun in his hand changed to his scythe, and he threw it at Twilight. She quickly lifted up, dodging the weapon entirely, but was caught off guard when Zeral himself rammed into her. “I bet you thought I wanted to kill you just then didn’t you.” he said, “Ah, but you see, I have a much bigger task for you.” The moment those words left his lips, he began glowing a familiar blue, the same blue light she saw every time Blade or Breeze did a scan. She quickly began struggling to free herself as the mad man held her tight, “Yes!” he whispered to himself. Twilight then opened up her wings, and from the blades let loose her magic, causing the two of them to zoom wildly around space, “Let go of me.” she told him angrily. “Does me being close to you make you sick little one?” he asked, “Do you hate me yet? Do you condemn me for what I’ve done?” Twilight remained silent as she zoomed around the Genesis Ark with him attached to her.

“Get OFF!” she screamed, erupting in energy again, throwing him from her and into the side of the Genesis Ark hard enough to embed him into its thick metal shell. He hung there, and laughed, “Finally,” he said and looked up to her, “My power is complete.” and ripped himself from the side of the ship. He lifted his masked head upwards, almost as if he were just soaking up sunshine. From his mask, liquid metal soaked out, spreading all over his skin until hardening into armor. The black metal fit him like a glove over the dull plated mesh, and on his head sat a large mop of fiery red hair covering his own jet black hair. On his black arm guards sat a large bone colored spike on the elbow, similar to Applejack’s EMP Dampener spikes. His fingers colored the same as the spike, and from off of his hip hung a purple reverse apron fitted with a black belt adorned with a round red jewel as the buckle. What was surprising was the two demonic looking wings that sprouted from his back. “Now,” he said, and lowered his face to look Twilight right in the eyes, “the real battle begins.”

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