My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Noble Sacrifice

It seemed as if Twilight was everywhere at once, the speed she displayed as she moved was something even Zeral hadn’t expected. She’d reappear somewhere, only to disappear when he turned to take a shot at her. “Do you give up yet?” she asked. “Never you unnatural abomination.” he said in a growl. “Abomination?” she asked repeating his words as he once again took a shot at her, “Do you even know what that word means?”

“I believe it’s a noun used to explain a deep hatred or dislike for something or somepony.” the Angel said. “We are defiantly alike!” Twilight said with a smile as she once again dodged a shot from his gun. “You are hoping that wearing him out will settle this dispute without any casualties?” the Angel asked. “That’s the plan!” Twilight whispered to her DoublePack. Zeral once again reached to his small pistol, stretched it out to the same canon like firearm she remembered him pointing at Fluttershy, and once again disappeared. The shot still rang out as the energy blast struck the Genesis Ark, blowing a hole in the side about as large as she was, “It appears he has no love for his own people as well.” the Angel noticed. “Good thing that was the empty Councilor’s sector.” Twilight said as she zoomed around some more, again dodging much bigger blasts now.

“I’m gonna miss them.” Pinkie said as she watched the screen light up in front of her. “Zeral was sneaky this time; I can’t believe I fell for it. A virus that shuts down all of my safety systems.” the Bubble said back. “It wasn’t your fault; we should have just tried to guess the password instead of just hacking past it.” Pinkie said, trying to reassure her friend. “It’s just…we never got to have a ‘You have a NanoPack Party’.” her NanoPack said. “Yah, what color of balloons would you use for a party like that?” the cotton candy pony asked. “Pink, and blue, and maybe green if it’s the right shade.” the NanoPack said, and suddenly the screen blinked, at the same time her visor lit up with red words, ‘SELFDESTRUCT SYSTEM ACTIVATED’.

“I can’t cure it.” the Bubble said as she sounded like she was going to cry. “Hey, it’ll be alright.” Pinkie said, not knowing that the back of her armor slowly opened up revealing her pink furred back, “I couldn’t even stop the Ark Canon completely, just stall it for 24 hours.” the Bubble said, and suddenly Pinkie found herself ejected from the grey armor, her Element of Laughter around her neck, and flying right into a much smaller room that opened up right behind her, “At least I can do one thing right.” she heard the voice of her NanoPack say.

Pinkie stood up immediately as the door shut on her, locking her in, “BUBBLE!?!” Pinkie shouted as she stood on her back legs to look out of the port hole. She watched as the armor closed itself, and somehow, a holographic image of a pony appeared inside. The pony, like her was an earth pony with a mane styled just like her own, except it was a soft pink, so soft she thought it was closer to white. The fur that she could see was a very bright blue, the same blue that she could see on the visors, “You, need your friends more than me, it was you who kept them happy. I was just there the whole time.” the Bubble said through the speaker in the pod. “That’s not true!” Pinkie shouted, “All the fun we had together, all those pranks and parties we set up for the solders; that was you. Piloting that ship, I could never have done that by myself.”

“Thank you Pinkie.” the NanoPack said as a holographic tear rolled down her cheek, “I’m glad I bonded with you.”

“Disconnect!” Pinkie shouted, “We’ll fix the virus, you and me! It’ll be fun!” her smile held tears as she tried desperately to persuade the Nanomachine still in the room. The sparks that shot out from the metal turned the armor red as it heated up, “Goodbye Pinkie Pie!” she said and the pod zoomed past the floor, firing out of the Genesis Ark as the NanoPack began to glow dangerously red, “Remember me!” she said, and suddenly with a dull thud, exploded.

Outside of the Genesis Ark, Twilight could hear a dull thunk as the exterior of the part of the ship was ripped open by the fires of the blast. “Girls?” she called out as she came to a sudden stop and turned her gazed up at the black cloud of smoke. Suddenly she felt the shoulders of her opponent slam right into her back and his arms wrap around her, locking her arms to her sides, “After all of that, they were just a distraction.” Zeral said and started to glow a crimson red. Twilight began to struggle as hard as she could, breaking free in a few seconds. “What have you done?” she called out as she turned around. He stretched out, almost as if her were stretching in the morning, “Your power is incredible!” he said, “Even a fraction of it can make entire galaxies crumble into dust!”

“What did you do to my friends?” she yelled in anger. ‘Yes, get angry.’ he thought to himself, “The same thing I’m going to do to your planet!” he cried, and lifted his hands towards the bottom of the Ark, only to find silence and space, “Hm?” he asked himself, “The timer should have run dry by now. Why hasn’t it fired?”

“Pinkie Pie is a hacker style.” Twilight reminded him and flew in, once again punching him in the face. “Gng!” he grunted before he spread his wings to come to a stop, “I took that into account, that explosion was her NanoPack self-destructing due to a virus I created.”

“What?” Twilight gasped in shock. Zeral laughed wildly, his face lifting to the moon behind him, “You couldn’t even save your own friends.” he shouted. “Actually sir, I detected two life pods ejecting from the cannon’s interior, one right after the other.” the Reaper told him. “What?” he asked as he glanced to Equestria with hatred in his eyes. He turned just in time to catch Twilight’s mechanical fist to his cheek again, her cries of battle screaming in his ears. It seemed as if her strength nearly doubled, again cracking his mask, but this time she once again slugged him before it began healing. ‘She’s gone mad!’ he told himself as he sailed through space, and was surprised when two of her wing parts detached from her back, and down from the backs dropped handles. “Huh?” he asked himself and flapped his wings once, dodging the blasts as he lifted higher and higher. Twilight placed her wing pieces back on, and rocketed towards him, reaching to her sides. When she spread her arms out, beams of purple energy spread out, ending at sword length. “What?” he asked as she came in close. Zeral dodged left, barely touching the beam as he moved away, taking the opportunity, he turned and sped forward, trying to put some sort of distance between the two of them, “Swords made from pure energy? In all my years of war, I’ve never seen such a marvel.” Twilight once again gave chase, but this time Zeral surprised her, turning quickly and punching her in the face, “THAT’S ENOUGH!” he shouted.

Twilight fell unconscious as she tumbled towards the surface of the planet below, the fire from reentry surrounding her as she fell to the planet. “Her power, it frightened me.” he said, “Why does fear follow me so closely now? I’ve never been afraid in my life except for the day I came here.” Looking to the colorful planet below, he remembered the day he arrived, the ponies he saw talking amongst themselves, and the unicorn that waved at him, “They’ll all pay.” he said and turned back to enter the Ark.

“Is everypony alright?” Applejack heard a familiar voice call. She slowly opened her eyes, turning her face to look up at the white coat and aurora mane of the Alicorn, Princess Celestia. “Uh, Princess?” she asked, and turned back finding her friends lying on the beach with the large egg shaped escape pod half in the ocean and on its side, “Ah feel like the inside of a fall’n apple.” she said and placed one of her armored hooves against her head. Celestia was about to speak when another voice surprised her, “We have to go back!” Breeze shouted, “Pinkie Pie’s still up there!” Celestia’s mouth fell open in shock, right before one of her guards appeared, “Your majesty, the second meteor has been recovered and one of the elements of harmony was found, crying!” Celestia looked to Breeze, only to find his mouth hanging open, and just like that, he vanished, leaving a ring of dust behind.

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