My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

The Reality of War

“Pinkie Pie?” Breeze asked as he approached the small pod. Rainbow Dash cautiously walked next to him, her Jetwing hidden away as she walked up to the small, one-man, pod. Inside, lying curled up on the floor, her best friend, the happily random Pinkie Pie, cried out loud. The tears poured down her cheeks like a waterfall after snow melted nearby, staining her pink cheeks with the salty tears of sorrow. “Pinkie?” Breeze asked again as he stepped hoof into the pod. Instantly she uncurled, and wrapped her front legs around his neck, “She’s gone!” Pinkie said simply, as she buried her face into his shoulder, “Bubble’s gone.” He remained silent as he sat down on his back legs, and with tears in his eyes, lifted his own front legs to wrap his best friend in a hug. Rainbow Dash wasn’t far behind, sitting down next to them, she wrapped her front legs around them both, silently crying with the pink pony.

From a short distance away, Fluttershy turned to Blade, big shinning tears in her eyes, and leaned against him as he nuzzled her, his own wet eyes turning to the sky. Rarity bowed her head in silent sadness as Applejack removed her hat respectfully and turned her eyes pleadingly to Princess Celestia. The Princess shook her head sadly, and Applejack turned her gaze to the ground, “I know you miss her Pinkie Pie, and I know it hurts, but Bubble did this so that you could be happy with your friends. I promise that her sacrifice will not be in vain, just promise me that you’ll stop crying, we need you to keep our spirits up.” Breeze said to her. Blade looked up, both pride and surprise in his heart as he watched his brother console the broken hearted pony. Pinkie looked up to him as he spoke, the tears flowing even more as she tried to hold them back, and stayed silent, thinking about his words, “Alright.” she finally said as she whipped her eyes, “I’ll try.” Breeze and Rainbow Dash both smiled, and hugged her again, helping her to finally let go of her sadness.

Blade smiled lightly as he held Fluttershy close, pride swelling up with in him, for how his brother was growing up right in front of him, and subtly noticed as a shadow passed in front of his eyes. It only took a fraction of a second, but a that was enough for him to turn his head in the direction it came from. In the sky he saw what looked to be a meteor falling to Equestria, splashing down in the water a good distance from Canterlot. “Guys, I think that was Twilight!” he said, and took off towards the sight with Fluttershy close behind him.

“BLAST IT!” Zeral called out as he slammed his fist into the damaged wall. He stood in the very room that had been destroyed with the Bubble, “Now I have to find a deferent way of destroying them.”

“Perhaps the missile?” the Reaper asked. “Why should I waste my time with a simple missile?” Zeral asked. “Destroy the town…Ponyville I believe they called it, with the bonded ponies and warriors still inside.” the Reaper suggested. Zeral was just about ready to slam the back of the NanoPack into the ground when he thought about it, “Yes,” he said, “I believe that will do just fine, and to keep them all occupied, I will attack the DoublePack while her wielder is still unconscious.”

The group of friends reached the shore closest to where they thought Twilight splashed down, finding Riida standing there with Princess Luna facing her. It seemed as if they had just finished a conversation, because Luna nodded and Riida closed her eyes before her horn lit up with the same light blue aura as her fur, and a large bubble surrounded her. Riida opened her eyes and looked to the group, before disappearing entirely. “What the…?” Breeze asked as he let his eyes open wide in shock, “That was my Air Flash technique!” Rainbow Dash looked to him in confusion, “So?” she asked, “didn’t she teach that trick to you?” Breeze turned to her, the same shocked eyes shining with questions, “No she didn’t Dashy. I made it up myself.” he told her. Rainbow Dash let her eyes open wide in shock as she looked towards the ocean as a large splash appeared a good distance out. Just as quickly Riida reappeared with an unconscious and unarmored Twilight Sparkle resting on her back. “How did you do that?” Breeze asked as Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy pulled Twilight from Riida’s back, “I’m the only one who’s been able to do that move, but even I’ve never been able to travel that far!”

