My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Devide and Conquer

Zeral stood still as he watched Twilight hover there, even behind her mask, he could see the surprise on her face, “Interesting isn’t it?” he asked, “Even the legendary DoublePack isn’t safe from my Reapers copy ability.” Twilight finally snapped out of her surprise, “But the Reaper is over…” she tried to say, and turned her head to find nothing, “There?” she asked in confusion. Zeral laughed darkly as he eyed her, “That scythe, my Reaper?” he asked, “I’m sorry my little creature, but that was before it became Theyron powered, before I was sent to the Prison Dimension.” Twilight narrowed her eyes in anger as he ranted, “Now, it is me, every inch of my body is imbued with the power of the Reaper.” he said and lifted his hand, fingers out as if waiting for her to take it, “And it is all thanks to you Twilight Sparkle.” he told her, “Your abundance of magical potential gave me everything I needed.”

“I’d never help you willingly.” she said to him. “Oh but you didn’t have to. You see, every one of you unicorns had been attached to a separate tank, and each tank was pressurized to hold more than five times its volume. What I didn’t expect was that your magic expanded when crystallized, growing in power as it spread.” Zeral then moved his hand out, and created from nothing, a sword. The blade was curved just like the scythe’s, but had a sharp edge on both sides. The handle was made from black steel, with a dull golden pommel. The hilt looked quite similar to his wing in shape, and sported what looked to be an eye in the middle of it. “Ah, a Soul Eater blade.” he said as he looked it over, “Fitting isn’t it?”

“You won’t win Zeral.” Twilight said simply. “Ah, but you see, I already have.” he said, and spread his wings wide, zooming towards her at the same speed she had been traveling at. With only seconds to spare, Twilight flapped her wings once, dodging his strike just barely. He turned around with an arch, aiming himself at her again as she took off Twilight again was barely able to dodge as she lifted herself towards the top of the Genesis Ark, “I am sorry.” she heard the Angel say, “I couldn’t stop him from obtaining our power.” Twilight zoomed around, as she led the madman on a chase, “It’s not your fault, I should have known that’s what he was doing all along.” The Angel agreed, and Twilight could almost hear the nod as she spoke, “Leading us into all of those traps, just so he could force our friends to grow in power and then copy it for himself.” Twilight zoomed up, just as Zeral passed underneath her, “Our, friends…” she whispered to herself. “What are you thinking?” the Angel asked. “Just a second,” Twilight responded and took off the other way, letting Zeral follow her, “Let me do my calculations first.”

“There it is!” Breeze called out as he and Rainbow Dash approached a very large room. Rainbow planted her hooves on the ground quickly, letting the armored hooves of her NanoPack skid across the ground until she stopped. “Whew!” she said, and sniffed the air, finding something burning. She looked down to see that her armored hooves were red hot all the way up to her second plate. “YOUCH!” she called out as she hopped up and down, “Yah, how do you think I feel?” she heard the Jetwing ask, and Breeze turned to her, spraying all four of her hooves with a kind of fire extinguisher. The gas that came out, super froze her legs, cooling them down instantly and the ice melted quickly, “Thanks Breeze.” Rainbow Dash and the Jetwing both said at the same time. “You’re welcome.” he responded to Rainbow Dash. “Ok, now what?” she asked as she looked around. “Now we set a transport point using our NanoPacks.” Breeze told her. “Huh?” Rainbow Dash asked. “Oh, that’s easy.” Jetwing said, “Just walk up to that console and I’ll show you what to do.”

Rainbow was confused for a second, until a small red arrow appeared on her visor, pointing her to the console her NanoPack had been talking about. Rainbow turned her head, following the arrow until it became four arrows pointing at each other, and then blinked as soon as it was in the middle of her view, “Very funny Jetwing!” she said sarcastically as she trotted up to the computer. The moment she reached it, a list of instructions lit up on her screen, “Ok,” she heard her NanoPack say, “First we reactivate Blade’s and Breeze’s Transport Beacons.”

Blade came down hard on one of the robots, splitting it in half as he fluttered there next to Fluttershy, “I’m not sure how much further we can advance.” he said as he held out his sword. “Don’t say that!” he heard Applejack say as she bucked another robot, flattening it against the walls, “Not after we came this far.” Rarity appeared again, firing a dart into the sensor of a nearby robot and vanished again, “I’m not giving up; it’s just that the number of enemies just keeps growing. It’s like every time we take down one, three more come running around the corner.” he said, “At this rate, we’ll be buried in circuits and scrap metal before we even reach the next door.”

“What about the door we just passed?” Pinkie asked as she jumped up and bucked one of the robots’ heads off. “What about it?” Blade asked. “We could use it as a kind of safe haven for a little while at least.” she said, “Maybe charge up Applejack’s EMP charge.” Blade glanced to her, and then to the door she mentioned, and back to the door, “Good idea, everypony follow Pinkie’s advice.” he said, and retreated with the others into the room nearby. Inside was empty for everything except one single screen embedded into the wall and some large round tables with chairs, “Oh great,” Blade said to himself, “out of all the rooms it could have been, it was a break room.” suddenly, he heard a small beeping noise, and he looked to Pinkie Pie. She looked to her visor intently, her eyes moving back and forth quickly. “What’s up Pinkie?” he asked. The cotton candy colored pony looked to him and smiled, “Breeze and Rainbow Dash got your Transport Beacons turned back on.” she said. Blade looked to her curiously, and then smiled, “Finally, did they set a transport point?” he asked. “Yup!” she said happily.

“Hold up!” Applejack asked, “What’s a Transport Beacon?” she asked. With a smile, Blade flipped his NanoPack in his hoof, and held it up, “It’s our ticket out of here.” he said, “Get close to me.” Fluttershy wrapped her front legs around him as Applejack approached with a little smile on her face. Pinkie Pie and Rarity neared him cautiously, “Emergency Transport!” Blade called out as he lifted his NanoPack into the air. Seconds later, the door to the room was knocked down by a large recovery droid.

“About time you guys got here!” Breeze said as he stood on his hind legs and leaned against the computer. “We’re thankful for all the help you gave us brother!” Blade said sarcastically as he put his NanoPack under his coat. “Eh, no problem!” he said and glanced at his hoof as if it were his fingers. Blade simply rolled his eyes before turning to Rainbow Dash, “Find anything interesting?” he asked. “Not really,” she told him, “every time I try to get into the thing that says Ark Cannon, all I get is this!” and moved aside. The screen on the computer was lit up bright blue, with a single silver box in the middle with the words, ‘Password Required’ written on it. Blade gritted his teeth, “Zeral locked the system for the cannon, we can’t stop it from here.” he said. “Maybe you can’t, but I can!” Pinkie said as she walked up to the computer, “You guys hang back, we’ll take care of this.” The cables extended from her hips and shoulders, attaching themselves to the control console seamlessly. “That’s a lot of firewalls.” the Bubble said, “But nothing I can’t handle.”

Twilight continued to dodge Zeral as he zoomed towards her, up and down, side to side. The madman didn’t even growl, instead he laughed, almost like he was having fun. “Twilight, now would be a good time to implement whatever idea it was you had.” the Angel told her. “Just a second.” Twilight responded. Again Zeral zoomed past her as she dodged one way, gathering distance, “TWILIGHT!” her DoublePack called out. “NOW!” she happily shouted, and reached behind her, pulling out an ornate crown, embedded with a large purple jewel in the shape of her Cutie Mark. Placing it on her head, she was quickly engulfed in a bright white light as she traveled, “Hm?” Zeral asked as he followed behind her, “What’s this, a sixth element?”

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