My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Stopping the Bad Guy

Zeral zipped around the Ponyville skies, firing his pistol at random houses. The ponies below him were running around in circles, trying to dodge his blasts as they made their way to the dense forest nearby. “Knock it off!” he heard and lifted his head, just in time to catch the Jetwing’s hooves into his stomach. She began dragging him through the sky, smashing him into clouds, trees, anything that she could to get him to stop. Quickly he lifted his gun and slammed it as hard as he could into the back of her head. “Goof!” she called out as he hit her, and then vaulted over her back as she headed towards the ground. He smiled brightly at the thought of her NanoPack shredding on the hard ground at that speed, only to let his smile fall when she vanished. Zeral looked up to the top of one of the undamaged houses, finding the defiant Breeze with her on his back. “Thanks!” she said as she hung there over his back. He simply glared at the humanoid villain, his anger rising slowly. “Why would you do this?” he asked. Zeral smiled under his mask, “They amuse me so!” was all he said. Breeze let Rainbow Dash slide off of his back safely, and just as quickly vanished, “WAIT!” she called out and he reappeared side kicking Zeral in the face. Zeral flinched a little, and turned just as quickly punching Breeze in the face.

The grey unicorn sailed through the air, turning just in time to place all four hooves against a tree top, letting the wood bend into a near ‘U’ shape before snapping back and tossing him at even greater speeds than he had been thrown. Zeral changed his gun into the same sword his NanoPack had designed for him, and swung it at the approaching pony. Like before Breeze disappeared, and bucked him in the back of the head. “Infernal thing!” he shouted, and spun around, swinging his sword at air again as Breeze sped off. Once again he reappeared next to Rainbow Dash, his steps silent from his curse. “I doubt that I’ll be able to do that again.” he said, and turned to the train tracks, “It’s going to take them way too long to get here!” The cyan pegasus close to him, stood up, her confidence and determination overflowing, she steeled her eyes and let her mask cover her face again, “See if you can use your NanoPack to damage his armor.” she said to him, “I’ll distract him.” With a blast of her engines, she rocketed off, leaving a Sonic Rainboom as they both took off towards Zeral.

“I hope we’re not too late!” Rarity called out as the train moved as quickly as it could, “Oh, I do hope Spike is alright!” Pinkie looked up to her, passing by the desert cart placed there in hopes that she would bounce back to her old self, “I’m sure he is Rarity!” she said, and turned to the sugary treats. As soon as she noticed everyone turn around, she swiped one of the éclairs and gulped it down as quickly as possible. “Can’t this tin can move any faster?” Applejack asked impatiently, “Ah’m not sure how long they can stall him.”

Breeze hit the ground hard with Rainbow Dash close behind. Zeral laughed at their expense, “Is this really all this planet has to offer?” he asked. Breeze struggled to get to his hooves, “This would be so much easier if I didn’t have to launch off of thin air.” he grunted. “Is that how it works?” Rainbow asked as she walked up to him, a slight limp in her right front leg. “Yah, but it takes a lot of effort.” he explained, “It wouldn’t be so hard if I had something thicker, like dust or…” looking up for an answer, he spotted a small puffy cloud floating by, “A cloud!” he said with a smile. “A cloud?” she asked. “Yah, a bunch of them surrounding him, I could use the clouds instead of the thin air around him, I could do twice as many Air Flashes…more than!” he told her. With a silent grin under her mask, Rainbow Dash smiled, “On it!” she said, and lifted off onto the sky as quickly as she could. Zeral watched in confusion as she grabbed random clouds from the sky and placed them around him along five different levels, “What sort of trick do you plan on now?” he asked. “You’ll see!” she said as she placed the last of the clouds in place. Suddenly something hit Zeral in the back of the head, he turned around only to get struck again. “Insolent wurm!” he growled and took a swing with his sword, hitting nothing. Again he was struck in the back of the head, “Gerrr!” he growled and turned, just in time to see a flash of Breeze as he bounced from cloud to cloud.

“It’s working!” Rainbow Dash said as she landed on the ground. “It appears so, but Zeral won’t be fooled long, we need something to distract him from Breeze!” the Jetwing said. “Like what?” Rainbow asked, and looked to the ground below the warring titans. The dist easily kicked up, though not very high, and spiraled in the same circular motion the Breeze moved in, “I GOT IT!” she said and turned around, pointing her wing boosters at them. “Ready?” she asked. “I hope this works.” the Jetwing responded, and the two of them lit up their booster rockets. The dust flew up high, caught in the circular current of Breeze’s momentum it thickened and swirled around them nearly blinding them both. “Gerr, what a nuisance.” Zeral said, and again was struck in the back of the head by the nearly invisible Breeze. Rainbow Dash kept herself planted as she kicked up the dust storm, grinning until the screen around her eyes flashed. “Huh?” she asked and looked up. She couldn’t see it at first, so the Jetwing zoomed in, showing her the missile that threatened them. The long cylindrical explosive was topped with a typical red cone shaped tip, and alongside it, four larger booster tanks. “What?” Rainbow Dash asked. “Blast it!” the Jetwing called, “He was distracting us from this! I thought he was going easy on us.”

“And you didn’t say anything?” Rainbow Dash lectured. “Our biggest concern is, how are we going to stop both of them at the same time?” her NanoPack asked. “I don’t know?” Rainbow Dash admitted and looked back to the sky in worry.

The train moved along the tracks quickly, flying towards the town at high speeds, “Almost there!” Blade shouted as he stuck his head out of the window. “We’ll never stop fast enough!” Rarity said as she looked out of another. “We don’t have to!” Blade shouted, and ran to the door. With one of his powerful kicks, he knocked the side of the car clean off, “Fluttershy! Take Rarity and Pinkie Pie with you, I’ll carry Applejack!” he said and turned to the orange farm pony, “If she can control herself.” he added. Applejack lowered her ears, nervous and afraid. With a large sigh, she kissed him on the cheek, and turned to Fluttershy, “He’s all yours pardner!” she said, finally letting go of her feelings for him. With a nod, Blade looked to Fluttershy and smiled, “Let’s go!” he said, and grabbed Applejack before jumping off of the speeding train. The two of them were swept up and disappeared as the train sped past them. “Ready?” Fluttershy asked her friends, Pinkie Pie nodded nervously while Rarity squeaked out, “No.” and was pulled off of the train with the others. Fluttershy quickly slid her shield under her hooves and placed Pinkie Pie and Rarity on board with her, the three of them sledding on the nearly indestructible disk the rest of the way with the flying Blade and Applejack behind them.

“It’s incredibly fast!” the Jetwing said as she tracked the missile, “If it came from the Genesis Ark, then it has to be one of those self programming missiles.”

“Self what?” Rainbow Dash asked. “Self programming!” her NanoPack repeated, “It’s locked onto something that Zeral told it to.” Rainbow Dash stood still, praying for something, some kind of help, “HEY!” she heard Rarity call out. Rainbow turned her head to watch the others sliding along the ground on Fluttershy’s shield at a great amount of speed. The weight seemed to just melt off as she saw her friends come to her aid, “There here!” she told herself. “Maybe we can get the missile to change its mind.” the Jetwing said. “I’m on it!” Rainbow said, and lifted her hooves off of the ground, zooming off like a rocket until she lit up her main thrusters, shooting straight up with a Sonic Rainboom close to the ground. “What is she doing?” Rarity asked, as she and Pinkie Pie jumped off of the shield to go into a sprint. Fluttershy lifted up off of her shield and held it in front of her as she flew. “Ah don’t know!” Applejack said as she met up with them, “Let’s just hope she knows what she’s doin.”

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