“The Shimmer are like living mirrors my friend, all it takes is a few days of practice. I observed you several times while on the Genesis Ark my friend, and being the strongest of my kind, I am able to recreate a wide variety of techniques.” she explained as she lit up her horn again and dropped the bubble from around her. “Learning a move that can barely be seen, now that takes talent.” Blade said in amazement, “No wonder you stayed Head Councilor as long as you did.”

“She’s alive!” Fluttershy said as she placed her hoof against Twilight’s chest, in relief she looked up, and heard a small whine. Pinkie stood there with her head and ears down in sadness. “Oh, I’m sorry Pinkie…I didn’t…” she tried to say, but Pinkie interrupted her, “No I’m ok, just…still hurts I guess.” she said, and received a hug from Rarity. Blade turned his gaze to the sky, picturing the Genesis Ark there even though he couldn’t see it at all, “Why?” he asked in a whisper, “I trusted you.”

“We all did.” he heard Riida say as she walked up behind him, looking to the same sky, “I just saw the signs of betrayal sooner, at first I didn’t want to believe it, that’s why I sent him instead of another Councilor.” Fluttershy walked up next to him, and placed her head against his neck. Blade leaned his head into her mane in response, his thoughts comforted by her act of loving kindness.

Back up on the Ark, Zeral floated through the gravity less space of the Councilor chambers. Thanks to the hole in the side that the Bubble had created, the air supply to the entire sector had been shut off, though it didn’t matter to Zeral in the least. “Where is it?” he asked himself, and turned his head to find a name attached to a door. The Councilor’s name was written in a language long forgotten to most others, but to him he could read it perfectly. He placed his hand on the engraving, feeling the ancient letters for himself, “Councilor Terranil.” he said, and crushed the plate in his. He turned and flapped his wings, sailing smoothly through the vacuum of the halls. “Is it wise to relive old memories?” the Reaper asked. “Never mind,” he said harshly, and turned to a certain door, “We’re here.” he said. The door looked like all of the other doors, except instead of having a window, it was solid, and read ‘Small Weapons Launch Station’ on the outside. With a quick swipe of his new sword, Zeral cut the door down, and floated right in. Inside the small room was a computer with a keyboard that wrapped into a half circle, and a large screen in front. Zeral placed his hands on the console, stopping himself before he began pushing buttons. The blue screen lit up with life, and in the name slot he typed in the name of the Councilor whose room he had just passed by. Typing in the password, he was easily allowed access to the weapons he wanted, “To answer your question my friend, sometimes the past can be the key to the future we seek.” he said and turned from the console, letting the countdown run from the ten minutes he had set it at.

Riida walked throughout the halls of Canterlot castle, Twilight Sparkle on her back and the others following close behind her. She turned to one of the rooms, and using a simple magic spell that Celestia had taught her, opened the doors. She gently walked up to the bed, and used her magic to lift the purple unicorn off of her, and gently set Twilight on the bed. “I assume you weren’t able to destroy the Ark Cannon?” she asked sternly. Each one of them remained silent, as they lowered their heads in shame, until Rainbow Dash lifted her head almost angrily, “We did our best.” she said, “Give us a break!” Riida turned to the cyan pegasus, the same look of anger and frustration on her face as well. “A break?” she asked, “Your world is about to be destroyed and you want a break?”

“We stalled it.” Pinkie Pie said suddenly, snapping them both out of their argument, “Before Bubble saved my life, she told me that she stalled it for twenty four hours. That gives us time to come up with another plan, right?” As Pinkie spoke, tears of the memories came flooding her eyes, each one filled with both sadness and hope all at once. Seeing these tears, Riida took pity on her, and relaxed, letting her frustration die in the air around her, “I suppose you’re right.” she said, and walked up to Pinkie before lowering her mouth to the pony’s ear, “I am sorry.” she whispered, and continued on by. She didn’t get very far when one of the guards came running past her, “Your highness,” he breathed, “Something is attacking Ponyville! We think it may be him, Zeral!” he said in a panic. Everypony conscious gasped in surprise and fear.

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