My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds


Rarity tapped her hoof as she waited patiently for Pinkie to finish, only to look down when she felt something happen. The diamond shaped jewel of the Element of Generosity was shining from within, glowing as if to reach out to something familiar. “Girls!” she called as she looked up. She found all of her friends looking to their own elemental jewels, each one glowing like her own. “I think Twilight needs our help.” Fluttershy suggested. “What can we do from here?” Rainbow Dash asked, “I mean, me and Pinkie are the only two that even have a space mode.”

“You’re right RD.” Applejack said, “But there’s gotta be a way, there’s just gotta.” Pinkie Pie lifted her head high, “Maybe we can let her use our Elements.” she said. “Pinkie, this isn’t an anime!” Breeze said to her. “What’s an anime?” the five girls asked at the same time. “Never mind that!” Blade shouted, “What did you have in mind?”

“We turn on the intercom, let her know her friends are rooting for her, like a cheering section!” she suggested. Blade noticed that her smile seemed off, more nervous, almost as if she was hiding something, but he let it go, “It’s worth a try.” he said, “We’ll just stand back and wait for you all.”

“Wait, I wanna help!” Breeze said as Blade moved him into a nearby room. The room itself seemed to be disconnected from the others, egg in shape, and white walls with a bench that stretched almost all the way to the door. “AAAAAND we’re live!” Pinkie Pie shouted.

Outside, Twilight curled herself up as tightly as she could, the space around her a bright white and she felt as if she were floating, “GOOO TWILIGHT!” she heard. “Huh?” Twilight asked as she opened her eyes, “Pinkie?”

“We’re rootn fer ya.” Applejack’s voice called out. “Applejack?” she asked. “Are you going to let their cheers be for naught?” she heard a familiar voice ask. Looking up, at first she saw the shape of her mentor, the Princess Celestia. “Princess, Celestia?” she asked, and the vision faded into what looked to be herself, only white. The mane and tail looked the same, but were colored bright yellow with the same light purple highlight where hers was and her eyes the same bright green as the armor’s. Like her own, a small round tipped horn adorned her head, yet she also had on her back, magnificent angelic wings. Twilight lifted her head in a start, only just realizing who it was. “ANGEL?” she asked. “Do you even here them?” the apparition asked. “Here who?” Twilight asked, and lifted her ears when she heard them again, “We got it on this end! You take care of tall dark and creepy!” shouted her friend Rainbow Dash. “Rainbow Dash?” she called out in surprise as she turned around, finding nothing but the empty space. “Twilight, Angel, you rock! Woohoo!” gently called a familiar voice, “Fluttershy!” Twilight asked and turned back to the Angel, “What’s going on, I need to be out there!” What she found was the apparition, looking up, a kind of shine in her eyes, one that was familiar to her, “Do you feel it?” Twilight asked, “The spark of friendship?” The Angel looked to her, those shimmering bright green eyes with a single tear trailing down her cheek saying all she needed, “Then let’s go, for our friends!” The Angel nodded, a small smile on her face as the two of them walked into the white void, “Am I mistaken?” the DoublePack asked, “Is this really the ‘Magic of Friendship’?” the light increased, enveloping them both.

Zeral held his arm up as he gazed at the light surrounding her, blinded by the brightness of it as the light swirled around Twilight, cancelling her from him. Just as quickly, it expanded and faded, leaving in its place a new Twilight. The DoublePack stood on only two hooves, towering at her humanoid height. The armor encompassed her completely and the new wings looked more like the Jetwing’s. At where her front hooves were supposed to be, he saw hands, mechanical fingers that flexed and curled as she looked at them. Her mask looked almost the same, with one minor difference, light blue tiger stripes, came down from her head and flowed up from her cheeks, decorating the once plane mask. “Hands?” Zeral asked as he pointed to her, “So you admit it, humans are superior to your kind! This is just…” he never got to finish, she spread the mechanical wings on her back and the ends lit up, and the next thing he knew, she slugged him in the jaw. The force she exerted sent him careening into a small asteroid, breaking it in half. He still had enough momentum to smash right through an asteroid much larger than the first, and buried half way through an asteroid even bigger than that. Twilight then looked to her fist, “Wow, Rainbow Dash was right, that does make you feel better.” she said through her mask.

Zeral grunted as he tried to move, a small crack in his mask. He slowly picked himself up and stood perfectly on the spot his back used to be, “Impossible,” he told himself as he grabbed his chin. The crack in his mask quickly shrank until it disappeared entirely, “How could that simple element give her that much power? It’s as if it has the power of all fi…” He lowered his hand in recognition, “I see, from five come one. The five elements create the sixth.” he told himself, and knelt down to jump out of the hole he had made. Opening his wings when he got close, he again floated in front of her, “Impressive.” he said to her, “This power is greater than anything I’ve ever imagined.” Twilight simple clenched her fists lifting them up to her chin. “But what is its source?” he asked. Twilight could almost hear the smile in his voice as the madman turned to the one place she wanted to keep him from, the Genesis Ark. He only glanced at it a fraction of a second before Twilight once again blocked his view, this time only inches from his face. “Gyah!” he said in shock as he flinched backwards. “What?” he asked, “How could you be this strong?”

“Do you think it worked?” Rarity asked nervously. Blade, Breeze and the four ponies that weren’t working on stopping the cannon had moved into the white room, each of them spreading in a circle while facing Pinkie Pie. “Absadutely!” the pink pony said with a smile. “I’m with Pinkie on this one.” Fluttershy said. “But your answers aren’t as fun, right?” Breeze said as he turned to his friend, just as a door slid down in front of them all, separating the group from Pinkie Pie. The door itself completed the egg shape of the room, and had a large circular port hole in it at a human’s head height. “What the…?” Breeze asked as he lifted himself up to look at his friend through the port hole, “PINKIE? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” he asked as he looked to the pink pony. She looked at him with sad eyes, the same look he’d seen when one of his schoolmates used themselves as a distraction, letting him escape while he knew their fate. “No!” he shouted, just as the room fell from the floor. “NO! PINKIE!” he shouted again as the others joined him, seeing nothing but space as they plummeted towards their own planet below. “What happened?” Rainbow Dash asked, “Where’s Pinkie Pie? Where’s the Ark?”

“She jettisoned us!” Breeze shouted as he kept his eyes on the vanishing ship. “What?” Rarity asked. “Something’s wrong, why would she do that?” Blade asked calmly. “She looked at me, just like they did.” he said. “Just like who?” Applejack asked, almost not wanting to know the answer. “Just like our friends that day, the ones that used themselves to make sure we stayed alive during that war with the two Calukian tribes.” Breeze said, tears in his eyes as he turned to his brother. Blade’s eyes softened considerably, shock overtaking him as the outside of the ship lit up a bright red. “What does that mean?” Fluttershy asked gently. “She’s sacrificing herself…to save us.” he said softly as a tear began to run down his cheek. The six of them closed the circle, supporting each other as the egg shaped pod crossed the atmosphere of Equestria, and splashed down in the waters near Canterlot Castle.

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